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Tracking Earthquakes with the Seattle Seahawks


We all know the Seahawks cause Earthquakes. It happened against the New Orleans Saints. Twice. What you may not know is that the University of Washington is now studying the impact of crowd caused earthquakes in the SODO Region of Seattle. Since they are awesome and huge Hawks fans, they are allowing us to monitor the data ourselves, through this website: http://www.pnsn.org/seahawks/fan-o-meter


While this may just seem like an attempt to get free tickets to the game, the UW PNSN study actually has some serious merit.


According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, “Because the fault ruptures that generate earthquake waves are almost always buried by miles of rocks, scientists aren’t sure about the action at the source that results in seismic shaking. In a way, Seahawks fans provides us an opportunity to get inside the source that’s generating seismic waves,” said seismic network operations manager Paul Bodin, a UW research associate professor of Earth and space sciences.”


Seismograms have been placed on the Field and on the Third Deck of Century Link Field, ready to measure any quakes the earth may make when the Seahawks continue their quest for a Super Bowl Victory. Whether you are a fan or not, I think we can all agree that the University of Washington is pretty awesome for studying this.


FULL STORY: http://www.pnsn.org/blog/2014/01/08/pnsn-earth-shaking-seahawks-experiment





Want to monitor the Seismogram?

Click to Watch Live

Click to Watch Live


HERE IS THE LINK: http://www.pnsn.org/seahawks

MORE ON THE PNSN: http://www.pnsn.org/



Seahawk Earthquake History


First: http://www.king5.com/news/local/Seahawks-fans-cause-12th-Man-quake-during-Lynch-touchdown-113208789.html )

Second: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/03/us/seattle-seahawks-earthquake/  )



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  1. Will says:

    Any wonder they call it Beast Quake?

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