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The Truth about the Legend of Mick Dodge: Hoh Rainforest Wildman


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National Geographic used to be amazing. Growing up, I would thumb through the magazines, looking at pictures of faraway lands. From Antarctica, to Africa, Australia and Siberia, the world National Geographic showed me was amazing, raw and real. Today, after 125 of existence, National Geographic is a shell of the awesomeness it once was. While the magazine is still decent, the television station, NatGeo, is ruining the good name of the company. Instead of detailed reports, it now has become sensationalized, throwing any story it can together to get better ratings.


The NatGeo channel on cable is an atrocious mess of staged reality shows. While the station does have some good programming, the daily line-up is not exactly groundbreaking and not at all truthful.


Case and point: Mick Dodge. The Legend of Mick Dodge, currently airing on NatGeo on Tuesday Nights takes what could be an amazing premise for a show and turns it into what some consider “mind-numbing television.” The show seems to hide the truth about Mick Dodge and that prompted us to do some research and write this post.


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Image courtesy of: olympicmountainearthwisdomcircle.org

Image courtesy of: olympicmountainearthwisdomcircle.org



Mick Dodge Does Not Live in Solely in the Woods


The show says that Dodge left society 25 years ago to live in the forest. While Mick does occasionally sleep in the woods, he also has claimed that he likes to shack up in the winter at a special lady’s house that lives in the region. He is also part of an amazing community that has lent him a cabin to live in, as the cabin he inherited from his grandfather is no longer safe enough to live in. The show also seems to imply that he forages for all of his food, but upon closer inspection, we feel he is quite stocky for a 62 year old who lives off the land. While we tease about this fact, the man is in awesome shape!


UPDATE: After talking to EarthGym, a group that Mick Dodge is part of, we would like to clarify our points. Mick does leave the forest every so often. He regularly appears via Skype to answer questions about the show and has said he enjoys cookies. Our comments above, while accurate, may have been interpreted as negative toward the man. That was never our intention, and we apologize if you read this as an attack on Mick. Mick often sleeps outside and enjoys being one with nature and we love him for that.




Mick Dodge is not a Survivalist


Mick Dodge is many things, but even he says he is not a survivalist. He is a nature lover and a teacher of all things natural. He is a part of the group “Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle” which has three main goals. According to their website, they “Expand Human Awareness, Promote Vibrant Health for People and All Life and Restore the Balance Between People and Nature.” He teaches classes, which were the way he was discovered by National Geographic in the first place. He is awesome at survival skills, but to be clear, he does not consider himself a survivalist.


UPDATE: After speaking with the awesome people at EarthGym, this fact holds up. Mick is not a survivalist. He is a man who is reconnecting with his ancestral instincts in nature. He lives off the land as often as possible and strives to raise awareness for all viewers to do the same in their own backyard.




Mick Dodge is Part of a Business


Mick Dodge is involved with the Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle, which believes “We strive to renew humanity’s connection to nature and to the innate spirit of life through practices and lifestyle approaches that revive sacredness, authenticity and ecstasy – helping humanity takes its rightful place within the intelligent harmony of nature.” The payment he receives for his show was given to this business, which charges anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $3,000 for retreats all over the world. The awesome part about Mick is that all earnings from his TV show go directly to the OMEWC!

More about Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle: http://www.olympicmountainearthwisdomcircle.org/


UPDATE: While Mick was paid for the show, he does not have a bank account, check book or debit card. The money (which we were told isn’t much) has gone to help him spread the word about the Earth Gym, as well as give back to the community of amazing people that he is a part of. We meant no negative thoughts about his being paid for the show, only highlighting that he is not a hermit that lives in the woods alone. He has a family of supporters who do anything to ensure that the way of life EarthGym teaches gets as much love and support as it can. We have been in contact with Earth Gym and look forward to supporting them. We could go on about Mick’s generosity, but please trust us when we say that he is an amazing man who deeply cares for both humanity and nature.




Mick Dodge Wears Shoes


While Mick Dodge is known throughout the region as the Barefoot Sensei, he has been seen wearing shoes numerous times. In fact, in an interview with the Peninsula Daily News, he stresses the importance of wearing rubber boots while on the Olympic Peninsula. While the barefoot movement is something that has a ton of merit, we here at Exotic Hikes feel that living on the Olympic Peninsula with no shoes year-round would be plain insanity.


UPDATE: Of every aspect of the show that people seem to talk about, this is the most volatile. Yes, Mick wears shoes, and even does so in episodes of the show. However, being barefoot is something he enjoys, as he regularly mentions how much you can learn about an area by actually feeling it with your feet. The shoes he wears on the show were made by his partners at EarthGym, and they have been teaching fans of the show how to make their own shoes and pants, just like Mick. Being barefoot in the rainforest is probably the most bad-ass thing anyone can do, and we meant no slander or ill will by sharing the fact that he occasionally wears shoes.




National Geographic tells Mick Dodge what to do for Ratings


Like any reality TV show, Mick Dodge is told what to do. The show puts him in situations that are not a usual day for him, all for the purpose of making television to sell ads. The show tries to pretend that it is just following a man on regular journeys, but Mick Dodge has some words of advice for you, if you believe the show to be 100% accurate.
In an interview with the Peninsula Daily News, he says “It’s a show. It’s a TV show. If you think anything that’s on TV is real, then welcome to America.”


UPDATE: Apparently, the vast majority of people who left comments on this post skipped this section. While NAtGeo scripts the entire show, Mick has been doing a brilliant job of allowing his personality to shine through, despite the editing process. For those who doubt Mick is real or genuine, one look at the passion he has in his eyes shows he is serious about what he does. Each recreation that NatGeo does for the show is actually something that Mick does in real life. He takes on poachers of wood, poachers of animals and people who disrespect the land he has live in and loved for his whole life.



See the land that Mick fell in love with this year: Discover Olympic National Park 



Our Thoughts


For us here at Exotic Hikes, having Mick Dodge on television is both great and painful. His work generates interest in nature and in the Olympic Peninsula, but at a small cost. The show demonstrates the beauty of the region, but shows it in a way that makes outdoor enthusiasts appear to be cut off from society. It shows a man who loves hiking and the great outdoors in a light that is most unflattering. The show has some good life lessons, as well as a few humorous points, but for those of us who make our living the in the forests and mountains of the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park, it is painful to watch. Nature lovers should be celebrated and respected for trying to protect beautiful areas from being destroyed. NatGeo seems to not agree and has turned a good man with a great idea into a carnival attraction. Mick Dodge, through the lens of National Geographic, appears to be more of a freak show than the good-natured, kind-spoken barefoot sensei that he is. Mick Dodge deserves to be shown in a better light and the Olympic Peninsula deserves to be represented accurately.


Mick Dodge loves the Hoh Rainforest and the Pacific Northwest. He is passionate about getting people healthy and to use nature as a gym. He wants everyone to experience nature and connect with it. We feel we are justified in saying that National Geographic is doing a poor job of portraying this. Mick is a man who has brought environmentalism, human impact on nature and watershed appreciation to the forefront of national conversation. While the show could do more to emphasize this, Mick’s unique, colorful and warm personality allows his message to be seen and heard by millions each week. We applaud Mick and look forward to learning more valuable life lessons from him.


More info on Earth Gym: http://www.theearthgym.com/



Do you agree with us?


Image courtesy of: olympicmountainearthwisdomcircle.org

Image courtesy of: olympicmountainearthwisdomcircle.org



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518 Responses so far.

  1. Sandra Gil says:

    I agree absolutely with your comments. The peninsula is an amazing place and should be protrayed by natgeo in a more respectful manner. Mr. Dodge may be a wonderful guy. If so, he should not allow a tv show to portray him as a bumbling goofball. He should insist on a more truthful display of the amazing forest he calls home as well as himself. That is the show we would love to watch. That is the man we would learn to respect. NatGeo should be ashamed of themselves for treating their public like uneducated idiots.

    • tod wells says:

      Yes, im pretty much done with national jokeagraphic!

      • RICK says:


        • Chad says:

          At the very least, you might want to learn how to spell before you judge and ridicule others.

          • Mitchell says:

            Chad, you wouldn’t know a joke if it slapped you in the face. You look at one in the mirror every morning, and I’m sure you have no clue whatsoever.

          • Mitchell says:

            My apologies, Chad, my last comment was meant for Rick .

          • Sensei says:

            The writer has a skewered point of view. I watched the entire series and I’m sure I can call it reality. Obviously Mick doesn’t run all day everyday. Obviously if a tv station has to script a piece of film it still can depict the reality of woods life. Mick is a fabulous woodsman and I’d love to live amidst mother nature once again. I wouldn’t choose total immersion like he can do, but definitely woods life with community, a road to town, a vehicle and, welp, that’s about it. He walks in peace, pleasure, beauty and woods family energy.

          • Skip Enge says:

            It’s Tv…love the show…however scripted…sometimes glaring errors are a bit embarrassing and not as a reflection toward Mick at all…that maple syrup element in an episode is a case in point…him walking to lake Tahoe another, unless he has staged appearance dates along the way…Now that would be quite a PR set of events! Many just get a bit uppity on both sides, the maniacal earth children and the defamers… I love it when Mick makes these cute little disparaging comments,,, as in messing with the camera men all the time…i loved the TV husk out in the wood where he turns it on feigning childlike interest and pretends to switch it off saying it wasn’t any good …it was “this ” program…now all of that can get tiring…but viewers are fickle. If you want a less fun informational form of entertainment seek it elsewhere…I think it’s a hoot. His forest friends like Carl, the understudy guy in the kilt, Sun something are engaging and fun…not to forget Moonhair, wow ! she is a white haired beauty in my opinion…hubba hubba!… ;0…she will probably see this…just havin’ fun…Mick has an extraordinary screen presence…I can see why this program evolved… and I grew up with weird talented friends…In an age when Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening are table top glam rags with little viable info anymore, it is a joy to have some entertainment on the tube that I can look forward to and smile at the good message it conveys without taking itself too damn seriously. Perspective friends! Life is an ever evolving experiential dance where perspective counts more the older one gets…Mick conveys joy…A great message…His irreverence and reverance is not missed by me. THUMBS way up!

        • Robert says:

          Nice reply, it takes a real pric to make statements LIke that. If you Don’t have anything kind to say then keep your ignorant mouth shut. Only an illiterate infidel would write in all caps.

          • MOJOMAMMA says:

            I can’t believe all the negative stuff coming off this post. Those that having nothing good to say just need to go away – simple as that. “If you don’t have something good to say, do not say anything at all” and “Negative thinking is also self-perpetuating and the more you engage in negative dialogue the more difficult it becomes to stop” – OMG enjoy this for what it is – entertainment and a little bit of woods lore thrown in for education. This is from someone who has lived in a National Forest for the past 30 years, and I’ve visited the HOH rain Forest and the Olympic Peninsula.

        • Ben says:

          I think your caps lock is stuck on.

          • bobby d says:

            I do not understand why so many people have a problem with ALL CAPS. For those of us who have been around the block, we understand that this is how everyone communicated quickly, via western union telegram, and on early internet, if you were not a typist. It seems we experienced folks always have to adapt to more current PC types, because the younger people do not understand, nor care about history or other people’ PREFERENCES.

        • sandy says:

          a joke is how I see him..he has no business bringing natgeo in our forest..or living there himself

        • debbie young says:

          first off u need to go back to school and learn how to spell. now you also need to RESPECT your elders and nature is wonderful if you sat down long enough to learn about NATIONAL PARKS.MICK IS VERY SMART MAN YOU NEED TO TAKE CLASSES WITH HIM HE WILL TEACH YOU SOMSTHING.

      • jack john says:

        no mick dodge is awesome and like to be just like him!!!!!!!
        mick dodge rocks!!!!!

        • Mellmo says:

          I think Mick Dodge is totally real. Yeah they might tell him what to do, but he does live in the woods and he does survive out there. SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERS!!

      • James says:

        This is pretty much an Mick Dodge ass kissing article. I happen to know he goes on the attack if anything truthful comes out about him and from all the apologies you have made, I guess you have experienced it in real life. To glorify him is as low as you can go.

    • Tim says:

      What does Hoh stand for?

      • ExoticHikes says:

        The word Hoh is actually the name for the river and the tribe that lived in the region. While they are technically part of the Quileute Tribe, their language is closer to the Quinault Tribe to the south.

        • Hoiness says:

          The Hoh tribe’s language is not at all like the Quinalt tribe’s, its definitely closer to the Quileute tribe’s language. unless you are talking about visually in which case nevermind

        • sandy says:

          the shows make it seem like we can just go live in the forest and that is so far from the truth…we can hardly visit it without fees paperwork and times and dates..i think this mick is a moron..why doesn’t the show just say he is camping in his own yard

          • vickie says:

            I agree Sometimes he has a dog What does the dog eat? dog food bought from a store I would think

          • Ridge says:

            There are no fees to visit the National Forests. There are Fees to visit the National Parks. However there are fees for camp grounds and some areas do require a permit to park a vehicle at trail heads but they do not require a permit to park and hike in the rest of the forest. I camp in the National Forests for weeks on end. Most only require you to move your camp site every 14 days and I don’t use their made for city folks campgrounds. I make camp sites in the forest and then leave no trace when I leave. It should be difficult for someone to tell where you had your camp site.

      • Funny how HOH = H2O and this from a tribe pre modern science. And since no one has seen a water molecule – how did it get assigned the limited value of H2O? when each drop of living water contains the universe of life force

        • ExoticHikes says:

          Without water, we are nothing. What we love about Mick is his ability, through the show, to make us thirsty for fresh water from the trees, rivers and glaciers of the world. No more bottled water for us, we prefer the natural stuff!

        • mike says:

          Put down.the.damn bong!

        • klepp0906 says:

          Becuase it has 1 Hydrogen and 2Oxygen atoms lol.

          • Ridge says:

            klepp0906 You would be wrong. A water molecule has two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. It’s Chemical composition is HOH or H2O as is commonly observed.

        • Julie says:

          Thank you Jacquie Chandler! We totally agree & we thank you for everything you do along with everything you do for Mick as well. We love what you all do & a HELLO from Arizona! We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!!! LOVE YOU MICK!!!

        • Ben says:

          Wow, you really are dumb, aren’t you??

          • James says:

            Yes, she is dumb, but their seems to be an endless line of silly women suffering from puppy love for Mick. It just goes to show you how many hard up Peter Pan types can attract. Just for your information ladies, Mick has an ego the size of Texas and if you show him less than the worship he thinks he deserves…you will discover the real and frequent nasty side of his nature.

        • Joey says:

          It’s called coincidence. How could they know that Europeans with a written alphabet would use those letters to decribe the vocalization they used for a river.

      • chuck deong says:

        “Hoh” is actually the name of the Indian Tribe that resides in the area. I am from the region and We locals are not very impressed with the damn legend of dipshit dodge.

        • klepp0906 says:

          Envy is a very unhealthy emotion.

          Beside that, what are you doing to draw awareness to nature? The guy is a beautiful human being and that’s coming from another dude..

          • Juliana says:

            I agree!!!! Even my 3y.o. wants to go into the forest. It’s a great show with a guy that has a great sense of humor. If anything… This show makes us want to get out and explore more

          • James says:

            Get a room…

        • Bob says:

          I can’t say I am very impressed with your hateful venom or your presumption to talk for other people.

          • moonhair says:

            Thank you Bob! It’s like people are seeing TV for the first time, and thinking Reality and TV are the same. Tel-A-Vision…remember? The fire circle of modern day culture? It shares story. Each story has insight (or not depending on your level of consciousness), 22 minutes of drama (depending on the sponsors paying for the airways) and real people who do their best.

          • James says:

            Who are you directing your disfavor at? Everyone that doesn’t agree you?

        • Kalervo Tuomari says:

          I know i’ts a moneymaking show ,but what isn’t .However the nature is pictured correctly and Mick is funny woodnymph .I have learned few thinks from him ,and that says a lot from scandy -boo-boo woodsman .

        • buzzkill says:

          I don’t have TV and stumbled upon the show online after watching an embedded video at a totally unrelated site. When I saw those eyes, I immediately thought to myself ‘wow, doppelganger for Lee Dodge, as I knew him in the late 90s–when he lived in a house rented not far from Ft. Lewis. Sure enough, when I watched the weird 9 min video that kept repeating still pics of him, I knew it was Lee, as we all knew him back then.

          Lee–or Mick, who knows–is very passionate about nature and spirit. He was barefoot most of the time I knew him, and he used to go to the Hoh on his birthdays to run barefoot. Virgo, I think.

          But he also was a relationship disaster for my girl friend, as he was controlling and paternalistic with a rage problem, despite all his talk about ‘sisters’. He removed all interior doors in his house, and so of course using the loo could not be a private affair. He came on to me and other women while with my friend, and frankly, creeped me out. He had let’s call it ‘boundary issues’. I and others saw right through him.

          Again, he’s very fervent and passionate about his beliefs, and I have no idea what his current reality is for sure. He can be a good teacher, and his passion for fitness is inspiring.

          I have not seen the show, just surfed around online and went WOW. Lee’s got his own made up reality show. Perfect for him and his legendary ego.

          Sorry to pull back the veil so harshly, but that was my experience of this man years ago. Perhaps he’s grown and evolved spiritually such that he’s a changed man. But if he’s up to his old tricks, he’s got a public life now, and all the idolizers deserve another taste of reality.

          • Trevor Ogden says:

            I choose to not believe a word Buzzkill says when “she”? chooses to remain anonymous. Anyone can say anything they want when people can’t respond to the lie because the person saying it hides their identity. Mick’s name and history is out there for everyone to see. Funny how no one has ever said anything about him having boundary issues before he was famous. But this “woman” Buzzkill comes out of the woodwork and makes an unfounded accusation that we are to believe. Bring proof, evidence etc or just keep it to yourself.

          • R.D. says:

            reply to Buzzkill–I agree. My buddy lives in Forks and here’s the low down–Dodge lives in his own home–has a girlfriend (Cedar) who is an author–operates the Earth Gym and is part of the Olympic Mt. Earthwisdom Circle. He has certainly come out of hibernation! He is very involved in the community. His friend also has a fund-me page for the Siberian-Shor people for 10 grand! Don’t know much about it to comment. She is a smart woman to say the least and it seems that they are very devoted to each other–at least, that’s how it appears in photos on Facebook. They are a good business team! The money from the TV series was put into the “Circle”–that is what I have read. Like I said, she is a smart woman! She was instrumental in getting Nat Geo to make the series. Free country and free enterprise.

            Too bad that your friend’s relationship did not end well. Hopefully, he has changed and will respect this woman he is with now. He has respect for the land and the creatures in it and I think he’s probably a decent dude. You can’t fault him for the tv show. Of course, most of it was fabricated! That’s TV!

