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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Olympic Peninsula Sasquatch Tour


Olympic Peninsula Sasquatch Experience

The Brothers Wilderness



Spend the night in the woods where more Sasquatch reports have occurred than anywhere else. Deep in the Wynoochee River area on the Southern Olympic Peninsula, you get to sleep and test your beliefs about Sasquatch. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or just want to have fun experiencing being far removed from any city, this is the night of camping you are looking for!


Starting the day by enjoying the 2 hour drive from Olympia*, Washington. As we go past small towns and eventually head north to our campsite, watch as the trees become more dense and a sense of excitement and wild starts to consume you.


In the early afternoon, we will set up camp and learn some basic camping skills, as well as take a short hike exploring the forest near our campsite. Dinner will be prepared, and after we properly clean up our area, we put on our headlamps and go searching for the illusive creature of the Pacific Northwest. Nothing can describe the experience of walking down a path in the dark on the Olympic Peninsula, and you get to experience it!


After exploring, we catch a good night’s sleep and in the morning we eat some breakfast, pack up and drive to Lake Silvia State Park for a 3 mile hike in an old logging area now since returned to the wild. We then head back to Olympia so you can tell your friends and family about how you saw Bigfoot!







10:00am: Meet and start the drive to the South Fork of the Skokomish River, where we will be camping.


Noon: Arrive at site. Eat lunch, unload and set up tents


1:00pm: Meet at central fire pit for discussion on the region, culture, history, hiking trails and Sasquatch. Also will cover appropriate behavior, local flora and fauna.


2:00pm-4pm: Self exploration of the site.


4:00pm-5pm: Sasquatch Talk and general Q&A


5:00pm to 6pm: Free time


6:00pm to 8pm– Fire starting contest/Dinner/Clean-up


9:00pm- Local legends of Bigfoot campfire stories and snacks


10:00pm-12:30am Guided Sasquatch Trek


1:00am– Sleep



Day 2


8:00am– Breakfast/ Recap of Night Hike and Discussion


9:30am-11am– Pack up, clean up and head back home


12:30pm-4pm: Optional hike to Lena Lake along the Hamma Hamma River






$299 per group of 1-4 people

$35 each additional person


Minimum 1 person, Maximum 6


Level of fitness: Beginner

Ages: ALL


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Not Included:

Sleeping Bags

Air Mattresses

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Refund Policy

To qualify for a full refund, Exotic Hikes must be notified at least 21 days before tour date.