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What the 2013 Government Sequester Means For the Olympic National Park

In 2013, the budget is being cut 5% for all National Parks, thanks to the Federal Governments inability to get anything done. Some serious changes are being made at the Olympic National Park this summer because they are missing out on nearly a million dollars. From campground closures, lack of snow plows and reduction of visitor center hours, the Government Sequester may impact your trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Here are some of the main changes:




Grave Creek Campground is OPEN, but no running water or flushable toilets will be opened this year.

North Fork Campground is CLOSED with no restrooms

Quinault Area

Quinault Area


Lower Queets Road is OPEN for 7 miles
Upper Queets Road is OPEN
Queets Primitive Camping is OPEN


South Beach Campground is OPEN May 21st, 2013
Kalaloch is OPEN
Mora and Ozette campgrounds are OPEN, but will not be frequently maintained.

Olympic Peninsula Coast

Olympic Peninsula Coast


Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center is OPEN Friday through Thursday, and will open daily starting June 13th
Park Information Center in Forks is OPEN Friday and Saturday. Starting June 19th, the Center will be open Thursday through Sunday. the center won’t open for daily visitors this summer.


All is OPEN, no changes


Fairholme Camp is OPEN May 15th, 2013 and the general store will open May 24th, 2013
Lake Crescent Lodge is OPEN until Dec. 31st, 2013
Log Cabin Resort is OPEN May 24th

Sunset over Lake Crescent

Sunset over Lake Crescent


Olympic Hot Springs Road is Closed with no Hot Springs Access from the Elwha Area
Whiskey Bend Road is OPEN
Elwha Campground is OPEN, but no running water or flush toilets will be available this year.
The Elwha area will be without a maintenance worker, expect lower quality of services.
Altair Camp is OPEN May 22nd to September 16th with drinking water and flush toilets


National Park Visitor Center is OPEN from 9AM to 4PM, daily. Summer Hours (9AM to 5PM) will start June 17th
Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center is OPEN on weekends. Daily hours will start June 14th
Hurricane Ridge Road is OPEN 24 hours a day, unless weather conditions are bad.
Hurricane Hill Road is CLOSED until mid june. Currently there are 12 foot snow drifts on the road.
Obstruction Point is CLOSED and will not be plowed. It will open if the snowpack melts.

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge


Deer Park Road is CLOSED. The road will not be plowed and will not open until the snow is melted.


Dosewallips Road is CLOSED due to a washout and will not open. Access to the Primitive camp is 5.5 miles from the slide area, but it is open.


Campground is OPEN, but has no drinking water or flushable toilets. On May 25th, 2013 it will open with flush toilets and running water.

Staircase Loop Trail now has a Bridge!

Staircase Loop Trail now has a Bridge!


For more information, please call Exotic Hikes at 360.350.8938 or Barb Maynes at the National Park Service at 360.565.3005




For Olympic National Park Tours: http://exotichikes.com/tours/




LINK: http://www.nps.gov/olym/parknews/park-staff-prepares-for-visitor-season.htm

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  1. Will Spence says:

    It could be worse. Who knows, maybe the closure of the Olympic Hot Springs trail will help the hot springs do some recovery – I know…wishful thinking.

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