            As far a a big ego— this dude is probably still the same—but karma has a way of coming back. Everything comes out in the wash—eventually.

            I don’t think this show was renewed for a new season–anybody know?? I think that Nat Geo viewers want more authenticity and reality than this show presented. Who knew??? Peace to you

          • James says:

            Thanks for putting some truth out there about this guy. My experience with him and pretty much the way you describe him. Someone in a comment section asked him he lived in the forest and I responded that he spent a lot of time there and often camped, but did not actually live there. Next thing I know, Mick/Lee went off on me slingling insults and calling me names. I know what you say about is sexualty is true because a mutual friend had the same experience with him. Actually, I think if you threatened his ego enough, he could probably be extremely violent.

          • willson says:

            why don’t you zip your lip missy me and dodge go way back and i visit him every year or so he is a very strong willed and determined man and he deserves better than to be called a fake ive known him for 40 years and hes lived in the hoh rainforest for almost half that time he survives there not completely on his own but sometimes gets help fishing or hunting from will of stone, cricket, mossman mind you an ex military and mind me missy they use wood spears and are damn well good at that so why don’t you shut up and start figuring out whats real and whats just flat out BULLSHIT.

    • Mac says:

      No one would watch! This is the problem with most people, they can’t see the world past their nose! As interested as you say you would be and that you would watch if it were more “real” but lets face the truth….. it would be horribly boring and the show would never make it at all! You have to entertain millions not hundreds to make a show work…..
      It’s TV for god sake, it’s meant to be entertainment.

      • David H says:

        You’re exactly correct! Watch some of the older (some newer) nature shows in which we set the camera in spot to follow animals, etc. They do not generate a prime time spot because most people do not find them “exciting!” Informative yes, exciting, no! This is the reason for the added drama, recreations, etc in “reality television! On another note, Nat Geo has to get rating otherwise they would lose sponsors! With so many other networks including “reality” there is a alot of competition in those time slots, so we have to make it work! Like someone said, we are entertaining thousands not hundreds! Currently Nat Geo has great ratings over all!

        Experience: Network Producer

        • beggars day says:

          i live in this area gave all my life and know its impossible to live off the land running around barefoot for more than a day without suffering hypothermia. He states he lives in the rain forest here. Unless he has proper shelter for the winter months its not possible. He needs to be careful. There are many of us who wish to leave society. but its dangerous to assume one can just walk into the rain forest here and willy nilly live off if it. I have been around the beautiful woods around here myself a lot and when i saw him barefoot I seriously doubted he was really in Washington state. Our water are also very cold year round never getting out of the 50s far too cold to ever swim in for more than a couple minutes. I dont believe dodge lives off our land here. he cant its too cold here. He really stays in someones house or cabin or a hotel. Just another bear gryll

          • gerald says:

            I agree,no way in hell could live off the land in rain forest in the winter,nothing too eat,too cold and wet.

          • LJ says:

            You should read the article, which actually addresses some of the points you raised, BEFORE you post a comment.

          • Moss says:

            You could eat truffles all day long :/

          • MOJOMAMMA says:

            Gee,after that statement, then, I wonder how you thought the original inhabitants of the Hoh fared? Did you think of that? – They lived off the land, all year round and quite comfortably too, and they even had dogs. If you know the woods lore, you can easily live off the land. Although I wonder how our tough Native Americans fared so well in my cold climate, but they did. I believe some of these negative posts are written by unhappy cityiots who have run out of video games to play. Let’s see how many swear words I can post so I look important.

          • James says:

            LJ, you should seek truth before you tell other people what they should or should not say. There is no such thing as Peter Pan and Mick (Lee) Dodge is destined for a strait jacket.

    • KarynB says:

      1. They never said he was a hermit as he mentions family and has visits with friends
      2. He’s a rascal and ribs NatGeo every chance he can and both sides are AOK with it.
      3. With online resources you should know not to trust just one source even if it is NatGeo.
      Happy trails.

    • Andrew says:

      Well I don’t think he was portrayed as a bumbling goof ball, now I don’t really like that they are telling him what to do but I found him funny. I understand you do have to entertain people and his humur did that for me and if that’s how he is and it helps the environment then ok.

      • Steve Malysz M.S. says:

        I used to subscribe to National Geographic, Psychology Today, etc. before they gave into sensationalism. I’m a mental health professional and a lover of nature. I believe anything that promotes the conservation of nature is a good thing; even the NatGeo channel. We live in an age of computers, WiFi, hash tags, twitter, text messages, and cell phones. What would most people do without these gadgets and gizmos? This is a sad fact. Therefore, television and magazines had to adapt to survive and flourish. The National Geographic Channel created ‘Mick Dodge.’ Although the show is scripted, it is promoting conservation and dare I say getting out among nature to exercise. Mick Dodge appears to be a really good, cool guy. It appears he is a huge supporter and lover of nature; and the conservation of nature.
        I applaud this website for what it represents and what it doesn’t represent. I love to be one with nature. There are very few people who really understand “being one with nature.” I believe this website is a great resource, educator, and ‘open forum’ for all things nature. Thank you for your time.

    • Susan says:

      I don’t think Mick comes across as a goofball at all. He has a sense of humor. Mick is all about respecting nature and teaching people about nature. I’m enjoying the show. If he really does live in a cabin at times or with a lady friend, I would like the show to make that part of the show. The show displays the beauty of nature and I am grateful to National Geographic for that

      • Susan Hinkley says:

        I agree, I love watching. You just never know what he’s going to do next. And I’ve actually learned a lot from the show. I lived on Whidbey Island around the time he moved in. I’ve traveled extensively and that area is still my favorite!

    • Peter says:

      Hey Sandra, if you truly watch the show he is portrayed as anything but an idiot! He has fun with people but the guy clearly is extremely intelligent and resourceful!

      • klepp0906 says:

        This. Very intelligent man, academically and socially. I expected a red neck when I first saw the show. So far from being the case.

    • Benni says:

      Wow. Amazing comments. For an article that is “not an attack on Mick”, it seems to not so subtly scrape away at his integrity. I have known Mick Dodge for a long time. He is extremely intelligent and a bit eccentric. The wild outdoor image of him that is portrayed by National Geographic is definitely the Mick I know. He feels one with the forest and the Hoh River Valley is his first love. For over 20 years I have never known him to be living in a house in town or anywhere else.Just because he may visit his girlfriend’s house does not make him a fake. That means he’s a social being and sometimes needs to socialize.
      He definitely lives off the land. Most of the times I have visted with him, he was barefoot, which I always thought was a bit different. But that was Mick.
      National Geographic is filming parts of his life, but if you knew Mick, you would also know that he doesnt take orders on how to behave and how to speak. Not even for Hollywood.
      He is not like the rest of us, folks. So get over it. Stop trying to make him seem trivial or unreal. No one represents how much we love the Hoh River Valley better than Mick.
      The only “mind numbing” item here is an article written by an Exotic Hiker who is trying to play the devil’s advocate. Maybe because Mick lives outside of the box (or should I say the house…),and he doesnt play by “Exotic Hike’s” rules.

      • Procopio says:

        Excellent post! I also detect more than a bit of condescending self-righteousness in the attempted hack-job of a television personality who is apparently more authentic than “exotic hike” wanted to give him credit for. Being an experienced “television survivalist” myself, nothing was exposed by their article that I didn’t already assume was the case. It’s television(?!). I’m simply grateful that the focus is a wise and playful character who honors the great outdoors as a remedy to the hectic race going on beyond its borders. I’m hooked and no less fooled(?) than I was by Disney’s “Peter Pan”. After all, even transparent fables and faerie tales are designed to convey very real values and life lessons, which is what I take away from every episode of “The Legend of Mike Dodge”.

        • ExoticHikes says:

          While this post may not have helped you out, it did help answer numerous questions by many viewers, which was why this post was written in the first place. I have nothing but respect for Mick and the Earthgym which he is affiliated with and am beyond excited for Season 2 to come out. Living in the same region, it is exciting to think that our remote corner of the country could help fuel interest in regaining values we lost long ago.
          Safe exploring.

      • ExoticHikes says:

        Thanks for the comment. I am not sure how you interpreted this article the way you did, but I encourage you to reread it and read through my comments in this thread as well. This article has been discussed with members of Earthgym and I long ago fixed what some construed as misleading statements. I think Mick is great, and maybe if you reread this article knowing that, you can see that this is more about how NatGeo portrays the show and less about him.

      • klepp0906 says:

        I was thinking more along the lines that exotic hikes is a business and he’s considered competition in some way so slander cause that’s how today’s generation rolls..

        • ExoticHikes says:

          On the contrary, Mick’s success helps us out, so he is not a competitor at all. We consider him (and the people at Earthgym) to be friends and highly support his beliefs on nature and the region.
          Love the comments though and glad to see someone taking the time to read our entire article. Thanks!

      • Randy Bigbee says:

        The show is very addictive. Would like to go back to Washington some day and say “Hi” to Mick Dodge. It is beautiful country.

      • Elly says:

        there will be always be someone out there always going to be the negative Nancy of the world. to you i say grow up find a hobby and let everyone else enjoy being who they are. Maybe if you spent more time focusing on you and what you like to do possibly you wouldn’t have the time to bicker about what others are doing. Show this man some respect for being who he is because he obviously isn’t loosing sleep cause you forgot to make your bed this morning.

      • Julie says:

        To Benni & Mick…I admire you Benni just because you have been so lucky to know him as a REAL person & Mick for just being him. I too am a nature lover & I believe Mick is a great guy at that goes with out saying I believe everything he represents. Thank you four your comment.

      • Jeff Golson says:

        Thank you for this great reply. I have never visited the Northwest but would like to. Mick seems like one of the nicest guys to be around and you helped me get to know him a little better. I hope he continues to have friends like you.

      • James says:

        You are a blatant liar.

    • klepp0906 says:

      Bumbling goofball? The guy sounds and is extremely bright…. Perhaps it’s just over your head…

    • Tom says:

      I just watched the show. AWESOME!!! I think, in the face, he looks like Bigfoot. lol No disrespect intended.
      Take care and good luck

    • Herb Foerster says:

      I watched several episodes of the Legend of Mick Dodge and what a bunch of BS. He does things to make it look good for TV but it’s so fake. I’m sure he is a good guy but I hope people don’t really think it is all real.

    • Toni Gawthrop says:

      I agree and the “joke” he played portraying himself as Bigfoot, in the mountains where I’m from,would have got him shot.

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, what an elitist attitude about what National Geographic should be. Its a lot of things- one of them is Mick Dodge, but also continues to air other things. Reality shows are part of the mix – and it makes the Hoh rainforest look amazing – better that than a typical documentary that no one will watch.

      I would venture to guess that most people watching know its TV- no one is pretending anything other than that. I really wish people like you would learn to let go of the past. Things change, if National Geographic listened to someone like you they would have never put pictures in (pictures, who needs those!) or started a digital magazine (digital, that’s not print, we can’t change!) – show isn’t harmful, Mick has an infectious love of nature, what is wrong with that?

      If you hold everything in your life up to unnaturally high and very old standards, I fear for your happiness.

    • CC says:

      REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I don’t know what you guys are seeing re: bumbling, cut off from society. I think he’s being portrayed as a normal human, sometimes funny, not bumbling – someone who chose an alternative lifestyle of centuries ago as a more real path even now. Shoes/no shoes? Really? That’s the big debate — DUH sometimes he has no shoes on and it is VERY obvious that that must be alot of the time or he wouldn’t be so easily traversing a forest floor in barefeet. Try that sometime — and, so what, sometimes he has shoes on or some sort of leather covering on the soles of his feet. Why are you all stuck on such minimal details?!! Why are you hassling over this minutiae when the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Get a life and do something constructive and stop debating about what some interesting out-of-ordinary regular human being on an alternative path may or may not be wearing on this feet!! Get a grip!

      • moonhair says:

        Yes, thank you…I have wondered that myself.

        Between Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, mortgage banking crimes, citizens united, Faux News, Jihad…and the daily extinction of wildlife and wild places…the portrayal of a Vietnam Vet (served 68-71) living on the edge of the American culture should be welcomed relief despite what he is wearing, eating or doing. Geez…at least he is modeling a way forward as he seeks the middle ground tween the wild and the tame…in a game where most go lame, despite their fame, as we rush to end up the same.

    • Courtney Bell says:

      I remember when Mother Earth Mag. went ‘slick’. Things change. National Geographic wants to make money. Our society, today, knows so little about this way of life that they are gullible, and will believe much that is not actually a true representation.
      Mick has been used. It is easy to get pulled into someone’s wind storm, as he has. You get tossed around for a while and then things level off eventually.
      From what I have seen, Mick is a good person with a kind heart.
      I have ventured into the wilderness many times and am somewhat seasoned. I like to work hard because it is good for the body and mind. I like to test my abilities to survive.
      I lived in the ghost town of Monte Cristo year around including two winters 1984-86. The experiences, at that time, were what I have been a part of in my heart all my life.
      At this time I am surrounded by humanity and it is not where I belong! To live once more in the mountains, is where I am eventually headed.
      The Eve of Christmas 1984, I returned to Monte Cristo where I had been living that summer. I parked my car at Silverton where the snow plow stopped on the Mountain Loop Highway. I put on my skis, a 55 pound backpack, with a body weight of only a 100 pounds at that time. I headed east on the road that had four feet of untracked snow with night beginning to fall and 12 miles to cover. I made it into a small trappers cabin about 10:00 that night. There was no stove..the cabin was empty. All I had that night was a single candle to burn. I had no fear of not making it in because I knew my body was a piece of steal and could endure anything I asked it to do.
      Those times, living in the deep wilderness, have been the best years of my life! With my ingenuity, the wilderness experience can be made quite comfortable. It is all about using your head to come up with unique solutions. There is nothing in the world so stimulating as to wake up in the middle of the forest and hear a rain dove sing, then drink fresh rain water and find solstice that cleanses the mind and heart far removed from humanity! Lady Hamadryad Resides

    • Mitchell says:

      Do you really think Nat Geo, or any other TV show will do what’s best for the earth, or it’s inhabitants ? Not a chance, they exist for one reason, to make as much money as they can. Do you think that just following him around with a camera, without any suggestions at all would make a show worth watching ? They are allowing him to share with viewers his knowledge, and his love of the earth. You must take everything you see and hear on T.V. with a grain of salt, otherwise you will become as brainwashed as those making these shows.

    • Earthling says:

      This is yet another scripted “Reality” show. How can this Woodsman get in all of these predicaments.Mick Dodge and this show are totally f*****g ridiculous.

    • Mike says:

      Seen Mick a few times. Didn’t really think he lived in and off the woods full time. I lived and worked out there for years and the weather, to say the least, is not the best. Last night I watched the show, from a recording. Mick was shown hooking a fish and in the next shot he is holding a Salmon up, but it was already gutted, and I would guess was either purchased by producers or caught by his guide friend earlier in the day. Then he makes his trip up to see the Makah medicine person and just happens to run into a Makah family on the beach who take him in their canoe. Obviously this was staged. Good to read this article that Mick is a genuine human being who loves and works for the great land that is the Olympic peninsula. Yes the show is staged, but there is still something to be learned from Mick.

    • Bryan says:

      So after watching this show I noticed his student went off on his own for what was supposed to be 14 days but he was gone 16 and Mick had to go look for him when he found him he still had a perfect haircut and was spotless clean so his venture was more like 10 minutes which made me realize this show is fake. :(

    • Patty Hollers says:

      I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but if you think this man they are calling Mick Dodge is real guess again. We know him as actor Ben Murphy. Look it up for yourself and tell me if I am correct. We lived in the great Pacific Northwest for four years. Health reasons brought my husband back to Texas. I am glad Ben is still acting as the website states he is 72,and wow he still has it. Our property was in Concrete and many of the shots of the forrest really take us back to the beauty we had on our mountain. Sorry guys Mick is an actor playing a part with good lessons for sure. National Geographic is pulling the wool over someone’s eyes and when the shooting is done they probably all head to Starbucks for a cup of joe.

      Patty hollers

      • Cojo says:

        Are you talking about the Ben Murphy that was in Alias Smith and Jones? I think you are mistaken.

        • Joyce Cane says:

          The actor, Ben Murphy is definitely deceased. He died while Alias Smith & Jones was still on television.

          I love Mick. He seems to me to be highly intelligent and is definitely devoted to the preservation of the Hoh Rainforest and the surrounding Olympic Peninsula. It doesn’t matter to me that the show is scripted. Mick makes it enjoyable. I think I’ve seen all the episodes and I even watch reruns.

          Carry on, Mick! You’re doing what you love!

          • Howard Robertson says:

            I want National Geographic to produce episodes that will focus on conservation of the rain forest and tell visitors how and why they should protect the ecology. Mic does a great job, but the producers do not allow him to focus on environmental concerns.


      • Sharon says:

        She is correct I just saw a picture with short hair but older and definitely the upper face and big blue eyes. Darn what ashamed. I enjoyed the show.

        • Ridge says:

          Actor Ben Murphy is 5’11. Mick Dodge is 5’4. Your turn.

        • buzzkill says:

          Nope. Dodge isn’t the actor Ben Murphy. I knew Dodge back when he called himself Lee Dodge.

          • James says:

            If you knew Lee Dodge, then you know what jackass he is. He was controlling, had an ego that was absolutely suffocating and was nothing except a nightmare to women.

      • Ridge says:

        Patty Hollers Actor Ben Murphy is 5’11. Mick Dodge is 5’4. Quite a height difference.

      • will says:

        the actor ben murphy is still alive and well his wife has died around the late 80s but mick dodge is not the actor ben murphy. he may resemble him but look alittle closer its not him and im not saying mick is real and not saying he is not. watch the show sometimes i like it and sometimes not

    • Lynne says:

      If you have ever watched a reality tv show and you have any common sense you know that it is at least partially if not all scripted. Live and let live. He’s not a drain on society, he’s contributing. Easy to point fingers.

    • Mick DOdge, as I watch the programs, comes to me as a man with a playful sense of humor and a love of the woods which matches my own.

      It’s not a religion bound in layers of dogma, jis is a celeration of the wonders of nature.

      If his real life is not as might be depicted, hey, he’s human and since I live in the north woods of Wiscosin, I know what the wild can be like year round and I have spent many weeks in the woods during our winters.

      Yes I take a tent and I always have a good fire going but I do cook on that fire as well and there is always a pot of water on the edge of the fire to make coffee with.

      I enjoy the program nd I hope that it continues for a long while so that many other people can be introduced to the idea of wilderess living.

