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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Tubal Cain and Tull Canyon Trail

Tubal Cain Mine

Tubal Cain Mine


Nearly 22 miles Southeast of Sequim, one doesn’t immediately think of awesomeness. Don’t get me wrong, the area is beautiful; but it is so remote that I typically just glance out the car window as I fly by on my way to Hurricane Ridge, Dungeness Spit or Lake Crescent. However, if you take the time to stop off in the area, a very pleasant, gorgeous surprise will await you.


In mid-summer, this trail is like the 4th of July, with Rhododendrons blooming like fireworks in the sky. With reds and purples exploding through the layers of green, the body doesn’t seem to mind the steady incline that this trail gives. Once you arrive at the Tubal Cain Mine area, the trail basically disappears. You will know that you have arrived at this point because mine debris litters the area.


With a campground located basically on the trail itself, and hundreds of campers stomping down a path to everywhere, the trail becomes difficult to follow. To get to the Mine, stay on the left and you will see a large gravel deposit, with a horrible steep incline of scree. While it isn’t advised to go into the mineshaft, take a few minutes and take some pictures from inside. Rarely can one find such a remote cave that is so intact.


For an added bonus, on the way back, head up the trail to the right, just a half mile from Tubal Cain. This leads up to Tull Canyon, where the remains of a mining town and a B-17 bomber still lay in the remote valley.


Tull Canon Plane Wreckage

Tull Canon Plane Wreckage




Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/H9cqQ

Distance: 8 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,400 Feet


Tubal Cain Mine Trail

Tubal Cain Mine Trail

Tull Canon Plane Wreckage

Tull Canon Plane Wreckage




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