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Top 5: 1964 Alaska Earthquake Pictures

On March 27th, 1964, a 9.2 earthquake rocked the populated regions of Alaska for over four minutes.


As the ground shook, hill sides slid, giant holes opened in the ground and tsunamis were created. Impacting the entire west coast of America and Canada, this giant earthquake was one of the first devastating earthquakes broadcast on national TV. With videos and pictures all over the internet, we picked the best pictures showing the scale and devastation caused by the quake.


While we could go into detail about the quake, we will leave that to the experts and provide you with links. According to Scientific America, “The earthquake caused heavy damage on 75% of buildings and infrastructure in the affected area, most in the city of Anchorage, 131 people were killed.
Large fissures opened in the ground when the groundwater liquefied the soil and more than 2.000 landslides and avalanches occurred across south-central Alaska. Buildings in Seattle (Washington) begun to swing by the approaching seismic wave and the ground was measurable deformed even in Florida.”


Learn about the Quake: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/history-of-geology/2012/03/27/march-27-1964-the-great-alaskan-earthquake/

How Did the Quake impact Washington State:








Seward, AK

Source: University of Washington

Source: University of Washington



Seward Highway

Image from: http://www.greatlandofalaska.com/pictures/geologic/1964/SewardHighway.jpg

Image from: http://www.greatlandofalaska.com/pictures/geologic/1964/SewardHighway.jpg



Anchorage, Ak

Image from: U.S.G.S. Photographic Library

Image from: U.S.G.S. Photographic Library



Rock Slide on Sherman Glacier

Image from:

Image from: U.S.G.S Photographic Library



Valdez, AK

Image from: www.valdezmuseum.org

Image from: www.valdezmuseum.org








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  1. Those are some crazy shots. I flew over Latuya Bay once where the mega tsunami was. You can still see the extent of the wave all these years later.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      That is crazy!I have always wanted to head up there and survey the damage, but have yet to make it to Alaska. Thanks for sharing and if I ever make it up there I will be sure to try and get a plane!

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