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Washington State Parks to Close in 2013?

June 27th, 2013

UPDATE: STATE PARKS WILL REMAIN OPEN!!!!!! Washington State Parks are also open during the USA Government Shutdown!!





Have you enjoyed the State Parks in Washington State this year? If you replied no, you better do it soon.


In case you haven’t heard, Washington State’s Government has a shutdown looming. The argument, simply put is between one side wanting to close tax loopholes on oil companies and fully fund education while the other side is looking out for oil companies and big business. Obviously the issue is slightly more complex, but that is the gist of the reason for the shutdown. No matter who you vote for, a government shutdown should not be tolerated.

Welcome to Millersylvania State Park

Welcome to Millersylvania State Park. Now Closed?


If a budget isn’t passed by the end of the month, State Parks will be closed, along with numerous other agencies, including the suspension of Fish and Wildlife enforcement and hatchery operations.


Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 1.10.37 PM


For anyone who enjoys the amazing parks and natural areas in the State of Washington, we are being held hostage by a state government that refuses to fund education, parks and tourism. If these close, our access to OUR land goes away.

Lake Sylvia. Image by Wa State Parks

Lake Sylvia. Image by Wa State Parks


If the shutdown does happen, all campgrounds, cabins, trails and restrooms will be closed in the parks. All reservations for sites, cabin, lodges and events will be cancelled as well, leaving countless numbers of people to have to reschedule their summer plans.

Bogachiel State Park from Campgrounds.com

Bogachiel State Park from Campgrounds.com


A closure is bad news folks. Hopefully something can happen to solve this before the month ends, otherwise we are up a creek without a paddle, and there will be no rescue because the budget won’t allow it. With a so many beautiful areas, it would be a shame for an entire summer of memories for kids, adults, couples and families to be ruined by a shutdown of our designated state lands.


Washington State has over 100 State parks. According to an official representative of the parks, the majority of of campsites in all parks are scheduled to be full every weekend through September, and nearly full during the week. Our state is closing places where families become families, first dates become love, and a walk in the park becomes a lifelong relationship with nature. With the State Parks celebration 100 years, we can’t close them now, or ever.


Want to know what else will be closed?
Check out this for a full list: (Full List of 2013 Closures)



Washington State Parks: Phone: (360) 902-8844

: http://blogs.seattletimes.com/politicsnorthwest/2013/06/20/governors-office-details-impacts-of-possible-government-shutdown/

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