    • rico valente says:



    • Sherman Van Lieu says:

      What got me from the beginning when I saw one episode was the fact that he sure was clean for a man that supposedly forges in a rain forest seeing that some of his clothes consist of leather, nice CLEAN leather. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC should be totally ashamed of how low they have become. Rarely do I watch the channel anymore as it has been devoured by the monster we call reality TV. The bottom line is that they have fallen into the pit where money talks, and true reality walks. So long NG, YOU SUCK!!

      • Cojo says:

        Oh my I just do not understand why the negative believe Natgeo has gone to h…. because of Mick Dodge and his show. Natgeo does not suck, they are providing diverse programming for everyone. Sure glad they don’t care what you naysayers have to say. I don’t care if you like the show or not but Natgeo will outlive you and I am sure they are very worried that you left them. Thank you Natgeo for the Legend of Mick Dodge, I will watch and enjoy for as long as it is on.

    • Misneac says:

      I don’t disagree that the show is exaggerated, but I don’t think it’s so exaggerated that it becomes a farce. For people who have similar skills to Mick, it showcases a master at work, and may help them to learn some of the more arcane skills that only come from long acquaintance with the environment. For the rest of the audience it does what it’s designed to do; entertain. It’s understandable that those acquainted with Mick’s type skill set and lifestyle might consider the show cringeworthy, but Mick’s obvious dignity and gentle sense of humor keep him from becoming a parody of the archetypal “wildman”. Who knows, maybe some of those who start out as merely entertained will learn something, and gain some understanding.

    • Cindy says:

      My husband and I look forward to watching Mick Dodge every week! We understand it is a TV show… He has inspired me to enjoy nature and remember to stop a smell the roses. I have always walked bare foot as much as I can. From the time I was a child I went into the woods and walked bare foot and tried to walk quite! I am 54 and still do this. It is good for the soul to feel the earth beneath your feet. I do like it when his personality does come out. He seems gentle, kind, caring and does care for the forest and animals there. I do not see him as a silly man or dumb in any way. We like the program and Mick!!

      • Skip Enge says:

        We thoroughly enjoy the “show.” If there is an underlying message I hope it is clear enough to impact judgement when traversing our wonderful forests. As a life long Washingtonian…Traditionally I spend a lot of time in the wood, rivers and mountains off the beaten down tracks. I worked for Gifford Pinchot National Forest for some time which is in my opinion first a product to be sold. I always look forward to adventures every fall in search of huckleberries. In recent years the crops for all have been devastated by commercialism… The forest has always been product first. I have seen some devastation. While Mick dwells in national park areas and other periferal lands the show seems to convey a message of natural balance. That I applaud. I only hope in a small way it may convey a sensitivity for what we have, though to be honest those attracted to this show already get it…it’s like preaching to the choir. If this becomes any more commercialized than it already is I think the underlying message I detect will be thoroughly diluted…but without the outrageous, the humorous anecdotes and silent bare footed war on forest vandals, there would be no message. I accept that dramatization as a necessary part of getting the message out however obscured by the phenomena of reality TV.

        • Ridge says:

          I too worked for the Forest Service for many years. The FS has become a branch of the Park Service. The National Forests were established so that the surrounding communities could have natural resources supplied in perpetuity and for the last 35 years the Forest Service has allowed the environmental crowd to shut down any harvesting of products form those lands. That in turn has made communities like Forks basically a ghost town depending on tourists to survive. Mick’s show has shown some of those effects on the local community and to Mick’s credit, he has not bad mouthed the logging industry saying only that the logged off areas are a necessary evil. He has even used some of the debris left after logging to show how to survive in his show. I enjoy the show and don’t look at it like it is a 100% survival show. It’s entertainment and nothing more. But it does do a good job of entertaining and I look forward to seeing the new episodes every week. Some of the people shown in this show are getting rich off of it however. Look at the prices for Mountain Man Leathers. A vest is from $750 to $5000.00 bucks. So the show is bringing some prosperity to my old home area, and for that I am glad.

          • moonhair says:

            Thank you Skip for a productive perspective. Our best thinking got us here and through new thinking we will get someplace else, because you can’t step in the same river twice, (still many miss the shifting current).

            1) Getting ‘rich’? if you define RICH as to the level of happiness derived from contributing to the well being of others, including; land, wildlife, water and air, then all the people on the show are already very wealthy and those benefiting from the show (based on feedback we have gotten)are tapping the real wealth of ABUNDANCE that connects us through land, plants, water, wildlife and air we all share. LUXURY is a human fabrication that tends to divide us. RICH is like food that doesn’t digest well.

            2) Karl has been making vests for decades, while also serving the community as a Chiropractor, and then sharing his practice so people can heal themselves. If you saw his craftsmanship up close – his prices are cheap, plus he refuses most orders due to the weeks it takes to complete each project (wishing he had an apprentice to carry on the skill)

            3) As a gateway to the only old growth rain forest in the upper 48, Forks transition to forest stewards will serve the community long into the future. Mick’s main reason to do the show was to show of the majestic beauty in hopes it might inspire a softer walk into the temple of trees, few have felt. Now it is up to locals to share their love, so when the future looks back they will know what you did to preserve our real shared WEALTH.
            thank you!

          • moonhair says:

            just to clarify…I am not meaning to be defensive, as your comment was supportive. I just wanted to use your comment on RICH to answer what many have wondered and propose we redefine the words that define, connect and separate us as we evolve our culture.

          • Skip Enge says:

            You get it then…that is great…I love to hear symbiotic hearts…Hell this show lays out what matters, beyond the TV schtick…Mick conveys that…I applaud him…I don’t see a down side at all…It’s TV…It’s rather charming actually…

    • Jeronimo Dan says:

      I spend the night in the woods once, longest year I’ve ever been thru.

    • Kevin Hall says:

      I agree. I’d rather see the real deal, even if a tad boring or monotonous at times. I’d like to see a season where Mick does his own show, his way, the real way. Not staged or scripted. Although since his pay for his part in the show goes to people who Do respect and take care of this beautiful place. I can understand why he does this script for Nat Geo and I can applaud him for it, even though I’d rather see Real.

    • JT says:

      I have never seen this wonderful part of our Country, I sure hope Lord willing that some day my wife and I will get to see it in person. As for the show I enjoy it but at times I to think that they may be asking to much from Mr. Dodge. I am happy for the show, other wise I would maybe never get to see so much of God’s Creation and how wonderful it really is. But if they would let him talk about more of what he knows, that would be even better and maybe show more of the wildlife that lives there.

    • Toni says:

      I made the mistake of telling a commenter that Mick does not actually live in the forest and he totally went off on me with insults. I use to live in that area, so know people that have known him for a long time. I wasn’t offensive in any way. I just commented that He did not live in the forest all the time. I certainly did not have any ill will toward him and have been amused by his Peter Pan type personna. Not anymore. The guy has a nasty disposition and loves attention.

  2. Kay_Rock says:

    I think it’s fairly obvious when watching the show how much of it is staged. But “reality” is not what draws me to it. I think a true show about a true mountain wildman would be fairly boring, as the wild man would spend the entire show running away from the camera crew.

    But Mick is special. His intelligence and humor shine through the murk and muck of “scripted reality” to highlight the one thing that matters: his spirit. I have no idea what faith he has but he is a man who clearly lives a beautifully taoist life. His joy in life and in the earth is apparent in every word and every movement.

    I came to the show knowing that reality shows are ridiculous. I had no expectation of reality. I wanted to learn who this man is. And the more I learn about him via the show and articles that paint a truer picture of him, the more I enjoy watching it. He is entirely complicit in the joke. He plays along. He plays with them as they play with his reality. It’s marvelous. Why cry that it isn’t fully real? The man is real, and the rest is just fluffy frosting.

    • Michelle Jacks says:

      Kay_Rock I agree with you. While this show is heavily influenced by the hype of the media, one can’t deny the fact that the show raises much needed environmental awareness. I’m a fan of Mick Dodge.

    • Judy says:

      I understand that this is a reality show. I have never even watched the show but I wanted to know more about Mick Dodge. He has tremendous spiritual energy that I can feel just by seeing his image on TV. If it had not been for NatGeo I may never have known about this incredible person.

      There are many ways we meet people and become involved in their lives, reality TV is one way that we get to learn about this man. What you take away from it depends entirely on your own interpretation. Some people will see it and believe that everything about it is true. Others who are more inquisitive or even those who feel his energy will know the truth about why he does the show. That apparently is enough for him and it is enough for me.

      I remember when my son was little, his father and I were divorced and we had differing opinions of things. My son and I would talk about them and I would tell him that just because his father or I felt a certain way about something didn’t mean he had to take it for the truth. He had to be able to listen to what he heard and analyze it, then he could decide for himself what he felt to be true. Reality TV is the same.

      • JT says:

        I would like to say some thing here, I mean it to be loving. I have just read where a lady was talking to her son and telling him that her and her X- husband truth may not be truth for him. That he needed to fine truth for himself. In away she right, we all have to fine the truth. But truth is not some thing for one and then some thing other for some other person. There is only one truth. The world try’s to say that there are many truths. This is one thing I like about Mr. Dodge, he knows to that there is only one truth and I think that in his way, he is trying to show that. Me and my way of telling or helping people he letting them know about God and His Truth and His is the only Truth. I think Mr. Dodge see God in His Creation.

    • I totally agree with you! Some people need to lighten up a little and quit taking themselves so seriously. This show is interesting and entertaining and broadens our knowledge of an area that most people in U.S. don’t know that much about. I am NOT a fan of reality shows but this one I love and wouldn’t miss.

      • andy says:

        Saw the show for the 1st time today. Two minutes or so into the show they lost me. He has learned to live on 1000 kcal a day. I have to call BS on this as to maintain his sated 170 lbs body weight, at his supposed level of activity, he need more like twice that. His message, which is good, gets lost when the it flies in the face of common sense and the science. I get the idea of reality TV, but not getting the basics right has me wonder how much more is just fabrication. How much of the other characters is made up. Not interested in seeing anymore. A good story will stand on its own.

        • ExoticHikes says:

          Very valid points!
          We agree his message gets a little lots through the editing process and wish they would should more of the beauty of the region. Amazingly, where the show is filmed in just an average section of the rainforest. There is much more beauty just up the Hoh river!

          • moonhair says:

            Have you ever tried to get a permit to film commercially in the Forest? very hard.
            Ironic, since the USFS seems to trust commercial extraction, but not commercial endeavors to share attraction.

            Yes, the deeper forest is the temple of trees and Mick had the crew take of their shoes so they wouldn’t step on life forms most boots just trample. But, hey we know this: Laws are formed from destructive actions of a few which then restrict the freedoms of many.

          • ExoticHikes says:

            I am sure obtaining a film permit in the Olympic National Forest is much easier than the millions of other locations Nation Geographic has filmed before. Also, I know of plenty of people who have obtained film permits to National Forests for educational purposes. Again, if National geographic cared to flex their muscle, and/or had the reputation they used to, getting a permit to film in wilderness would not be an issue.

          • James says:

            Thanks ExoticHikes for providing true information, in spite of all the folks that can’t handle truth at any level. I think your article was well written and bent over backwards not to shine a negative light on Mick (Lee) Dodge.

        • MONA BAUGH says:

          THANK YOU, I AGREE.

      • Cheryl M says:

        Geez…cannot get over the unnecessary hostility. I happened to catch this show by accident and I was captivated and positively entertained by Mick’s wit and humor and intelligence. I also enjoyed learning a few things about getting by in the wilderness on what’s available. Now I realize you survivalists are generally pretty intense…but if you don’t like the show, (and its a SHOW folks, not a documentary)by all means don’t watch. I don’t agree that NatGeo is trash and if you really think it is trying watching everything else on TV these days. It will redefine for you what trash really is.

    • Yes, thank you!
      You are absolutely Right!
      Mick is a “Thrivalist”, who follows the Middle Path weaving between the “Wastelands” (city), the “Open Fenced Lands” and the “Gated Wild”.

      In the beginning he fought the ‘scripting and pitch of the show’, then started to play, hoping to bring positive attention and hope to the last remaining rain forest, realizing Nat Geo is doing what they think will attract interest.

      But Mick’s genuine spirit, style and walk can’t be scripted – it is from his heart. He hopes people might touch the earth to remember, recover and re-story their primal, practical, playful connection to the water, land and air we all share.

      He goes barefoot and wears footwear (like moccasins) that keep his touch alive as much as possible in ways that make SENSE.

      This is not a Survival Show, but if NatGeo advertised a man’s love, life and play in the last remaining rain forest – would people have tuned in? Or do we need Living on the Edge drama to even get above the noise?

      • nicoledbernal@gmail.com says:

        I couldn’t agree more. My family and I love the show and adore Mick. We are from Texas and have a love for Washington and the Peninsula. We just returned from a family vacation to Washington and joked about how cool it’d be to run into Mick (realizing how slim those chances would be). Well, as luck would have it, we did! We stopped at Peak 6 to grab some water before heading further into the Hoh, and there he was! We were ecstatic to meet him… and he was thrilled to meet us! We visited with him, took pics with him, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing his stories. A little while after our visit, he walked over to us and asked if he could sing us a song. He felt it was a gift to meet nice people and was thankful for the kindness we showed him (roughly his words)… so he wanted to give us something meaningful to him. It was a beautiful song and a memory me and my family will never forget!

        • ExoticHikes says:

          That is so awesome! We are glad you were not only able to get up to our neck of the woods, but also getting to meet Mick. Your experience sounds fantastic!
          Thanks for the comment and keep exploring nature!

        • Shari says:

          Awesome, what a wonderful experience.

  3. Richard says:

    I was skeptic after the first episode of Mick Dodge-he comes off as a eccentric trustafarian with a fat bank account.Everything was too predictable ,expected.Matches for his fire,ketchup for his food-even his own ” Rambo” trailing him and the camera crew…but I’ll watch -What is it 20min after commercials?

    • Mick has no bank account. He donated his money to a non-profit trying to help build awareness on being more conscious on the Earth.

      Mick has definitely lived on the edge, and on road kill! He is the real thing. His survival story started on a Marine Base in Japan, rejected by a cultural and language he adopted, longing to go home to the Rain Forest in the Olympics his Grandfather brought to life during summers, only to return home at last to a draft notice for Vietnam. He healed his wounds in the forest and hopes to inspire a deep healing for all warriors betrayed by our culture of Greed.

      • Ken Horst says:

        So I guess my survival story also started on a Marine Base in Okinawa Japan? LMAO! You really are an idiot lady. The USMC does not teach any survival techniques my dear idiot, unless by survival you mean squad fire-team tactics using M16’s, M60’s, Mark19’s, TOW’s, radios for close air/naval support etc…

        • moonhair says:

          Happy Resurrection Ken!
          I was speaking of the emotional survival of being raised by the military inside a culture that rejects you which does prepare him for fighting in a country that rejected US, only to come ‘home’ to a culture he had little connection to, so the forest became his haven. This show is a love story between a man and a forest. Peace to your own journey Ken…sorry to have offended you.

      • bbo says:

        last remaining rainforest? how do you figure that? you must not know much about the world outside of the U.S….

        I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert or all that knowledgeable about the different environments of the world, in fact it was a shock to me when the show said that mick lives in a “rain forest,” in north america! I never knew such a thing existed! I always knew that washington gets lots of rain and has plenty of forest, but never actually considered it to be a rainforest. When I hear that word I think of places like africa, the amazon, cambodia etc…. anyways the peninsula area is far from the last rainforest

      • James says:

        Culture of greed…Really?

  4. Marvin Sasser says:

    It is a bit silly of a show, but I find it entertaining. Mick is funny and a little weird, and it is pretty obvious on how much is scripted. I do love the scenery, and the unique mountain people that he is friends with. If anything it is encouraging a trip to the northwest someday.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      If you are encouraged to take a trip up here, that is awesome. Amazingly, the rainforest they show on the show is not even that great compared to what we have in the Olympic National Park!
      The Northwest is beautiful, and if you are a nature lover, we want you here!

      • Kathy says:

        I bet Mick and his forest friends have had a lot of fun pretending to be “Big Foots” when the city folk come to the woods. After watching a few of his shows, I am convinced they could pull it off. Seeing him scale trees with what appears to be little effort and jump in big stumps to disappear.

  5. Victor Foster says:

    I disagree. I love the show and all the interesting characters. The forest is portrayed as very beautiful and enchanting. I applaud NatGeo for bringing us such a beautiful place and displaying such imaginative and creative characters while keeping it very entertaining. Great job to Mick as well. Such a great show for the kids to spark their interest and imaginations in nature. I don’t mind that it’s made into a show. Those people and that place are real and truly awesome and I wouldn’t have known about it at all if it wasn’t for the show.

  6. Jimmy Duke says:

    I was suspicious of some of the show’s content initially, but I admit they had me fooled into thinking that Mick really did live in the woods. I got really suspicious when on the one show they depicted Mick getting into 40 degree water and floating 3 miles down to Carl’s house with no ill effects! Mick would have been stone cold dead within an hour in that water! Once again, “Google is your friend”, and I found this page. Mick the truth is much more interesting to me than Mick the legend, and I agree that Nat Geo should be ashamed to air this crap when they could do so much more by just telling the truth about Mick and the Hoh River Rainforest.

  7. Bill Light says:

    I fortunately have met and spent quality time with a few Mick Dodge’s. Unlike the liberal hypocrites like elitist, anonymous Exotic Hikes writer, Mick really has nothing to prove, and he has fun donating time and teaching the wisdom and lessons he has learned during his life. At the age of 18 I also learned to survive in the wilderness totally along during harsh weather, and I still teach the lessons I learned. I hope NatGeo continues the show. It shows some of the realities of the wild and it brings out the self-serving wannabes for who they really are.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      I don’t believe we insulted Mick at all in this piece. We are wanting National Geographic to do a better job, as we mentioned numerous times in this article.

    • HinkleyHadAVision says:

      Hey look everybody, it is one of those perpetually angry know-nothing easily manipulated blowhards that whine about politics and liberals every chance they get and, thus, are never taken remotely seriously by anybody with half a brain.

      You missed the link for the Drudge Report, clownshoe.

  8. Bob B says:

    So what.! I enjoy watching the show. Dispite what people say about him not living entirely in the woods it’s great. The scenery is beautiful. And besides he probably would be arrested for vagrancy if he did. So open up your imaginations and think of how things used to be.

