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Thirteen Places to Hike on the Olympic Peninsula for 2013

Instead of looking back at the Olympic Peninsula moments that made last year (the Elwha River being undammed, the Mountain Goat problem and the unusually long, late, dry summer) we here at Exotic Hikes want you out of your seats and hiking in 2013. We have complied 13 areas for hikes, and will include a description, directions and hikes for beginners and experts in each area. Just click the link below and you will be taken to a separate page just for that area.

Climbing Mount Ellinor

Climbing Mount Ellinor

1)      Elwha River

2)      Hurricane Ridge

3)      Enchanted Valley

4)      Shi Shi Beach

5)      Dungeness Spit

6)      Mount Ellinor

7)      Lake Constance

8)      Colonel Bob

9)      Marmot Pass

10)   Lake Angeles

11)   Staircase (Mount Lincoln)

12)   Spruce Railroad Trail/Marymere Falls

13)   Kloshe Nanitch


Need Advice, tips or a guide for any of these areas? Call Exotic Hikes today at (360)350-8938 or email us at exotichikes@gmail.com for special rates just for you!


Take a Walk on the Whiskey Bend Trail, Elwha River, Olympic National Park

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Come to the rain-forest!

Come to the rain-forest!

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