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Want a Better Memory? Go Hiking.

This is your brain. This is your brain on hiking.

This is your brain. This is your brain on hiking.


A study on the correlation between brain activity and exercise resulted in not only confirming what most people assumed about physical activity, but also proved that those who work out on a regular basis are both physically and mentally strong. Researchers conducted 19 studies involving 586 individuals and discovered that just 10 to 40 minutes of physical activity helps with numerous brain functions. From helping retain your memory to increasing mental focus and helping concentration, exercising daily can do wondrous things to your brain and body.


We all know that working out and hiking is great for the spirit, the soul and the body, but now we have proof. Now, when we experience the high we receive from working out, we know the effects are long lasting. Knowing that hiking and walking will allow me to remember more of my life and help me fight depression is awesome. Hiking and walking gets you off the couch, your kids off their phones and your significant other away from the X-Box and TV. Hiking and walking gives you a chance to enjoy the rugged wilderness we are lucky enough to live near. Go hiking and walking and do both your brain and body a huge favor!


Details of the study can be found here and here.





Keep Your Memory

Why?  We have spent years building great memories in our travels and it would be a shame to forget just one minute of awesomeness. Working out won’t save all your memories, but the study proves that if you do work out and hike, you will have a better chance at remembering all the greatness you have done in your life.


Fight Depression

Let’s face it, depression sucks. Having battled depression and PTSD for years, hiking is what turned my mental frowns upside-down. Hiking is what allowed me to remember the good things in life and gave me the drive to share it all with you. Why wouldn’t you want to discover something for yourself and your child like that?


Improve your Focus

If you are like most Americans, you have problems focusing on anything for more than 3 secon *cell phone notification sound* ds. Hiking and working out will allow you to regain the focus that you used to have before life got so complicated. For kids, establishing this method of regaining focus will help them forever. Imagine how much more productive you could be if you were even more focused? Plus, hiking and working out allows you to disconnect from the world and get back into your own head.


Have More Energy

Don’t want to be so reliant on coffee, energy drinks or the newest supplement? Try working out 3 to 5 times a week. With physical activity, you will have more energy and better focus on the task at hand. Plus, you get to go enjoy nature a few times a week. How rad is that?









Click for awesome hikes!

Click for awesome hikes!


LINK: http://exotichikes.com/get-in-shape12-olympic-national-park-hikes/




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Want More Hikes? Click Image for more details

Want More Hikes? Click Image for more details






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