  9. Stevo says:

    While I agree that NatGeo could do a better job portraying the reality of Mick Dodge’s true lifestyle, I also appreciate the fact that they are trying to appeal to a larger audience. Those who wish to learn more about the man will conduct a little search and wind up reading articles such as this one. It’s obvious to anybody watching that Mick is “in on the joke”. I’m just glad that they are showing somebody with something to offer. They are probably as close to the “truth” as they could get and still be able competitive in the struggle for viewers.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      We get your comment completely. We want people to see the Olympic National Park and the Hoh as much as anyone. We were just sad that it wasn’t better. Sadly, they need ratings, so they have to make the show the way it is.
      At least we get to see Mick though, right?

  10. Wildman Mike says:

    He is the reel big feets!

  11. Maureen says:

    While I have been very disappointed in many of National Geographic’s programming choices, this show is one that I very much enjoy. Mick has an engaging personality. His philosophies/spirituality/values are similar to my own. I also love that he quotes John Muir, who is someone I grew up reading.
    The Olympic Peninsula is beautiful and the people they have filmed are interesting.
    This is one of the few shows on NatGeo that I find myself tuning in to.

  12. JL says:

    I agree with Mr. Light. The Exotic Hikes writer came off as elitist, almost snide. Mr. Light actually knows Mick Dodge and felt the same affront by the article as I did.
    Reality shows have never been based on reality, to pull out trivial crap like; “Mick Dodge wears shoes,” and claim the show portrays Dodge as a crazy old man cavorting through Hoh forrest is presumptuous and intellectually dishonest. Case in point, Dodge isnt going to purposely demean himself and simply swallow it in the name of Hollywood.

    But maybe a crazy old man would?

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Actually, nowhere in this post did we critique Mick. We merely answered questions that were asked to us, since we work and live in the Olympic National Park and Hoh Rainforest.
      We think Mick is an awesome guy and say so in the post. We just wish the show was better, as we expect National Geographic to be better than the other stations.

  13. Jim McMillan says:

    First you may want to reread that and maybe corect the many typos.
    I think your point is misplaced, I feel like they show him in exactly the light you say they should! He seems like a great old guy that appears to be a genuine and amazing guy that loves to mess with the film crew.
    Of course many of the situations are staged to some extent, but that’s a must to make people tune in! You are a fool if you belive that if they just followed Mick around in his real day to day life admiring nature that people would tune in. Remember TV is a numbers game and it takes interesting and at times dramatic circumstances to draw those numbers. If the show was made to only appeal to people like you it would never make it to TV.


    • ExoticHikes says:

      First, thanks for the grammar lesson. We sometime rush to publish and miss obvious errors. We will work harder to correct this in the future.
      Secondly, the point of the article was to criticize NatGeo, not Mick. Nowhere in the post did we attack Mick Dodge. We merely provided answers to questions that we had been asked. We want National Geographic to be about nature, not about ratings.
      We may disagree on the show, but at least we can agree that the Hoh rainforest (which is also my backyard) is a gorgeous place!

  14. Josh says:

    Dude your a dick! Every time i watch mick dodge and see the hoh rain forest it looks cool as shit. Eagles. And mick dodge is better then swamp people, pawn stars, and any other show history or discovery channel can offer.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      If loving nature and wanting more actual nature shows on TV makes us what you called us, we will gladly take that insult. We just wish that Natgeo would work hard at showing nature, and worry less about ratings.
      Yes, we get how TV works, but still…it is National Geographic.

      • Katsstud says:

        Although you have made the statement many times within the thread, you have to realize that NatGeo has to make enough commercially viable programming to pay the bills. That being said, there will always be critics of a show’s purity regardless of the format based on differing opinions.

        If there is an opportunity to show nature even in the cloak of a scripted reality show…are we not better for it?

    • Terry says:

      I agree! Yes the depiction of Dodge might not be totally accurate but I am enjoying it. Dodge’s smile when he’s in his element is real and so are the dam trees! Don’t nitpick what is one of the more original offerings on TV.

  15. Rick L. says:

    I work at western state hospital, and for awhile I thought ol’e Mick might have been the patient we’ve been missing for awhile. Honestly, I enjoy watching the show,it’s like any other”reality” show that’s on the boob tube nowadays. The terrain is beautiful. I’ve hunted the northwest for years so I can relate to the beauty others are watching for the first time. Take it for what it is,and enjoy!

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Glad you love the Northwest too!
      Hopefully, if there is a next season, they will show more of the beauty of the region and encourage more people, to stop and appreciate the world we live in.

  16. Cor says:

    For those of us who still have jobs and mortgages to pay, its a nice release to see what living among the Hoh Rainforest looks like. Not to mention the human potential at any age. The man is how old? and climbing trees, running thru the forest, and cutting timber. If anything, the show is a nice reminder of a life lived much simpler and in connection with the Earth. I’ma fan.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      The human spirit is amazing and Mick, for all his years, is an incredible man. We truly appreciate him as a man, just not the way the show is made.
      Keep watching, keep exploring and know that just outside is a rejuvenating world of wonder!

    • Mick is 62 and the crew half his age had a time keeping up.

      I host an Earth Bar(Sports Bar for the Earth) at a local Tahoe Cafe so people can gather and watch the show together, then craft something from the show (I made most of the garments Mick wears and showed him the craft of leather along with Karl)and then we talk to Mick directly!

      If you would like to host a Earth Bar in your area: share the show and insights on your own touchdown with the earth – let me know.

      • ExoticHikes says:

        That is super awesome! Mick seems like an incredible man and your posts only make us here at Exotic Hikes more curious about him.
        We hope you, as well as all the readers of this post, understand that we love Mick and what he stands for, just disappointed with how NatGeo decided to portray him.
        Again, thank you so much for your comments and keep exploring and loving nature!

        • Procopio says:

          Exotic Hikes, the more you gripe about Nat Geo’s television show the more apparent the disconnect between yourself and the reality of television becomes. In fact, my primary concern is that the increasing popularity of this show will make your beloved rainforest thee destination for all sorts of hikers, tourists, and wannabe mountain men. At which point, how long will you be able to enjoy the natural authenticity that you value so much? I suggest that you brace yourself.

          • ExoticHikes says:

            We support tourism done correctly, and would love for people to actually travel to the region to see nature for themselves. Having a local economy devastated by the loss of logging and fishing, tourism would bring a much needed boost to the region. Twilight increased revenue on the Olympic Peninsula and even allowed for new job, new building and new finding for trails around the cities of Forks and LaPush. With more tourism comes better funding for National Parks, which will help limit the damage tourism can cause. With 95% of Olympic National Park designated as wilderness, I think we can handle a few hundred more people coming to the region.

      • cheesesteakwit says:

        U made the clothes he wears lol ur bar is in Tahoe and he’s in Washington state I don’t understand what did u do mail him the clothes!

  17. Mike says:

    It sounds like someone’s a jealous hater

    • ExoticHikes says:

      How are we hating?
      We just answered some questions and said Mick was an awesome person.
      We just wish Natgeo would do a better job of showing nature and not delving into reality TV.
      Either way, you seem like a person of passion, so keep standing for what you believe in and keep hiking and loving nature!

  18. dtyler says:

    You all are much to up tight they have shown him wearing shoes they have shown him at his lady friends its a fun little hearted show that i can comfortable watch with my children that increases there interest in nature with out worry of violence or the inappropriate language that seams to be everywhere in todays world thank you natgeo

    • ExoticHikes says:

      We love that you are getting your kids interested in nature! That is one of our core beliefs!
      Awesome job! Keep hiking!

  19. Pamela M says:

    I agree about how national Geo used to really stand for something but now they are cheap. I use to really respect their documentaries and their reputation. I also think they are turning Mick into one of the Stoogies, it’s sad to watch.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Thank you for reading the article and seeing that this wasn’t a piece against Mick!
      We really wish NatGeo would use some of their time here to show some of the amazing nature as well as Mick, but looks like we may be alone in this!

  20. Shelley Bump says:

    I watched this weeks show Mick made it to his girl friend house in no time flat. If he lives soooo far out in the forest it should have taken two shows to get there. And what about Moss Head Man? Worried about trees I think they are a bunch of tree hugging hippies and they have left the corporate world When times get tough go hug a tree. National Geo get a real story of how people live in the good old US like the subway rats in New York not some old hippie!

  21. gschilleci says:

    No, I do not agree with you. I love the story & the beautiful forest. So what if it’s not accurate. A man who loves & respects nature is worth watching!! I’m a fan & will continue watching.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      I am glad you will keep watching!
      Living up here, we just wish they would focus more on reality and try to get more people interested in nature. We love Mick and what he stands for and are glad there are so many passionate people out there!

  22. Ben says:

    I just happened to start watching about a half hour ago – and already I’m enjoying it, even if primarily for entertainment purposes. I live in Los Angeles, but I value and am grateful for preservationists and nature lovers and the beauty that surrounds us.
    And I want to meet Mick’s friend Carl “Will of Stone” – Wow, now that is the ultimate mountain man! It is obvious that Carl exemplifies happiness, generosity, and a real joy for life!

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Carl seems awesome too! Seeing everyone up here so happy in nature lifts our spirits!
      Thanks for the comment and glad to know more awesome people are out there!

  23. Peggy L says:

    I like this show, every state has people who enjoying living “in the wild.” We can always learn something from those people. Mick has a sense of humor too, I like that too. Just like “Turtleman” not all reality, but he loves animals and will go the extra mile to protect them! Mick loves the forrest and it’s inhabitants!

  24. doug johnson says:

    Unbelievably fake BS…..catering to the usual bunch of liberal Nature Boys and Girls, these fools almost certainly think this clown actually lives in the woods, fulfilling their personal fantasies. Liberals continue to be a source of amusement for normal people.

    • HinkleyHadAVision says:

      You know who is a real source of amusement for normal people? The red-faced tubby blowhard partisans like you that find an opportunity to whine about liberals in every article no matter how little it has to do with your easily manipulated corporate sponsored hackish beliefs.

      Nobody takes you seriously champ, go back to Breitbart.

  25. Angela W says:

    I think Mick is a classic!

    He enlightens us by helping us to filter out materialism and a greater understanding and appreciation of Mother Earth, what she gives us freely and without condition. He exemplifies that one can find peace and contentment with very little and a man’s value is not measured by what is in his wallet, but what is in his mind, heart and spirit.

    Life is not about what we have acquired, but what we have learned.

    Greed and lust for more has no understanding of this concept.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      “He enlightens us by helping us to filter out materialism and a greater understanding and appreciation of Mother Earth”

      Exactly! However, we just wish Natgeo would do more to help the earth and would highlight the region!
      Thanks for the comment and keep exploring the world!

  26. Sue Sweeney says:

    I watched a recap of three shows last night. I could tell right away that stuff was staged but Mick Dodge is a very sexy man with his own ideas and a firm grip on reality. I particularly like his eyes and his ready smile. I might not believe in the show, but I DO believe in him and wish him all the luck in the world. And good for him that he has a special lady in his life. That certainly makes for a well rounded existence! Yeah, I’ll watch again.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Mick is awesome. We just want people to understand a bit about the show, since so many questions have come in to us about him. Thanks for the comment and keep watching!

  27. skye says:

    Unlike many of the haters out there and arm chair quarterbacks, i have been lucky enough to spend time with Mick and consider him a friend and role model for sure. The show was inspired not by Mick’s wish to self promote but instead by others sharing the word about Mick them wanting to share his story and his dedication to the land, the region and his love of natural movement.

    He is one of the most authentic human beings i have ever met and i have been lucky to have known many in my 4 decades here on many corners of this globe.

    Does anyone talk about how he walked across Washington barefoot to help raise awareness for “The Antidote”, a simple manifesto written by our mutual friend, Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal?

    Does anyone bring up his importance in the barefoot movement? Do you have dirt under your fingernails?

    Have any of the other haters been in the Marines and served our country in Vietnam? Gone to Paris Island back before all the rules on being mean and harsh?

    There are more morsels of wisdom in an evening conversation with Mick then in many books. That wisdom is from his connection to the earth and his many experiences, most of which most people will never have or would never have to guts to have.

    People want to always focus on trying to call people out and be the first to wave a “he sold out ” flag and criticize. They are the ones not in the ring. Most people would have a hard time hanging with Mick for one weekend. If you haven’t lived it or lived it, if your hands aren’t calloused from authentic work, if you do not regularly live outside or devote a large portion of your time spreading a positive mission than you should just crawl back into your hole. We don’t need negativity in this world, we need positive vibes and authenticity and kindness.
    Thank you Mick for being an inspiration,

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Awesome post! Please don’t think we here at Exotic Hikes are not fans of Mick. He inspires us and helps get the message out about the Hoh and nature, which is always great! Living in the same region as Mick, we just wrote this piece to answer some of the numerous questions that were being asked. Again, Mick deserves respect and our intention was never to discredit him, the Hoh River Trust or the Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle.
      We are jealous you have gotten to pick Mick’s brain and are glad to know that there are multitudes of us who go outdoors daily, get dirty and get back in touch with the wilderness.
      Keep exploring, and again, thank you for your awesome comment!

  28. BBW says:

    I have only seen a few episodes. It’s an amusing show. You can tell the level of seriousness by how much of a smart ass funny guy mick is. I like his attitude. The dumb question from the camera man about if briars hurt. Then wants Mick to demonstrate on himself, that look he gave the camera man. you know the “you’re a dumbass” look. Then they guy let’s him drag the briar across his arm. Mick is no dummy.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      Mick seems like an awesome guy and we are glad he can be on TV. We just wish NatGeo would do a better job highlighting the region and the man instead of making him a standard reality TV show. Keep watching!

  29. Mac says:

    Please tell me that you aren’t so completely naive that you think that Washington has the “Last remaining” rainforest?! I the world of rainforests it doesn’t even make the top 10! I’m a Washington native and I love Washington’s outdoors but come on there are still many beautiful rainforests left in the world.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Not sure who this was directed to, but we are very aware there are more rainforests in the world. We just happen to really, really love the Hoh, Queets and Quinault Rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula.

  30. Tim Clancy says:

    Nat Geo slants all of their shows to gain viewers which in turn brings them more money. “Whats wrong with that..this is America!” they might say. That’s what’s wrong with America, I say. You can tell from the show that Mick is a gentle human being with a great knowledge and love for the forests he wanderers, but chewing on a few herbs and eating a few crabs now and then would not keep a dog alive. We are led to believe the unbelievable. Is there no portrayer of truth who is not also a profiteer? I do believe Mick bathes in freezing water and that alone was worth seeing. Good luck Mick!
    Tim Clancy
    Buffalo NY

  31. Hal Shaw says:

    Lighten up folks. What’s wrong with having a wholesome show, (something that is almost non-existant these days), that both entertain and educate at the same time. The show warms my heart and puts a smile on my face that I enjoy sharing with others.

  32. Nick says:


    I do agree with your comments. I love to see these real people doing what they love. I don’t consider him a freak or a weirdo, he just does what he feels is right – getting the word out about protecting and loving our beautiful open lands. Those that feel that he is a weirdo or freak are those that need to be properly educated. I think that if you have any issues with him or the way of life he wants to portray, you are part of the problem. People who love the outdoors will respect it and ensure they leave the area as clean and pristine as they found it. I long for a time where things were more simple, not to mention the fact that we should treasure the knowledge that it takes to live in such a way.

  33. steve says:

    i think all to often people forget that television is “entertainmant” if you think anything on the box is real life your kidding yourselves, entertainment survives by being entertaining if it isnt no one watches and networks move on to something else, all of it is entertainment, news has to be celebrity filled news style shows, and try turning on the weather channel and getting some actual weather sorry but if it 8 min past the hour your gonna get a reality show! thats just how it is we created the monster it is so quit complaining about it, you could watch PBS oh wait no one watches that because every 10 minutes they ask for money. but i am glad you were able to “debunk” Mick Dodge I was worried to that someone might accidently find the show “entertaining” you got us all on the straight and narrow now, its black coffee and vanilla ice cream for us from here on out. gotta run now got some real life stuff on the ol’ tv gonna learn how to sing from this real life show called American Idol, then its reruns of gilligans island so i can get some sailing lessons in.

  34. Ryan says:

    I like M.D. For me,watching the show, I can tell what was “made”for T.V. and what is real M.D. You can look into his eyes as he tells a story and know he is one of the good’ol good hearted men that is doing a T.V. show. I would love to be able to give that lifestyle a go and see what it would be like.

  35. andrew says:

    You made it seam like the show just makes him out to be a crazy old man. But I watch the show and find it funny and cool and I see that it’s a man who understands what nature can give us and he loves nature it makes me love nature even more. I just feel your article was a little inaccurate, but I might have a different feel for the show then some one else.

  36. Steve says:

    NatGeo channel is one of many (a dozen or more) owned by Discovery Networks, who have by far become the top pimp/whore of TV “reality” shows. Copy-cats of and surpassing TruTv in their greed selling farce as entertainment, in it solely for the money, running their sharade with marketing lies and posing as “reality”. In fact, it’s nothing more than scripted bad acting pumped up with dramatic background music, subliminal messages and fake drama. Every channel they own plays on glorified human drama/failure/greed/egotistical self-serving power-trips and scripted “suffering/strife”. Discovery obviously caters to teenies, bubbleblgum tweeting, social-site OCD addicts and cares nothing about quality or educational, or entertaining television for that matter. Their recent self-proclaimed hit Klondike with countdown clock running through the entire show (except during commercials of course) shows the network’s producers have their heads as far up their asses as possible. All for the sake of a payday, nothing more.

    When my DirecTv contract is up, I’m cancelling and will not pay for TV again. It is a plight on humanity by corporate money mongers.

    • Good call. So after you cancel your TV … you could always gather others at a public place with a TV who will tune into the show and build a community around inspiration for the wilderness and ancestral skills! We have been holding Earth Bar’s here in Tahoe to watch the show (cause few have TV anymore and its more fun to watch in a group)share crafting (ancestral technology) and share our deeper ‘touchdowns’ with the earth through integration vs domination.

      One way to impact our culture is to ‘change the channel’ (from Sports Bars to Earth Bars)

    • Hello all ~

      Thanks to each of you for the very lively discussion. It is great hear all the perspectives and to see that people really do care and love the natural world enough to watch show and share their thoughts. Steve, (I am assuming you are ExoticHikes) kudo’s to you for opening up the topic. Your love for the region and respect for what Mick represents comes through clearly. Also, I really applaud you for putting your love for the Hoh out into world as a super clear message and the commitment to LIVE your passion. The world really needs more businesses like yours. Cheers, keep up the good work, especially with the youth.

      However, the article you wrote DOES come across a bit like self serving sour grapes. While this may not have been your intention … it is the way the article came across to me … just sayin’. Your opinion that this “carnival show” is some how ‘hurting” your business is negative and off base. It seems that you should be grateful to Nat Geo TV for driving attention to your neck of the woods, because this will only increase the general prosperity for the entire region and to your business in particular ~ if you have the vision to grab on to this by being supportive ~ even if the show itself is not up to your high standards.

