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Welcome the Whales at LaPush this April

Welcome the Whales


Image from http://thewhaletrail.org/

Amazing Image from the super rad people at  http://thewhaletrail.org/


The Washington Coast is often overlooked for its beauty and culture, with throngs of tourists heading south to Oregon or California for their section of Pacific Ocean coastline. While they distract themselves with the exploits of the Goonies and Beach Boys, we are more in tune to our surroundings. The Washington Coast celebrates rain, celebrates salmon and celebrates the return of the Gray Whales.


On April 11th, 2014, the Quileute Tribe in LaPush will be celebrating the annual Welcome the Whales Ceremony. Starting at 10:00AM at First Beach, the 7th Annual Welcoming the Whales Ceremony will do just that, celebrate the return of the Gray Whale.


After the initial ceremony on First Beach, the event moves to the Akalat Center where the public is welcome to listen to songs and stories during a meal. During this time, numerous Quileute members will speak on the importance of the Gray Whale to the region and what its return means today.


Gray Whales are often seen off the coast and were historically hunted. Weighing in at 40 tons and swimming in at 45 feet, it is easy to see how these huge mammals would sustain the Quileute and other regional tribes. LaPush, which is located on the Whale Trail, an online resource to find the best spots to watch whales. (Link: http://thewhaletrail.org/)


While you may not see a whale during this ceremony, previous years have seen Gray Whales and even Orca whales. This is an event you need to go to with your friends and families to celebrate not only the whales, but get to know the fantastic people of the Quileute.  Plus, you can check out the best beaches in the country. Come to this event.



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  1. Karen Vedder says:

    I just read about your Welcome the Whales ceremony in the book “Wolves in Salmon County”. Your celebration sounds wonderful and I hope I can come this year. I read about the dance of whales turning into wolves. Maybe someday we will all be able to know that the wolves are again in the Olympic Mountains.
    Thank you for inviting the public to your special ceremony.
    Karen Vedder

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