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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

What a difference 45 miles makes: Olympic Peninsula’s Rain Shadow

Rainfall Total for 2012:

-Sequim, Washington  Rainfall- 18 inches  

– Los Angeles, California 10 inches

– Forks, Washington- 136 inches


Knowing the figures above, the images below aren’t too shocking. Yet, seeing them for yourself is quite amazing. Today is the end of a week of rain along the Olympic Peninsula, but you can easily see why the west side of the Peninsula is so much more green.

Right now near Forks it is a nasty mess, with rain and clouds all the way to the beach. However, there is something attractive about this image:

LaPush  2:30pm 1/31/2013

LaPush 2:30pm 1/31/2013

Heading East toward Lake Crescent, you see the clouds dissipating and the sky clearing up:

Lake Crescent 2:30pm 1/31/2013

Lake Crescent 2:30pm 1/31/2013

And by the time you get to Sequim, you see that life is getting downright pretty.

Dungeness Spit  2:30pm 1/31/2013

Dungeness Spit 2:30pm 1/31/2013

And good news for those of you along the Hood Canal…blue sky and mountains are becoming visible. Are you ready for the weekend?

The Hood Canal 2:30pm 1/31/2013

The Hood Canal 2:30pm 1/31/2013

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