      This is obviously the blog for your business and it is very transparent that you are hooking onto the tail of the interest in the show and the Olympic Peninsula in order to attract some business to your own guiding business. While, there is nothing wrong with that in any way, there is really no reason to dissed Mick for making some small money on the show. Even if he kept every penny, he earned every penny. He really would have worked very hard for what he earned. He’d have being ‘on’ for 12 hours a day, likely shooting six days a week, for 6 months. If he truly only made $3000 for that effort, that can not be seen as ‘greedy’ in any way. Even if he didn’t give the money away, it is very hypocritical of you to gripe on Mick when you’re clearly pushing your own business on this thread. Personally, being more supportive and positive will attract far more clients to your business than being negative. The tone of the article initially turned me off, but I kept reading because I was intrigued to see whether or not people really did agreed with you. I am glad I did, because I am very heartened to know that people are responding so well to Mick’s message.

      So, with that being said, and summing up the answer to your closing question of the article “Do you agree with us?” … I would have to conclude from all the comments, that a great majority of the people DO NOT agree with you. What do you think?

      People are responding to the show, Mick’s authenticity, story and message does shines through. Most everyone is viewing this show as a cut above most ‘reality’ shows precisely because Mick’s spirit is able to transcend Nat Geo’s attempts to script him and because Mick is so positive. You can see through the course of the show that the producers have given Mick more and more leeway to be himself. I love the breaking of the 4th wall and Mick’s teaching his Earth lessons to the obvious ‘city boy’ camera men. Even when the storyline of the loggers destroying his favorite place, he says, (unscripted) that he doesn’t fault the loggers because they are just trying to feed their families” This is wisdom that the camera people did not see coming but they had enough sense to include in the edit. It is this is one critical element that brings the show to a stand out status.

      Your criticism of reality TV is very valid also. However, I can tell you, from years of experience, that making good television is really not very easy. If it was, then everyone would be doing it ~ because when it IS good storytelling, then it is really quite fun. I have been in video production for 22 years, many years on a PBS travel show (and yes people do watch PBS). That being that being my profession, I really don’t watch television much at all because I would rather be out living life than watching it.

      We should also give the visitors to your site credit to their intelligence (even it the network executives do not), because most everyone seems to be clear that ‘reality show’ are contrived and not at all ‘reality”. Reality shows started up on MTV and other second tier networks in the 1990’s but really rose to dominance after the writers’ strike in 2007 as away to keep the content flowing without relying on those pesky writers. The television industry has since flocked to this type of programing simply because the executives realized that it is far cheaper to produce a show like this than a standard show. Also, basically, people are happy watching into the illusion of other people’s lives than living their own exceptionally well.

      However, as we all agree, there IS a lot of crap on the airways because of this trend . I personally feel that Nat Geo did a decent job portraying the Hoh and the basic storyline of Mick as a character. They succeeded in created a more interesting ‘reality show” ~ focusing on the EARTH as the start of the show rather that the infidelities of some fame crazed bachelorette. Mick’s most powerful message and deep love for his home far out shines any attempts of the folks back in the corporate offices to manipulate him and he delivers the teaching with playful humor. I can guarantee you that they didn’t have any idea what to do with this wise soul and that he unexpectedly taught everyone who tried to ‘capture’ him for the cameras a little bit about their own primal selves.

      I think the camera work is very good capturing the beauty of the forest and the editing is decent showing Mick’s incredible sense of place in the forest. While, they ARE forcing the element of false drama and the narrator/music goes overboard at time for the style of the show, that maybe what some people need to lock in their relationship to the natural world and get inspired. I haven’t met Mick personally, but I have spoken with him on the phone. He told me that he was constantly denying attempts to manipulate him or his reality, and he would refused to act something out for the cameras, if it was not something that he would realistically do or had actually done sometime in this lifetime.

      All and all it is one show I want to watch on TV and I feel better about the world for having given the show my precious time. I see tremendous room for development and Nat Geo would be wise to up it for another season, but I would suggest that they broaden the storyline to include other forest dwellers committed to living well with their environment and awaking to their own Living Water. I love Jacquie’s depiction of how she is using the show to development community and relationship. Rather than stressing the minor details, we can listen and will hear that a true story of one man’s resideep relationship to our Source Mother Earth/Water/Air/Light is now FINALLY being told on television … this alone is a good enough reason to watch it and enjoy.

      Thanks again for the opportunity to consider such an important issue.

      • ExoticHikes says:

        Thank you for your comments. We have had a long discussion with the Jacquie at Earth Gym and have added updates to the post. We will also be writing a new post that focuses on the amazing and positive things that this program has done. Again, our mission was not to slight Mick at all and we are taking steps to ensure any damage we may have caused in distracting the masses from the fantastic lessons he is teaching through the show are righted.

        I watch this show as often as I can and smile when I see Mick’s soul come through the twinkle in his eye or through his smile. Again, we meant no hard to Mick, and rest assured, we are in his corner for as long as he will have us.

        We have one earth, a limited source of water and an ever depleting source of oxygen. Because of Mick, more people across the country and world are discussing him, the region and environmentalism. This is a much needed miracle in the normal television line-up. We will be focusing the majority of our future blog posts on these issues and thank every single person who has criticized our post. Through discussion, we can all become better people, myself included.

        Thank you for your insight, wisdom and kindness.

    • Dan says:

      you nailed it with the pimp/whore aspect. all of discoverys channels are like that. they just love there self advertising all over the screen to. just look at the ridiculous programming they put on TLC. The learning channel??? I think not :)

  37. sharalyn zander says:

    I agree that NatGeo is doing a pretty horrible job of portraying what is an awesome character and an awesome place. You expect so much better from Nat Geo. However, since I was Blessed to have moved to Washington State at age 17, and remained there until I was in my mid-thirties, I know the entire state VERY well. The Hoh River Rain Forest was one of my favorite places to go camping! My ex husband and I would plan our 1st trip of the year out there every Memorial Day weekend. And we would eagerly look forward to every trip we could take back there until Winter set in. Eventually we attracted a large group of friends that would co ordinate these excursions with us; and, we all became “regulars” at several key spots there that had primitive camp sites. Mic is a hoot! I know his type well. He’s kind of a combination of Old Hippie and ex Viet Nam Vet. He comes across as warm and genuine. But OMG the scripted plot! It was obvious to me right from the beginning that all kinds of stuff (story plot) didn’t jive! I won’t go into how many details don’t jive, or I’d be writing a BOOK! Lol! But I can’t tear myself away from watching every episode that’s aired weekly anyway. I hope they bring him back for a second season and focus more on the wild life, fishing, I’d like to see a few shots of the campgrounds and the cabins they used to rent out there. And quit blurring shots of that cutie skinny-dipping! That’s one good looking MAN! The shots of him poking his head out covered in that moss always crack me up! He’s the kindda guy you call “friend”. Right On, Mic! (And I totally believe he stays in a cabin over the Winter with a “special lady”.) NO WAY ya going to live in a small cave along the coast all Winter long! Maybe for a week you could enjoy that cave…but let’s face it, Winters there are BRUTAL! Lol!

  38. i find 3 things VERY curious about this EXOTIC HIKE Site and the people commenting:

    1) All comments are behind a mask, – why not show your face? no photos? what are you afraid of?

    2) Exotic Hike is using the same strategy they criticize: “Mick is a business….hurting those who make a living off the forest”

    3) Have no real FACTS because they aren’t connecting or responding directly to the source. Rather flaming the hype for attention to their own bank account.

    why not reach out and touch in? the answer is in the water – we all share. Maybe you forgot

    • Billy JackIron says:

      Have no real facts?
      Did Mick pick the blueberries? Have you ever picked wild blueberries that looked like that?

      Have you ever tried to catch crabs that way? Not possible they have to pulled straight up and not caught in rivers but since they were already dead I can see how he could grab them.

      How do you walk to sunray kelly’s house from the Hoh without crossing Puget Sound or walking all the way around the South End by Olympia?

      Sorry but IMO when you attempt to tell a story, any story, and interject falsehoods it deserves to be ridiculed because the only way to truly work together is through honesty.

      My real name? What is more important is character so I don’t give my real name and Mick Dodge has proven himself to be a liar. If he wants to get his message across try being honest about the situations he is in as those of us who actually spend time in the woods see right through his facade.

      In closing I will say Mick you are one heckuva a comedian as I have laughed at you every episode so thank you for that

  39. just me says:

    He is too manicured to live in the woods.

    • elizabeth (Herald) says:

      I responded immediately to Mick’s reenforcement of the ‘barefoot’ practice. Ever since I was a baby I have not been able to keep shoes on my feet unless I absolutely have to … and very often not even then. When I do have shoes on, they must be soft soled. As a kid my shoes came off on the last day of school and didn’t get put back on until school started up again. Now, I will go barefoot both through the woods and through the corporate halls, dancing, hiking, meetings, where ever. My feet simply will not have it any other way and I know, with out any doubt, that this personal practice has made me smarter.
      As I see it, I am very thrilled to see a show on television that is fun wholesome while giving us the message that we ALL have a severe case of what I call Earth Amnesia. We must reconnect and remember our source connections if we as a species are going to continue to thrive within the body of Mama Gaia ~ as we have for the last 20,000 years (just an eye blink in Earth time BTW). Kudos, to Nat Geo for taking a chance on a unproven template and unknown character to at lease attempt to get the message to the generally sleep walking public. This has NOTHING to do with your age, politics or cultural orientation, If you are here on this thread, then your body is call you to connect and deepen the conversation.
      We ALL have forgotten the most basic truths and relationships of our existence as a species … our undeniable, unescapable connection to our Source, (In Jacquie’s words – the Earth, the Air and the Water we all share). As a culture, we have an assumption of dominance that is just wrong. We have forgotten that NO ONE here on this thread (or anywhere else on the planet) would be having this conversation without the deep true reality that we are OF the Earth and Water, not upon her, not separate from her, WE ARE OF HER BODY. Not one us would have the supreme pleasure and freedom to criticize or praise the minute details of whether Mick wears shoes all of the time or just some of time; eats mealy worms or grubs or pizza if we had no WATER.
      These core primal forces are not materials to exploit, they are our very bones and blood … just as it is for the rest of Life on this beautiful planet. I believe that we MUST begin living as if this is so. 75% of the Earth’s resources (defined by me as: our Earth body that we as the human expression of the Earth Body have deemed useful to separate ourselves as more important that the rest of the Earth Body) have been extracted in the last 50 years. How insane is this societal madness to even imagine that this pattern can continue. Are we just going to sit and let the collapse happen around us? Or are we going to make some changes within our own patterns of behavior? The choice to connect deeper to our primal source body IS ours to make. This is what Mick is saying.
      So, I have a challenge for us all ~ why don’t we use our precious creative energy on this thread to begin discussing the topics that the show brings up and how we are each deepening our own connections to our primal self rather that spitting at each other. How are YOU each building resilient communities, weaning yourself off the grid, finding useful alternatives uses of the Earth Body that brings us closer to each other instead of profiting each other, and most importantly how are YOU awakening the ONE WATER within your own cells. Let’s pick up the challenge that Mick is offering to the world and contribute to finding solutions.

      What about you all? Do you have a relationship to the Earth between your toes?
      Do you encourage and celebrate your children going barefoot?

      Keep shining!

  40. Dan says:

    completely agree. while the man himself is fun to watch, knowing that it’s all directed by the producers of Nat Geo is laughable. there’s so many incorrect scenes of his daily life where editing should win an award for “worst editing” anyone understanding imple survival, and just walking through the lay of the land can see that. Nat Geo TVhas reduced itself to a third rate cable show.

  41. Cindy says:

    You wouldnt know the truth about Mick if it bit you in the ass. And who the hell are you to ‘feel he is quite stocky for a 62 yr old man living off the land.’ Dont you listen? Dont you read? Dont you do your research before you post such complete horse shit?
    When asked what Mick survives on, he says ‘bugs and pizza’. Now WTF!? You really think he’s got himself a pizza oven out there in the Hoh? Common sense says that every once in awhile he goes somewhere for regular food.
    When writing his own bio he says he’s been stepping in and OUT of wild and TAME. Hello!? No where does it say Mick stays in the forest 365. He has a few cabins of his own and plenty of friends he stays with when need be. He’s also the first to tell you that covering your feet is important and Ive seen him many times with sandals or boots on. I dont care if he goes barefoot 1 day a year, I dare you finger-wagers to run the forest just once!…the way he does. You cant do it so how can you bitch about someone else doing it?
    You built up a whole load of crap just to tear it down. What was your point? Ever hear ‘if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all’? I just think its crap that you’ve anointed yourself as the ‘truth’ police’, as if you know the truth first hand.
    Dont you have anything better to do? Here’s an idea…go take a hike!

    • Mark I says:

      cmon, you have to admit they portrayed the show to look like he lives in the forest 24/7 365 days a year. example…the episode where he goes into town to grab supplies for the winter, he goes in at night because he says he doesn’t want to see anyone and he acts like he doesn’t go into town regularly. the last episode I just watched shows him hunkering down under a tree where he says he’ll spend the winter, he was even picking mushrooms to supposedly supply his food source for the whole winter. You can’t tell me that they weren’t trying to make it look like it.

  42. elizabeth (Herald) says:

    Greetings Douglas!

    What a incredible update you gave to this blog in order to bring the story about the ‘truth’ of Mick Dodge (and all of us) to a more authentic connection to the BIGGER TRUTH! I am impressed by your willingness to express your growth, listen deeply and open yourself. For isn’t that really what LIFE is all about and we are all doing it in every second. This is was observing nature provides to us. Thank you so much.

  43. Mark I says:

    I feel stupid, i’ve been watching this show the whole time believing it was completely real. It was so believable. I’m not watching this show anymore!

    • if you want to know the truth – take off your shoes, follow your naked feet into nature-made reality where you touch the earth and the earth touches back and you will learn the truth. truth #1 – pay attention

  44. Brian Lee says:

    His smile is awesome, comes straight from the soul.

  45. Harry says:

    I believe most of the shows like this one
    are designed to be so moronic that you will eventually upgrade to a better cable package!

  46. Harry says:

    All he needs is a tin pot on his head for a cap! (Johnny Appleseed).

  47. salad dinmin says:

    I tend to poo too.

  48. Mandy says:

    Actually, I honestly don’t think that are portraying him in a negative light at all. You say he is shown as more of a freak show than a kind hearted and soft spoken man but I disagree. Kind hearted and soft spoken is exactly what I see in him. A man who loves nature and wants to protect it and yearns for others to appreciate and connect to nature also.

    You also say that it portrays outdoor enthusiasts as “cut off from society” – well so what if some are? Is that necessarily a bad thing?? That’s exactly the kind of attitude that Mick talks about in the show….that people look at him different because he doesn’t “conform” to the image of society…..that should be okay!

    It is also exactly what I get from the show – that we need to experience nature and connect with it once again! How do you NOT get that? There is always someone that has to point out the bad in everything, find something wrong in everything. I was talking with my husband about the show and how we as children growing up did more playing outside until after dark…..the outdoors was our playground. Nowadays it’s computers, TV and handheld games and phones. We didn’t have that and those are the memories that I remember fondly. So for me, I think I got a good message from the show – believe that?!?!

  49. Mandy says:


  50. heather says:

    Dude, whatever. It’s still some funny sh$$.

  51. Billy JackIron says:

    I think Exotic Hikes went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy on Mick. Trying to backtrack out of how Nat Geo portrays him and the bs they show is damage control as far as I’m concerned. Lets see some examples, oh here they are, passing meal worms off as maggots, using store bought blueberries and smashing them with your dirty feet (looks delicious) “catching” dead crabs and the kicker- “walking” to sunray kelly’s house. I would love to go with Mick on that walk from the Hoh since I actually know where sunray kelly lives and it is nowhere near the Hoh. If Nat Geo wanted to do a show about Mick that is cool and I don’t have a problem with it but………..HOW the show is portrayed and what they sold it as is a fraud and I guess Mick decided to sell out his own integrity which I imagine he has little to begin with. 25 years in the wilderness and the only thing I’ve seen him identify is a mushroom……pathetic. I don’t live in a cubicle and I have spent a great deal of time in that exact area. Read about the Iron Man of the Hoh if you want to see a man to emulate. Mick’s story to me is lost because once I catch a person in multiple lies the rest of what they have to say doesn’t hold water. Why oh why is it so hard to just tell the truth anymore?

    • ExoticHikes says:

      While the staged events were rough to watch, seeing them is what made me start to research Mick as a man, and not just as the TV show. I also live here and work in the National Park, so like you I am passionate about the area.

      Like any reality show, events are staged, and for those of us who live here, it was hard to watch. That being said, upon talking to Earth Gym, the group that Mick is apart of, I started to get the entire story of Mick and what he really does, not just what the show claims he does. Most of us can agree that Natgeo can do a much better job, but Mick is in a unique opportunity to entice viewers from around the country to explore their own backyards and to reconnect with nature.

      If you are serious about getting the truth, contact Earthgym, as I did. They can answer some of the questions you may have.

  52. elizabeth (Herald) says:

    Mandy makes a very important point that I would like to support: and that is regarding the extend to which our society as a whole has disconnected not only ourselves, but more importantly our children from experiencing the beauty, power, and magic of our source – the natural world. We have lost our relationship to the Earth and are suffering severely from this disconnect … even if we do not see readily the effects. This is at the heart of Mick’s message, as told through his obvious love story with the Hoh River.

    There are a few other point of distinction that I believe are important for this conversation to be constructive:

    ~ To be able to understand the difference between Mick the man and the portrayal of Mick the character on the show as told by the Nat Geo editors back in the corporate offices:
    It is highly unlikely that Mick had ANY editorial control of the final edit of the shows, especially for the content of a new show. The control of how the story was told once the shooting was done left his sphere as soon as the shooting was done. As an editor, I can inform you that there are a million different ways a story could be told. To blame Mick for the perceived falsehoods in the show is not really fair at all. Really, we, the collective audience carry the largest responsibility for this state of television. What we DO watch informs what we WILL watch (if you are watching at all) ALL television executives pay attention to what show ‘hit’ and then try to replicate this success. If we support crap, we get crap.

