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Visitors Encouraged to not Bring Technology into National Parks

Ruby Beach Cell Phone Sunset, Olympic National Park

Ruby Beach Cell Phone Sunset, Olympic National Park


In a growing movement to encourage people to live in the moment, one National Park across the pond in England is encouraging visitors to leave cellphones, ipads and even their cars out of the park. To do so, they have created a concierge desk where you can leave car keys, your phone and your technology in a safe place. Instead of having guests drive, the park system is providing an open top bus to drive around the park.


The hope, according to England’s New Forest National Park is to get families to be part of what they call Tech Creche:


“Take a real break from the modern world and gaze upon the natural wonders around you. Get out of your car and leave your car keys, tablet and smartphone at the Tech Creche for an adventure in the New Forest National Park (don’t worry, you can pick up your technology at the end of the day).”


The park has even gone so far as to make a pdf for printable vouchers to “swap screen time for family time” and has made versions of the pdf for children and for adults. As a new program, the numbers haven’t been tabulated to see how many families are taking on this screen-free challenge.


While many may laugh at ideas like this, I see hundreds, if not thousands of visitors to National parks unable to even turn off their phones while hiking or exploring America’s National Parks. Ideas like this pose an interesting questions. Are we really connecting with nature while we are on our wilderness adventures or are we just living through our screens with slightly better oxygen?



What do you think of this program?

Would you ever participate in something like this or can you not live without technology?



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  1. Vicki says:

    I can live without the cell phone…but mainly use it for the camera when I’m out in the wild so to speak. ..i love photography and when I leave without my actual camera…The cell phone is the next best thing….so I would probably not take part in that program. ..

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