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Watch for Landslides: 4 Warning Signs that Could Save your Life

Landslides are incredibly common while driving Highway 101 around the Olympic Peninsula, with one or two each year that shut down the road. As little as ten years ago, major landslides would block traffic for days, forcing people to have to drive for extra hours. Detours were common and the economic impact that the landslides had on logging, tourism and shipping was huge. Growing up, we would drive from Olympia to Sequim to see my grandparents, but thanks to landslides, we would either not make it to their house, or be forced to drive the opposite route. Landslides are part of life for many people in Western Washington, but it isn’t as bad as it used to be.


Highway 101 around the Olympic Peninsula has gotten better, thanks to advancements in road construction and a better understanding of how to prevent landslides, but the risk still occurs any time it rains on the Olympic Peninsula.


With all this rain and saturated ground, the risk for landslides is increasing with every new drop. While most of us do not have to worry about landslides, understanding the signs for a potential landslide could save your life. Lucky for us, the good people at the Department of Natural Resources of Washington State have put together a quick check sheet for the warning signs of a potential landslide.


4 Signs that a Landslide May Soon Occur




More information on landslides: http://bit.ly/1cydi0i




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