    ~ What Mick DID or DID NOT have control of:
    What Mick did have control of was how he ‘acted’ for the cameras and what he did or did not agree to, in terms of telling the basic storyline for each episode. He had control of the degree at which he opened his world to the Nat Geo crew, in terms of his friends, how he moves through the Hoh, his personal practices, etc. Clearly, Mick is a man with a passion for the natural world and a dedicated mission to lead people to reconnecting with their own relationship with our source – Mother Earth. It is also clear that he enjoys humor and uses humor as a way to make a point. He is poking fun at the cameramen and the whole premise. This series was a one in a million opportunity to be able to tell his very important ‘Nature Story’, as best he could given the circumstances within his control. The level of awareness, integrity and understanding of the Nat Geo producers, cameramen, editors or program executives and how this relates to the final show WAS NOT in his control. So he just had to hope that he did his job well enough for them to ‘get it’ enough to translate the ‘true’ story into the final edit.

    – Reality shows are NOT reality. They are contrived and build for the entertainment value. They are cheaper to produce by using non-actors and more natural situations, but they are NOT reality.
    I completely agree with Billy Jack that the level of honesty in television is a sorry situation, but there has NEVER been truth in television … by design is it an illusion. It always has been and even if it is being portrayed and sold as reality, it exists because we accept these shows. It is very challenging to tell a complete story in 20 minutes. Even if, in the context of the episode it is unbelievable that Mick walked from the Hoh to SunRay’s house in an afternoon (given the ‘reality’ of the distance, etc.), what I DO believe is that Mick’s has made that walk several times in his lifetime and was telling us a ‘story’ about this potential reality. I do believe that Mick HAS caught crab at the mouth of the Hoh, even if the constraints of filming this scene for television required that they had to buy crab and set up the scenario. I do believe that Mick has an intimate relationship to the Hoh River and has lived there for extended periods of time.

    It is my hope that maybe, just maybe this conversation here will help let the higher ups at Nat Geo know that their audience is smarter than we look. However, I would suggest that this will have a much greater chance of happening if we, the audience watching and discussing the show, are in fact able to deepen our own conversations, in order to move beyond the illusion of the story and onto the pressing issues that Mick is hoping will get pass the ‘entertainment’ shim sham. I believe that even this thread contains the opportunity to create a greater authenticity … if we are willing to be really honest ourselves.

  53. MickAppreciator says:

    After watching all the episodes of the show, I had figured out most of the things covered in this article as far as Mick having a life outside of what the show covered and of course we all know ‘reality’ shows have to be entertaining and so that drives some of the subject matter and show content.

    I disagree with the authors final comments about how the show portrays Mick. I think it makes people aware and interested in the type of things Mick believes in and a lifestyle closer to the earth. The show in no way lessens my appreciation for Mick.

    I applaud NGC for bringing Mick to my attention and expanding my interest in Mick’s lifestyle and beliefs….

  54. rick says:

    like Zoos across the country, a few have to sacrifice for the sake of the masses.

  55. Llyn Roberts says:

    I am that “lady friend” of Mick Dodge’s who lived for two years with him in the Hoh Rain Forest. That inspired my latest book, co-authored with well-known shamanic teacher, Sandra Ingerman (IT TBA). My portion of the book is based on the amazing nature beings of the Hoh Valley.
    Some of the facts presented here are true, others are not. I find the best parts of life are left to mystery!
    Next time you watch Mick on television, please look very closely at the mystery of nature – the nature beings in that series, as Nat geo’s photographers capture it so well.
    Why would a wild man would venture onto television? To share with all the true legend – the wild beauty of the Earth. This is what we long for and seek through such shows. And, the wildness of us.

    • Kathi Preston says:

      thank you, I posted a comment saying that people (the viewers) need to use their imagination. As it may be scripted, what happened to our power of imagination. I think its beautifully filmed and that it gives us a look into a mans life that respects the earth, we all dont have to be Mick but we can all do our part to respect the earth. i love the show and think that its a wonderful look into someones love for nature. No one can truly escape the realities of modern life and I think he portrays a positive influence and that we should all take something positive from his adventures. love it and hope it is with us to enjoy for many years to come, bravo Mick ! I bet your book is a fantastic read and will be looking for a copy!

  56. codered says:

    All of this is common sense from watching the show. If any of this was new to any one, then you are pretty gullible.

  57. Virgil Gentry says:

    Ok so what about his friends on the show…how authentic are? The moss hopper guy and the artist dude and the mountain man?? Are they the real deal?

  58. David N says:

    If NatGeo didn’t worry about ratings,as you say you wish they would,they would no longer be on the air at all!
    Then how could they promote Nature?
    I have two young boys who absolutely LOVE Mick and have no idea that any of it is scripted.
    Would you prefer I tell them and break their hearts,or let them enjoy it and learn more and more about the area you say you love so much……..and nature in general?

  59. David N says:

    I think it’s ironic that the author of this article wants more and more people to be interested in the area yet is chasing people away from this show in droves.
    Way to go Exotic hiker……..you’ve succeeded in getting people to turn off NatGeo altogether.
    I prefer to not tell my kids that some of this is scripted…..I’d rather they watch Mick than Spongebob!

  60. Skeptic says:

    My problem with the show is that it is fiction masquerading as a Nat Geo documentary. In the intro, they say he left society to live in the woods 25 years ago – fake. I’ve only seen 1 1/2 episodes, and they showed him hiding from some hikers in a tree trunk, while the narrator went on and on about avoiding civilization – fake. Then he was collecting mushrooms and admonished the camera man not to sit on his food while the narrator described how the mushrooms would “get him through the winter” -also fake. So, the show is fiction, why don’t they own up to it?

  61. David N says:

    They never said everything was exactly as they present.
    Does every show on television have to have a disclaimer…..or just this one?
    It’s called the “Legend” of Mick Dodge.
    It seems many are looking for reasons to criticize the show…….why not just not watch?

  62. chris says:

    Real or fake, this man is just part of the recent “Hillbilly” craze to hit the networks. This is typical of modern day TV. If a network strikes it big with a pawn shop show, EVERY network needs a pawn shop show. Guns? Sure, they all get a gun show. What are the rich and spoiled up to? BOOM, every station has their own rich, spoiled family….and now it’s the HUGE Hillbilly craze.

    While interesting to see how the rest of the country lives, it’s pathetic that the Producers of these shows force their now HIGHLY underpaid (if paid at all) subjects to do say and do things that they normally never do. And why would the network exec’s care about these people anyway?? The public will turn on these poor bastards…not the network. At least when all this so called reality TV started, back in the American Chopper days, the stars made some serious loot (well Paul Sr. did). Maybe it was from all the business he got from being on TV? maybe from all the O.T he never paid his workers when they rushed to build a $250,000 bike in 12 days. Now days Les Gold and his 2 retarded, spoiled kids are making the only big money….and rightfully so, right? I mean, Ashly doesn’t even work there. She just goes in on filming days to appear like she does.
    REALITY TV IS THE FURTHEST THING FROM REALITY. In fact, the original Brady Bunch was realer than the crap on TV today.

  63. Slippery Johnson says:

    I didn’t believe this show was 100% real since it’s a reality show, I do believe in Mick and love this guy. I am SO entertained watching this guy. This is one of my favorite shows and although I’m sure it’s not exactly as we see it, I believe in his passion as I have the same passion for nature and see it in his eyes. I hope this show stays on for a while, but I doubt it will be around too long since there isn’t too much you can do with it. I will watch it as long as it is on though. Keep it up Mick, we love your zest for life!

  64. Al Thound says:

    Do you think Finding Bigfoot will go to the Hoh and ask Mick Dodge to show them around, and then go to Derek Randles at the Olympic Project and ask him how his work is going? I can’t recall if Mick Dodge places game trail cameras in various places.

  65. Carolyn says:

    Lively discussion! It’s great to hear so many passionate voices from all over.

    If you want to learn more about Mick’s philosophy and practices, there are videos and other info on his website http://www.theEarthgym.com

    You’ll find that Mick wants people to step out into the Earthgym – wherever we are – and develop a personal practice with the Land. He has dedicated his life to training with the Earth and inspiring others to find out for themselves what the Earth can teach. Grip and Grin! http://www.theEarthgym.com

  66. Elusian says:

    Each show has it’s pros and cons. Whether or not the show is fake, it teaches one to respect, and be one with nature. There is no need to pass judgement without proof, and until one sees Mick Dodge shopping in their local store, or dinning in their local restaurant, then there really isn’t anything to prove.

  67. Roy says:

    Can anyone verify that Mick is a Vietnam veteran? Ive read a few online articles mentioning he”s been to Vietnam and in one of the shows where Mick tries to scare of poachers he mentions that he’s been in fire fights before.

  68. Jerry Leto says:

    Hey Folks,

    Lighten up! This is TV Show after all(it plays like a cross between “Jeremiah Johnson” and “The Dukes of Hazzard”…..)!! Mick Dodge is a most colorful and interesting character, and as such is like “candy” to the TV camera. But make no mistake, Mick has an earnestness and love for nature and the wilderness that even the most jaded viewer should be able to see. Granted, National Geographic really does go for the “big wad of sweaty money” in pandering to the commercialism of television, but it does raise awareness to the masses of the beauty and necessity of all things wild and wonderful out there that should forever stay this way …………………….

  69. jon deere says:

    national geographic used to have quality television.

    this is trash at it’s finest.



    • Terry says:

      Although National Geographic does have some unimpressive shows I believe Mick Dodge to be pretty authentic! What do you want him to do? Live just on wild weeds and the occasional scoop of honey from a hive? Get real buddy!

  70. BeHonest says:

    Fraud. Remember those two local youngsters (probably in their teens) at the beginning of the series? “My grandfather used to tell me stories about him.” Well, if Mr. Dodge was in the wilderness for 25 years then maybe, just maybe, wouldn’t it have been your parents who told you about him? The time gap isn’t that expansive. All I needed to see to make me feel the show was going to be garbage.
    Next time, for anyone planning a show like this, don’t bs the public by making a person appear to live only in the wilds of an area. Show how the person really lives their life. May be more interesting than you think.
    Mick Dodge is still the man, though. Anyone who loves nature that much is.

  71. Terry says:

    For a TV show that at least talks about the environment and shows a guy living in it at least some of the time and who obviously relishes his experiences, I will cut some slack. Yeah, it’s TV and you’re going to et some crap along with the good stuff. Just sort it out yourself and quit whining; life is never perfect but it’s still dam better than the alternative!

  72. B.Huetzelmann says:

    Whatever…I love the show & Mr.Dodge!

  73. Richard says:

    Mick is interesting,but a lot of it seems staged.His friend camera shy Moss Hopper-he sounds like a extra from Rambo.Micks alter ego-BareFoot-creeping around like that at campsites wearing furs and a mask will get him shot.Overall,the show is a little too hard to swallow,but my 7 yr old nephew loves it.

  74. Kevin says:

    I have a real problem with the amount of judgement people have expressed here especially the authors of this blog. This man goes against everyday domestic life. The man is 62 and goes it alone in the woods ( sometimes ) .. I would like to see some of you do the same and see if your not a tad eccentric . Sorry people it’s freaking TV!!! If you don’t like it ,don’t watch it. Part of his message and or reason for his seclusion is to get away from the critical judgment from people that can’t except our lands for there natural beauty . Good luck with your criticism and judgment of others.
    P.S. you do yourselves the most disservice with your updates in your blog. Total contradiction ..

  75. Richard says:

    I think Micks bow expert friend is the only forest dweller who uses ” Just For Men”-did you see that beard? He shouldn’t be on camera.Seeing such vanity on a ” Forest Dweller” kinda fuels the fire for all that speak ill of the shows ” reality”

  76. Ken says:

    I agree with your sentiment about Nat Geo, however public education and entertainment is a very emperfect process. By watching TV shows like “The Legend of Mike Dodge” and commenting directly to Nat Geo on what we like and don’t like about it we can influence what is available to others. Some people have precocieved ideas about what they read and watch and are only capable of learning a limited amount.
    My family occasionally hosted Nat Geo writers as they traveled thru the Amazon Rain Forest where we lived (1960-70s) one even put a photo of our family in the magazine. My parents had a few criticisms of the Nat Geo organization but over all they viewed them as doing far more good than harm. Their journalists where always welcome and lots of fun at the dinning table, my Father helped them buy supplies, shared contacts in remote areas etc, my Dad knew people everywhere and was a master of the rainforest similar to Mr. Dodge.
    I am happy there are organizations like yours that are educating the public about nature and how to interact responsibly and safely with it. Hopefully Nat Geo has learned a lot and will improve its methods and the quality of its shows. See you on the trail or not. I may be high in the canopy with a a multi-camo net below my multi-camo hammock, very dark and silent.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Thank you for your comment!
      I can only imagine the amazing experiences you have had! Living in the Amazon would be amazing!
      I really am pleased with the progression of the show and from what I hear, next season will be even better. Our goal has always been to get people outside and to explore their surroundings, so we love Mick. We will be hoping with you that NatGeo will continue to improve and educate the masses.
      I always look up when I hike, so maybe I will catch a glimpse of you on one of my journeys.
      Best wishes and stay safe and active!

  77. Elizabeth Clifford says:

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t understand the complete picture of what those of us who watch it see. Everyone feels a little different and quirky, and when someone seems a little more so it just makes most of us feel that maybe there are people out there like me. Mick’s character is wacky but lovable. I am glad to hear he stays with that lady friend more than is mentioned on the show.(It WAS mentioned)I do think that it would do more good for his cause to let us who watch know about it. I totally agree with its core values and would love to be involved. I am now off to look up more information about it, and to think I would have never known if it wasn’t for National Geographic showing “The Legend of Mick Dodge” I would have never even heard of it. Thanks Mick!!

    • Ken says:

      A basic rule of Science is that by simply observing “it” you change it. Thus the more Mick Dodge allows any attention to be placed on his city and/or house dwelling friends, the more they will need to modify their behaviors and lifestyles due to the curiosity of the public. I would hope that a TV Personality like Mr. Dodge would be seen by mentally healthy people as an inspiration and not an object of unhealthy obsession. Just my personal opinions, i personally know what it is like to be followed around and stared at by primitive indigenous people and nurds from suburbia in the USA as well, NOT FUN! I assume Mr. Dodge allowed NatGeo to film so that the mentally healthy people in N.A. could learn more about and value the natural world and preserve it, despite the personal scarify he has made for this. I apologize if this sounds condescending, knowledge and an open mind go a long way.

  78. Valerie Cullins says:

    i happen to enjoy Mick Dodge alot. I want to see alot more of it. there is so many other shows on TV that really do suck this is not, I repeat , NOT one of them.

  79. Christina Pierce says:

    I for one loved the show and enjoyed watching Mick and hope he does another season. Im sad to hear they script him so much but figured they proably did. But I would much rather watch him then anything else on Tv. He is so real and the lessons he teaches are still all him. Mick you gained fans in Illinois!

  80. Jim Taylor says:

    FTR, not one second of the series was filmed in the rain forest inside Olympic National Park. In other words, the viewer didn’t glimpse unlogged rainforest. I’m guessing the producers either didn’t want to pay the national park fee or ONP denied filming rights. Many of the Hoh shots were taken on Hoh Trust lands. Other parts were filmed along the Soleduck River (where his friend who made stuff for him lives).

  81. Kathi Preston says:

    I rather enjoy Mick Dodge and his antics, although it may be a scripted tv show he shines and you can see his love of nature and all of its beauty. I applaud him for appreciating the little things and going back to a natural and clean lifestyle. Viewers need to use their imagination and stop being so critical of what they decide is viewer worthy. I live and work in real society but still forage for wild mushrooms and delicacies that the woods have to offer and harvest fish and wild meat to feed my family. fortunatley I have the option to do so as an aboriginal person. It is tough to block out all of the technologies that life has to offer and it feels good to get back to nature. Grow a garden, respect the environment, walk barefoot, we can all embrace nature in one way or another on a level acceptable to our current lifestyles. Mick Dodge is doing great things and I wish him the best of luck and hope that people take something positive away from his show, he is truly an inspiration. bravo Natgeo for giving us a glimpse into his life!

  82. Tommy says:

    I really enjoy the show. Mick Dodge is a unique character, refreshing to see someone share their passions with other people in an entertaining way. He does teach some lessons and still has a long walk left in life, I hope to watch him for many seasons to come.

  83. Nicole says:

    I think his show is interesting and at least I can watch,it without hearing 100 beeps of profanity. Like Mick said no tv show it completely for real. I really likee the show and Ido not think Mick is a goofball at al I agree his personality shines through and he seems like he would be a great guy.

  84. Laura says:

    I think this was an awesome article. Always question everything, especially T.V. reality shows. I think Mick is great. I too love not wearing shoes. A really neat thing to do and something I believe in is, if ur a gardener wear bare feet into ur garden, the needs of ur body goes into the ground and tells the plant what ur body needs : ) I learned this from Anastasia. The Ringing Cedars series.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Thanks. I don’t quite get why we caught so much flack for it, but we enjoy knowing that Mick is inspiring people all over! Next time I garden I will have to try that and see if it helps!
      Thanks for commenting and keep stopping by, we have more awesome content!

  85. […] leads us on another path of  disovering ‘the truth behind the scenes’ according to Exotic Hikes. Nonetheless, it has been stated that: ‘ Our comments above, while accurate, may have been […]

  86. Roy says:

    So nobody can verify if this poser is a combat vet or not? I say he’s full of coprolite and enjoying hoodwinking everyone.

    • tony says:

      It sounds like you are jealous that this man is more interesting than you will ever be. Who cares if he was in Nam or not and it is none of your business quite frankly. It really has little if anything to do with the show and is not something they ate trying to focus on. You must be a very unhappy bitter person to not enjoy the lighthearted show. I think it is clear who the poser is.

  87. Nate Burkhart says:

    Mick is my role model i want to be like him say what you say but my opinion isn’t changing about him

  88. John says:

    Seriously dude, suck Mick’s ass a little bit more. I like his show but you literally got down and just brown nosed the entire time.

  89. Deborah Holden says:

    I watch the show often realizing it is not all actuality. What Mick Dodge does is make us aware of how we, as human beings are ruining our environment. Though his show we are learning about deforestation, and our delicate eco system, and to preserve nature in its finite form. It is an entertaining show, informative, and we get to see the beauty of nature at its best. I enjoy the entertainment and the education the show provides.

  90. gabe says:

    How does the foreset service feel about this? When I try to live off the land they kick me out after 14 days. I always wondered how these guys get away with how they live. Maybe I am missing something?? Please enlighten me. BTW- I really enjoy the show. no negativity here, just curiosity.

  91. klepp0906 says:

    why isn’t he “paid much?”

    He should be paid just like every single other person on tv. What he does with it is not my concern. But if the goddamn situation is going to drive around in a car that I’ll never see after breaking my back for the next 30 years over what he’s contributed, how do they justify stiffing mick and company?

  92. Pleasestop says:

    This has to be one of the worst articles I have ever read. You put so much effort into making him look bad only to UPDATE* sorry, I actually just made all of that up and then found out the facts. This is pathetic. Never once in the show do they make him look like a circus act. They constantly show what he’s passionate about and why. Everybody that is watching it knows it’s a TV show. If you actually took it as 100% truth you should go live in the rain forest by yourself. I feel bad for the people you interact with on a daily basis. Please stop writing.

    • tony says:

      Thank you! The vilification of the show and colorful characters seems like some people just dont want to be happy and are bitter at those who show what makes them happy. These critics on this forum are very shallow and most likely wouldnt be satisfied with any representation on the topic. Its their loss.

  93. Tom says:

    Someone getting Mick some soap, toothpaste, or a toothbrush?

  94. Barry Davis says:

    Of course everything on tv is staged, however Mick Dodge has a passion for life and sets a great example of how people should enjoy life and protect our planet.

  95. marg hatch says:

    I love Mick Dodge and look for the showings …. I want to see more shows…

  96. Not a Hippie says:

    This article and the NatGeo show are both misleading and idiotic.

  97. richard mckinley says:

    I saw an episode of Survivor man, where he hiked with a so called expert on Bigfoot north of Mick’s stomping grounds.
    Has Mick encountered a Bigfoot?
    Why doesn’t Nat’l Geo. team up with Mick, Les Stroud and others who appear to be experts on Bigfoot to conduct an independent study and search for the elusive Bigfoot, without giving out the location of their efforts.
    The ratings would be high and the whole search could last a season with some definitive documentation as the reality of Bigfoot being real or just a figment of our imagination.
    I truly believe Nat’l Geo. would not undertake such an adventure as it would, after a true answer was rendered, rid the airways of the quasi shows about Bigfoot, thus ending a perpetual income stream from advertisers.

  98. Stephen Millard says:

    As an actual 70-year old madman from the woods myself, a few words pro and con:

    Pro: Mick’s program will have some good long term effects in showing the young’uns that it can be fun to walk barefoot in the cutover Washington forests, except for the cut feet and all….a return to nature has always been possible and is always an option for the adventurous person. The imitation of older ways of surviving is useful and liberating: just witness the thousands of travelers traipsing around the country, the veritable knapsack revolution that Kerouac envisioned. Finding meaning in the deep immersion of the wild is at the basis of a new paradigm for so-called civilization and deserves whatever brief but poignant display it can get on the boob tube…..that said…

    Con: Mick is being flagrantly USED to sell air time and automobiles…..the juxtaposition of car ads in his program is a measure of how cynical and scheming the corporate masters really are. Mick should demand that advertising for his show be of a sort which does not make a mockery of what he is attempting to teach. If any of his ideas are worth a thing, the maxim about small being beautiful must be adhered to for more than 8 minutes! In fact very few corporate advertisements on the tube could be utilized if any honesty were inherent in the Nat Geo program.

    Also, it is painfully obvious that the producers of this series have decided to constantly utilize silly improbable situations suitable for teenage viewers, but woefully absurd for thinking folks. A truly useful and educational, documental approach would win over those not immobilized by weed and booze, and go a ways to rescue a tad of the old time Nat Geo reputation which they had during the 70s and 80s…..Alas it is unlikely that any of these sentiments will be heard but if they are, I would be glad to continue at length with representatives of the program any time, at length. 707-223-1317

  99. Dan Benscoter says:

    I for one and Family love the Great Outdoors. Nature, in its beginning, was formed by Our Creator, Maker of Heaven and Earth. And we must all try and preserve the natural elements of Nature. I respect and admire Mick Dodge and ALL people like him. He is showing all of us what Nature has to offer to the Human Race by living and watching Nature as it grows. And grow it must! If more people would pay closer attention to Mick Dodge and his Philosophy of Nature; Nature would have a better chance for “Survival”.

  100. Sammy says:

    I really enjoy the show, and these days you have to be skeptical of all “reality” shows along with the food labels in your grocery store. Mick is only human, so of course he’s not going to strictly live out in the woods. I’d imagine that would drive a person insane, having nearly no contact with people. Today’s world tells a tall tale whether it’s some show on TV, the box of cereal that claims to be healthy, or the politician wanting you to vote for him/her. The world is obsessed with trying to sell us something, and there’s not much we can do expect not spend it all in one place.

  101. Bob says:

    It’s a very entertaining show that features the beauty of the Hoh rainforest and an array of interesting and the charming people who call the area home.

    Unlike so many people featured in the many “survival” based reality shows out there, Mick has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Its no Survivorman, the gold standard of authentic and genuine wilderness survival shows, but its still a show that I enjoyed and hope they make a second season.

    I find the rest of NatGeo’s programming unwatchable.

  102. pierky says:


    This is the right link, you posted one that leads to nowhere :)

    It is all about love

  103. Debra Furphy says:

    I Find It Sad That NatGeo Feels The Need To Sensualize All Most To The Point of Mocking Mr. Dodge in His Efforts to Teach People To Get Back and Give Back To the Land!!!!!

    I Enjoy Watching The Show for Seeing Thru NatGeo and Seeing Mr. Dodge’s Character, Meaning His Personality and Inevitable Twinkle of The Eye!

    I Whole-Heartedly Agree w/This Post About The Shows On NatGeo! It Seems To Be An All Out Effort On Their Part To Make These Shows “Over The Top”. When Truly, If They Just Let Nature and The People On The Various Shows Be; They Would Be So Much Better For It!!

    Not The National Geo I Grew Up w/As A Kid! Seems The Channel Is a “Sell Out”!

    Sad Commentary On What Could Be Great Just For Ratings!!!

  104. Betty Westmoreland says:

    I love the show! I totally get it that it is ‘television’ and therefore staged. The entire time you put Mick Dodge down, you try to say that you’re not putting him down. You were putting him down. And by the way, it’s case IN point, not case and point!

    Watch NatGeo Wild, maybe, if the regular NatGeo is too scripted for you. Or go read National Geographic! Leave ol’ Mick alone! I like the guy!

    I have visited the Hoh and Quinault Rainforests and found them to be exquisitely beautiful. I hope Walgreens never show up…or Walmart or Costco. Egad! It would be SO over up there in the GPNW.

  105. Hereditary Chief Kahkakew Yawassanay says:

    Exactly..this wannabe indian is a farce

  106. Roger Burridge says:

    That bit about pretending to be a Sasquatch (sic?) n freaking out those campers, come on…he.d a been shot at….who does his hair? it always looks good, hardly the hair of a full on wild man…yet he is charming in a very fake way

  107. Donnie Meredith says:

    While I do not claim to be in any way shape or form in the same class as Mr Dodge, I am an outdoorsman and a true nature lover. I was born and raised in rural Kentucky. I try to tech the lessons I learned as a child about how to know what is what in the woods and respect what God has given us. I watch the show mostly for good clean entertainment but also watch closely for things I can learn. I don’t think the show puts Mr Dodge in an unflattering light, but if the person watching has a different mind set it could be misconstrued, but then again that can be said of anything, “the eye of the beholder.”
    ” Take only what you need, and leave nothing but your footprints.”

  108. Scott says:

    Thanks for this clarification. Natgeo is a total letd own. Especially their glorification of the nations drug problemon Drugs Inc. As a former Marine and Persian Gulf War veteran, I have traveled to many beautiful lands often times taking time to explore areas off on my own. You can not script things like this.

  109. Austin says:

    I love the show. I love Mick.
    I was a bit disappointed to learn the show is scripted. I figured it was after a few shows but I convinced myself otherwise.
    Is there going to be a new season of the show? I have not seen a new one since the episode where he shelters for winter.

  110. Steve90277 says:

    Good for Mick , good you and good for me. You can look around and find negativity anywhere or you could “choose” the positive side. He advocates nature self awareness following your own path . Nothing wrong with that. Something very wrong with all the 1 man/woman judge and jury! Please people choose to be happy ! I really liked the 10 min piece on the bow, he was robbed but took from it a visit to a couple friends and a new bow . RIGHT ON ! Ps anyone know how to get in touch with the leather craftsman who made the buck skin pants , excellent craftsmanship

  111. Johnf294 says:

    Only wanna tell that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. baebfegeabed

  112. Bill Reines says:

    Who cares. 100% real or 100% fake, articles like this are not necessary. It’s good tv, it sells, and it shows an amazing man doing amazing things. Just like the whole Bear Grylls thing.. Just leave it. He’s still teaching valuable lessons, and he still has 20x guts than anyone complaining about it does.

  113. carol monares says:

    He is a hippie and so are his friends…Whats the big deal,people forgot about woodstock 69,and the summer of love…Now all Mike’s age,most still live on communes or iff the land and most know how to heal off mother nature…I like his show though…and if he can enlighten people,then it’s even bettet…

  114. Penny says:

    I can’t understand why people don’t just let it be. He is doing no harm to anyone or lying to anyone and only showing people what he does to make life better for him self and if you choose to take his advise then do so. If not turn off you’re T.V. Nobody is making you watch it.

  115. chuck says:

    I like the show and everybody that has watched it wishes they had the balls 2 do what he does. The people in this world today are numb from the neck up and adding all the bells whistle to the show is the only way you can get these people to learn anything. If your just going to nip pick the show and not get the message they are trying to show you then get a rope and climb a tree if your fat ass can and hang yourself it would probably do the world some good.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      We encourage you to take some time and read more than one of our blogs. That way, you would better understand that we are encouraging people to actually explore nature instead of view it on TV.

  116. Robert Dier says:

    “He takes on poachers of wood, poachers of animals and people who disrespect the land he has live in and loved for his whole life.”

    I was born and raised on the Peninsula, and I HATE PACHERS!!!!!

    Mick is alright in my book…

  117. dablueslover says:

    I have to agree with 98%, of the previous post. Orginally from the Pacific N.W., employed 20+ years in film & video production, & a lover of the outdoors as much as Mr. Dodge. I am truly saddened by NatGeo’s portrayal of the character & some of the absurd situations they script/direct him to do. I have spent literally many 100’s if not 1000’s of hours in the rain forrests from Northern WA. to Redwoods National forrest, & most in between. Including Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Hood, The Blues Mtn’s(eastern OR) Mt. Shasta & The Sequoia National Forrest, searching for the unexplained things I have experienced over the years. That cannot be explained with any logic, or physics. I have been drawn to the show, to determine if it is just another tragic insult, or over scripted/directed misrepresentation. I am still on the fence, but have the utmost respect for Mr. Dodge, inspite of NatGeo’s producers, directors, ect. He has a much more tolerant demeanor, to put up with some of the demands/requests, that I, as a producer/director would never allow, or expect!

    • Hi Dablueslover

      Thank you for understanding the balance between Mick’s reality and Corporate reality. I am interested in discussing your reality and feedback further. Where can I find you regarding your production work?

  118. M says:

    The dumbing down of society continues. As does does movements full of self-serving, agenda driven, ideological bullshit. National Geographic used to be educational, interesting, and had high standards–they taught about, and showed the wild and its creatures–and no, it was not boring. True educational TV based on well researched evidence and facts is not boring. Today’s “NatGeo” is based on the assumption that unless something is dumbed-down, and contrived, you won’t be interested in it because mongo think it not funny or fun to watch. Learning make mongo head hurt. Is that what you’re defending people? NatGeo for today’s brain-dead generation is pure garbage; they really sold out for the dough, and people not only eat it up, they defend it. Amazing.


    Bottom line: They didn’t have to depict Dodge and the rainforest that way, and straight up lie from beginning to end to in order to make it interesting, and Mick Dodge didn’t have to go along with it. They could have depicted the truth and it would have still been interesting, and Mr. Dodge could have maintained whatever level of integrity he may have had.

    Meanwhile, as I peruse those affiliated websites posted, I saw what I expected to see: all white faces, mostly white females, pitching a lot of woo-woo to make lots of “non-profit” money in their little niches…

    “Shamanic Reiki Healer,” Lmfao. Give me a break.

    What do the real natives feel about all this shit? What do they have to say about their history, the rainforest, and their way of life, from their own mouths and minds, what organizations and movements are they heading? That’s a story I’d much rather hear, but of course you won’t see it on NatGeo, will you?

    The truth. Stick that in your barefoot earth cafe reiki shaman bullshit and drink it.

    • tony says:

      Get over yourself. There is nothing disrespectful or negative about the show or how it represents anything. It is entertainment and people enjoy it. You are a sad sad person who would find negativity in anything. Mick has the passion and evidently brings a lot of attention to a place little known by most of the nation outside the Pac Northwest. It isnt meant to be a college thesis or anything other than lighthearted. It is a great introduction to a place most have never heard of.

  119. Cory says:


    ^Above is a video I found of him on youtube instructing people. He seems like a very intelligent and spiritual man to me. He is very in tune with his body and the earth.

    It’s rather obvious that some of the show is scripted, but I think it’s because it must appeal to a broad audience. They want to attract viewers. It’s sad things must be this way (with all the competition among television stations/media outlets ) but hopefully this show makes people at least realize the importance of nature and understanding one’s self.

  120. gary gnoo says:

    OH, C’MON

  121. kay says:

    This show is soooo full of lies! The m8ck guy is such a distasteful character! Won’t watch again if my life depended on it! Shut it down

  122. allen says:

    I like the show but from the get go I could tell most of it is set up.they should let it just be a show depicting the man without a script or recreating anything. I would still watch and think it would be just as good a show if they didn’t ask him to do anything out of the ordinary.

  123. Derrick says:

    It’s absolutely appalling how far these stations will go for ratings. It’s obvious to any person who has actually spent some time in the bush that NATGEO has totally sensationalized this latest project and embellished on almost everything they said about this gentlemen. Obviously fake right down to his pink little feet. The show that follows is just as bad…”Live Free or die.” National Geographic used to be such a standard. What a shame.

  124. Laurie says:

    I love the show and of course realize that it is a TV show. That being said what a wonderful message for everyone to hear. I yearn for that type of life but understand that its not a practical or truly doable thing for me. I get a real kick out of Mick and wish I could meet him and have him take my son as a student. If more men were to adopt some of Micks ideals our children would inherit a better world. I have a 22 year old son that I fear is losing his way in the world. He also loves the show and speaks often of doing something like that kid in Alaska “Into the Wilderness” . I understand that feeling, but you need some skills and knowledge to survive. Thank you Mick for sharing your world and yourself with us. We need more people in the world like you to foster what we have been given. As far as the whole Natgeo bashing get real folks IT IS TV. If it weren’t for Natgeo I would not have known such a person or organization existed. http://www.theearthgym.com/. Lots of love to you and yours. L.

    • M says:

      If you yearn for that type of life (how romantic) then don’t ever take any advice from Mick Dodge on living in a rainforest–just about everything he says and does on that show is pure bunk, and you’ll die out there imitating his behavior. Since he never abandoned civilization 25 years ago, and doesn’t really live in the rain forest, it’s no skin off his nose. Unlike owners of this website, I don’t have to tip-toe around the truth.

      • Laurie says:

        Dear M, I’m wondering if you could be more specific in your opinions that “just about everything he says and does on that show is pure bunk”, how do you know? What about you, qualifies you to make such a sweeping statement, oR are you a dissenter of anothers attempt at peace? Also thank you for your dismissive comment in regard to my yearning “If you yearn for that type of life (how romantic)”. What gives you the right? It’s pretty obvious to me that you have some issues with yourself and your own yearnings, and thats OK. I have no need to dismiss your feelings. It’s unfortunate for you, that you feel the need to tear down a stranger. I hope you have a wonderful day…. In spite of yourself. L.

        • M says:

          Living in the wild is a romantic idea, but you’d die within a week or sooner. I’m simply being a straight shooter. If you feel torn down by the truth that’s your problem. The lies on that show are too long to list, as are the idiotic things Dodge does trying to look knowledgeable.
          Examples of idiotic things:
          –Running around barefoot–nice way to get hurt, catch infections, and get parasites.
          –Brushing teeth and ears with a pine cone,lmao.
          –Spitting saliva into a concoction to be applied to an open wound.
          –Claiming to live in a tree hollow or cave for the winter in the rainforest during rain season. He’s be dead in a day.
          –The way he fished for crabs is the wrong way. He’s obviously never really had to fish for crabs.
          –Hanging upside-down as a good exercise.
          –Wrapping straps around a tree and bending back in all sorts of improper ways as an example good exercise.
          The guy just makes stuff up as he goes along.
          Examples of lies:
          –The fishing for crabs scene was a work. They were planted there.
          –He does not live in the rainforest.
          –He did not abandon civilization 25 years ago.
          –He does not spend the winter in a tree or cave. He lives in a house, wears shoes, has a cabin, and also shacks up with his girlfriend in town.
          –He does not live on plants and bugs, nor does he live on fewer than 1000 calories a day, LOL.
          –The beaver carcass with maggots scene was a total lie and a pathetic one at that. Those were mealworms, planted there for him. How stupid does NatGeo think their viewers are?
          The list goes on, and on, and on…

          Mick Dodge’s interest is to push earth gym & other programs from the orgs he’s a part of, which by the way, pitch a lot of woo-woo to tourists such as a middle-aged hippie white lady claiming to be a “shamanic reiki healer” (for a nominal fee of course) lol. Non-profits like that can be very lucrative indeed.

          As for Mick himself, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and cares about the environment, and I’m not saying he doesn’t do some good–but the orgs he’s a part of do what they do, and the show is what it is, and he uses it to get more tourists interested in their hikes, retreats, exercise classes, et al, none of which are cheap, if you catch my drift.

          Meanwhile, National Geographic, a once reputable channel, has sunk wayyyyy low with this type of reality star TV garbage.

          These are the facts. If you feel like someone is “tearing you down” bc they’re expressing logic, reason, and facts, then the problem is yours. If you can’t handle differing opinions and facts, then just put your hands over your ears and go “lalalala!!” and you’ll feel better.

          But if you ever go into the rainforest to try your hand at “natural living” do yourself a favor and ignore Mick Dodge’s dangerous examples and advice, and go with a real survivalist who knows what he’s doing. That way you won’t die out there. When you see how hard it is, and how much work you have to do, and not-so-fun it is, you can go back home, take a shower, make some hot chocolate, and thank science for modern comforts. 😉

          • Laurie says:

            Golly g whilikers! You put a lot of thought and energy in your reply.Thank you. I appreciate your attention to detail and defending your position. Did you go to law school? Seriously though I get what you are saying and I certainly have no intentions on running out to the forest and emulating Mick. All kidding aside I do enjoy the show and get a kick out of some of the things that go on. Obviously there are some things that dont add up in the real world, but I hope that we can just enjoy the scenery and the fun aspect of it from our comfy livivng rooms with our cup of cocoa at the ready. You have seen much more of the show than I have. I haven’t seen the beaver or the crab episode. The world needs people such as yourself to point out things the gen pop may not see. Thanks for being such a fan of the show and putting so much into the “debunking”. I know it may seem like I’m making fun of you but really I’m not. It’s important to have different views in a subject. As far as it being my problem in the tearing down I would say that you are probably right. It was just such an unwarranted condescending comment on your part. Yes its a romantic vision, but you dont know me, or where I’ve been or, the type of life I’ve lived. Such a personal negation of anothers feelings and thoughts tells more about you than perhaps you’re aware of. I feel your comments are meant to help or warn others and that’s not a bad thing. But gee do ya have to be so ornery about it? Are you a “naturalist” “survivalist” or “forest dweller” ? Maybe Nat Geo should contact you? I’d watch you. You seem like you would have a lot if good and valuable information to share. Thanks again for all your data. I think I love you. ; )

  125. Jeff says:

    I think Mick is probably a pretty smart guy and is making the most of NatGeo’s interest in him and his lifestyle. If you notice, HE isn’t usually the one making claims about his lifestyle, the writers are. I say good for him. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • M says:

      Except that he happily goes along with the false depiction. Plus, almost everything Mick says on the show is pure bunk. Unless you want to die out there, don’t ever take his “expert” advice.

  126. bob says:

    Recent episode shows Mick interfering with someones elk hunt, shooting a 9mm to scare the elk off. Illegal. Why hasn’t he been charged?

    • moonhair says:

      Thank you Laurie. Mick appreciates your perspective. His mission is to show of the diverse beauty of this land and inspire others to follow their feet so the earth can teach. A teacher that is there for everyone. It is a rewarding quest. If your son would like to reach out to him via The Earthgym website or facebook – he will get the message and be happy to respond.

      • Laurie says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! : ) I let my son know and he was quite affected by the possibilities. I was very touched that you took the time to respond to my post. That just shows the depth of caring that you and Mick have for others. I will continue to watch and read. Your response had an impact. Take that to your heart. L.

    • moonhair says:

      Hi Bob,
      Maybe you didn’t notice how they kept saying how these were “trespassing hunters”. Hunters following the rules should be grateful someone is looking out for them to, as they pay to play.

    • JG says:

      Bob, elk are not open for hunting in the spring here, so it would have been an illegal hunt. Hunter orange is also required for rifle hunters in Washington, they weren’t wearing it which is also illegal. So they were either poachers or it was all just a fake set up for the show.

    • Caleb Cole says:

      The people were illegally hunting on private property. That’s called poaching. In Alaska it will get you a hot piece of brass in your head and buried in a shallow grave. It’s illegal to trespass even while tracking game. Unless a wounded animal trails into that area after being shot. Still recommend finding the property owner, being on someone else’s land with loaded weapons and no identifying gear is dangerous and can be considered an imminent threat, which then can justify use of deadly force ….Just saying

  127. ken says:

    Nick sounds like a good man love what he stands for wish more people had his attitude he tells you how it is no bullshit….GOOD LUCK MR.DODGE.

  128. Barb marsh says:

    I am in love with Mick Dodge. Of course we know the Show must go on but the beauty of the forest is not an imposter.I don’t think Mick is foolish,I think he enjoys the life he lives and it is the simplicity that makes people think he is silly. Being silly is a good thing.Having fun and enjoying nature is a good thing.Being a lover of nature and all her bounty makes me relate to this man.I grow my food,I love animals I eat nastursiums and pansy;s and all the berries I can get.I eat meat usually venison. Our deer population is too high as all the natural predators are gone.I even had a friend die in a motorcycle vs. the deer accident.
    As far as Natgeo I have been watching nature shows since Marlin Perkins and Jacque Cousto. I would rather watch natgeo instead of Modern Family and all that crap.So say what you will as you head off on the herd of Beltway drivers to your cubicle that is sterile and all that goes w that life.Accumulate things and go into debt then buy more things. I am writing on a laptop that came out of a workplace closet. I have had it 2 yrs.No upgrades 4 me. If I was single I would go find Mick and see if he would have me.Rock on Mick good karma good life.

    • ExoticHikes says:

      If you love nature and protecting it, please take a minute and read a few other articles on our site. I think you will see that we are all about protecting nature and returning society to have an appreciation for wilderness. Thanks for reading our post and have a great day.

  129. joe says:

    I was just wondering what micks thoughts were on bigfoot? Just curious. .

  130. Ron says:

    dont watch the show if you don’t like. Don’t you have something better to do?

    • Jeremy says:

      I say thank you Nat Geo. Would have never known about Mick if not for the show. Thanks to my parents who gave me the ability to pull the real from the junk instead of absorbing everything I see and hear as absolute truth. Didn’t need to read about the show to know it was “staged”. Could decipher on my own that Mick is real though. I enjoy him on the show and hope one day to be able to get back in touch with nature like him and many other awesome people that have. Nat Geo was just the conduit that brought him to me. It was up to me to pull out the reality. Don’t expect someone else to do your work. I love this article and it’s truths. Just sad that some need information like this to find it.

  131. Dee says:

    Lighten up people. Don’t you all have more important things to bicker about? Elections are coming up you know!

    I think this man is beautiful! His spirit is beautiful and he simply has that “je ne sais quoi” that most of us are missing! I’ve been to the Hoh Rainforest and I get it. I love the way he connects with Mother Nature and you can see that is where his heart is. He lives his life on his terms and that is commendable. He lives a life many of us only WISH we could pull off!

  132. Billy says:

    Wow I have never read so many hateful comments about something so positive. It’s by far one of the best shows on tv, way better than all the other brain washing programs on tv nowadays. Some of you seem vary jealous in your comments for no reason. I’m guessing a lot of it stems from the fact that he is living a lifestyle that you wish you could. Some people just can’t stand to see others happy and living life on there terms while they’re stuck in they’re rat race of lives. Maybe you should hike more and comment less negative rants, it could seriously help your spirits. That’s all I have to say on the matter, GO MICK DODGE!! Lol

  133. Michael B. says:

    I watch the TV show and enjoy it very much. Obviously, it is going to be dramatized. Yes, it’s probably true that many people wouldn’t watch the show if it lacked some kind of drama. It is unfortunate, yet I don’t feel this does it a dis-service. I think that for what it is the show is presented well. Mick’s good nature and humour certainly must be the main reason for that. I watch the show mainly for the nature, which I find jaw-dropping, and also for the humour. I agree that Nat Geo TV shows are quite poor. It seems they’ve run out of (good) ideas so they are squeezing the juice out of anything they can. Even a real documentary show needs to be taken with a grain of salt, let alone a “reality” TV show. Cheers from Toronto.

  134. I think it is awesome that a man like Mick can teach and help others to connect with nature. Anyone that can unplug and stay connected with nature is number one in my book. I try everyday to do the same.. Keep it up mick.

  135. Jason watson says:

    Let’s face it, most U.S. Americans are attention defecit riddled boobs. Most cannot comprehend without being visually guided on every small detail, and most thrive on some dumb forced drama spoon fed to them from dime store level writing ala “reality” TV. no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are bat$%=÷ nuts! With that said, this show seems to be less forced than your average scripted nonsense like pawn stars/gold rush (sp?)/dog the bounty hunter etc. I don’t watch reality stuff anymore unless its the original reality shows like nature documentaries. People vote with their tvs and the people have clearly shown they like fake. At least this guy has a decent message and the show doesn’t completely make nature lovers like myself look like stereotypical tree hugging pot smoking dullards. I still wish they would ditch the unneeded fake drama though.

    • M says:

      Indeed. Another thing is the cult of personality the bleating masses seem to buy into so easily. From groupies like some of the posters here, to people who think Dodge can do no wrong, to fellow hippy-ish folk with similar ideologies they’ll defend like a religious cult on the kool-aid, they can’t stand anyone taking a more objective look at him and the show he’s a star of.

      It’s not always about getting filthy rich–it’s often about protecting one’s comfortable little niche, and Dodge definitely has a good thing going. He gets to play in the forest in the 4 months out of the year it doesn’t rain much, and when it’s sunny & fun out there, he works at Earth Gym & promoting related tourist attractions. Hey, it beats working, and that’s fine. And if it gets people interested in nature, that’s great. I’m sure the guy is a nice guy when you meet him in person, and probably a hoot to hang out with. Cool.

      But to defend him as some sort of saint, as you can see ppl doing in this thread, is just dumb cult mentality. He’s looking out for his best interests, the profitable non-profits he’s a part of that pitch a lot of nature woo-woo for thousands of bucks a head, and his personal lifestyle. I wouldn’t consider him a true environmentalist activist, and certainly not a survivalist, nor is he a man who has ever truly lived in nature. He basically admits as much off-camera.

      As an environmentalist and a survivalist, I for one would never do a show like that for three basic reasons: 1. Personal integrity. There are better ways to get the message out than to be on a poorly scripted show full of lies. 2. Reputation. The show is practically a cartoon. It’s silly and buffoonish. I would never let anyone clown me like that. 3. Standards. NatGeo is garbage. They sold out to the lowest common denominator with all this reality TV bilge. I could never work for a production I didn’t respect.

      But that’s just me.

  136. nila says:

    Like the show…for entertainment only. Just watched the maple syrup episode
    see where I come from you don’t get syrup from a tree. You get sap. And for the amount of sap mick collected, he would’ve got about a teaspoon of syrup. Come on!

  137. JFG says:

    If Natgeo respected Mick Dodge as much as they respect marijuana users, we would have a better understanding of this world.

  138. rocky neely says:

    I currently live in the DC area now and I long for my life back in the PNW. I’m 45 now and have endured dozens of adventures on the West side of the Olympic Peninsula. I want to like this show, but this Mick Dodge living in the wild is ridiculous. I can’t stand that his big beard is always fluffy and pure white. If you are living the portrayed life it’s not possible! A scene in the one of two episodes I’ve watched, Dodge went to one of his stashes of sundries and every thing he pulled out was as clean as the day it was made. This show is a mockery of a real people especially an indigenous band of Hoh, Makah, Ozette, La Push, Quinault and other NW Salish Tribes that endured the lands way before this media whore. It’s so white of us to portray the funky odd white life style of someone living they way the indigenous did it a century ago and completely fail.

  139. Dale Snail says:

    I know he isn’t what they want us to believe! Comeon! He stashes caches all over the woods like his grandfather did and actually found some of his grandfather’s stashes. He pulls out stashes of his and his grandfather’s. A person don’t have to be too bright to see that they only look 1 day old! Example: his grandfathers woollies? Not only did the bag look new but the woollies looked like they had been washed and dryed in machines the day before. Come on now! We’re not all stupid!

  140. Greg says:

    I watch the show with my 7 year. He finds it entertaining and hopefully he can gain an appreciation for nature along the way. This generation of youth have become so addicted to their electronics that they have lost their way for time spent in the outdoors.

  141. Roy Nowlin says:

    This is a great show. It is nice to watch some thing on TV to me that is real.

  142. June Felton says:

    Wow what a bunch of Crap. Knew couldn’t be true. What a lie!

  143. Corey says:

    I like the report you have done here about Mick Dodge. I do however disagree that it paints him as a sorta of freak show. I have enjoyed the show very much. Growing up in the Georgia mountains and on a small island that at the time was not a tourist island I spent most of my time with nature. Later in my teen years I met a man much like Mick when I was going to a kids camp. He lived in a small shack deep in the woods. I usually along with a friend of mine spent most of my time out in the forest and skipping out on the special activities the camp had to offer. This man looked after the camp area when it was not in session and they paid him to do so. His only source of income. He had a friend that he said he only introduced very special people who knew the connection between man and nature. He taught us many things and got to learn who we really were before he took us to meet his buddy. One night at oh maybe 12am he came with permission from the camp and woke my friend and I up and told us to follow him and ditch the shoes as we are going into the woods to the swamp. After a long hike we were there. He took us to a clear area right at the edge where the swamp turns into a pond. There was a hand made perch about six feet tall. He had us squat down and be still. He made some calls with his hands cupped over his mouth. Sure enough and out of seemingly nowhere this Great Horned Owl lands on the perch and he and that bird looked at eachothers eyes for what seemed like hours. It was amazing. He had something with him that he fed to it. One at a time he had us slowly stand up and approch this magnificent bird. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life! As a child my pets were scorpions and snakes and squirrels etc. Sure I had a dog as well but you know kids we have our forest friends as well. Anyways, later in life and more in the standard rat race I still loved to get to the woods. My wife always laughed at how you can never keep me on a trail and I was always getting into something out there be it a pond, river, swamp, trees and anything else I could find. Well I decided back in “08 that I needed to have a motorcycle. That didnt end well. I was in an accident that cost me my right leg and crushed my right hip and took my entire lat muscle on the left side of my back. So unfortunately, my running in the woods days are over and I am stuck inside of four walls most of the time. I use to enjoy watching the survivalist shows but it never really got me in the woods (living through them as it is) the right way. It wanst how I see the forest. Its not a place to survive for me. That is the easy part. Then Mick Dodge came on. Sure you can tell that it is scripted but ot wasnt the show that did it for me. It was Mick himself. His passion and love for nature and for mans need to connect with it really filled a missing spot in my life. I don’t see that he is a freak show or that NatGeo is protraying him that way. I have turned my nose at a few things the voice over guy has said as it did portray something Mick did as odd or weird. But at the end of the show I feel like I had a small chance to be there with a man that reminds me so much of my old mentor and connect with the side of me that loves the forest. I hope that most people that watch the show see him as such and not as some sorta freak. What NatGeo ment for money and profits hopefully will do the opposite in that people will keep the television off more and slip their shoes off and head to their local woods. Heck, most people dont even know that even big cities usually have a small forest that is protected and full of trials and nature. Better yet to go out of the city all together and go for a whole weekend with no tent or modern store bought camping junk and LIVE! I thank Mick for being willing to do this show and hope it continues as it truly adds to the quality of my life.
    Thanks for your love for the natural world and all y’all do to help people reconnect. God bless you!
    Your friend,

  144. Chainsaw says:

    You people probably masturbate to a picture of a tree

  145. Pam (Peak) Meade says:

    Just saw the “show” for the first time. I saw that a nephew from Idaho brought Mick some items.
    I am curious if Mick may be a relative to my Grandmother Ada Dodge. She married Roy Alexander Peak (Idaho).
    Much of my family settled in Washington and Idaho.

  146. Dustin frank says:

    Sounds like you need to make up your damn mind. If you think the show is wack, then just say it’s wack. Stop apologizing, or tip-toeing around the subject because you’re afraid to offend someone. To be honest, the show is awful, they’re all awful. As soon as nat geo stopped showing nature at its most “natural” state, I stopped being a fan. Period. These reality shows are a joke, and a disgrace. It’s a shame these horrible shows even exist. And unlike you, I’m unapologetic about my view point. Mick Dodge is freakin actor, period!! And a terrible one at that.

  147. Dustin wooten says:

    Is it just me, or does mick resemble Harry from Harry and the hendersons? Which was filmed not to far from there. Hmmmm….

  148. Laura says:

    I don’t care for all the negative comments on Mick Dodge.i agree, he is so much fun to just watch and listen to. he has a very interesting show and I now known something more of the n.w. forests. his show is entertainment and he is entertaining!!! thank you for the one hour each week to just reflect on the true freedom in Nature.

  149. Larry Burch says:

    Challeng mike to a real survivle test in fla only a knife flint and 20ft of cordage 14 days in tates hell.real men don’t need cameras just survive.

  150. D Roth says:

    Mick Dodge reminds me of my father-in-law who is a farce, his name is Paul Byrd!!!! Want to be survivalists that don’t know how to survive for real!!!!

  151. shane fontenot says:

    yes the show and mick are a big joke i watched it last night for the first time he went into town to get a chesse burger and when people tryed to talk to him he got mad and ran than said he didnt want to be reconized well why do you have a tv show if you dont want to be bothered hes full of shit

  152. I love that You do that! I wish there was something like that around here! :-)

  153. It seems that You haters need a lesson in how television works! first off, everything is scripted to a point. even LIVE broadcast have a basic outline script to follow. I did the Dayton Air and Trade Show broadcast for 5 years and We followed a script. To do a show like this in real time would be boring. We all have very mundane days, no matter Who We are. But to have done something for 25 years, like Mick, You’d have a lot of great stories to tell! So yes, I’m sure some of this is more well scripted, than all of it. but it don’t mean it didn’t happen at some point to Him. As the opening has Him stating, He could tell You about it, but it’s more fun for Him to show Us. And as far as Nat Geo worrying about ratings, welcome to television! As a Technical Engineer at a TV station, one of My jobs was to make sure the commercials fell in place, to the last second. Each second cost Someone money. The more popular the show, the more that second cost.

  154. Killerthedogg says:

    On the trek to find his grandfather stash you don’t dig up shiny steel razors!,,,

  155. Jean Poitras says:

    This I agree is t.v. And your right it is written by nat-geo.but his heart IS in the right place,however mick is probably blind to the theatrics of the show or final product ,you see Mick has never seen a show aired

  156. Rebekah D. says:

    Hi, Our family love watching the show. It helpes us understand people who love this world.

  157. joey racano says:

    I met Mick Dodge years ago in downtown Huntington Beach. He was obviously very out of place in the city. He was not wearing any shoes. I knew it was him in the show when I saw the roots tattooed on his feet. He is the real deal. The US Navy is doing electromagnetic weapon testing in the forest of Olympic Peninsula. This is dangerous to living things. Including Mr Dodge. On facebook: protect olympic peninsula

  158. debbieharber says:

    I like mick he has a lot of spunk to live out there but its also beautiful good luck mick

  159. Earl Harman says:

    I personally enjoy watching the show. The show, like every reality show is a scripted bunch of bull. I live in Washington state, on the Kitsap Peninsula and I understand the beauty of this wonderful state. I am slightly older than Mick and I am amazed at the shape he is in and some of the things he can do. I love the beauty of the Hoh Rainforest and I watch the show merely for entertainment and nothing more. Reality shows are not real and I either watch them because I like the show or I don’t. Keep up the good work, Mick.

  160. Christian says:

    Many people (LoMD fans) don’t give a crap if it’s real or not and even though they presume that it may be staged, they’d prefer not to know so as to continue with the fantasy of believing that it might be true. That’s why we watch it and love it because it’s fun believing that it might be true.
    But then it’s only a matter of time before some big whiney cry baby like yourself comes along to blow the whistle and ruin the fun for everyone.
    Well congradulations, I guess you’re a real hero for setting things straight.
    Feel better now?

    • ExoticHikes says:

      I feel great! Thanks for asking! Being able to enjoy the fresh air, silence and beauty of the entire Olympic National Park is a fantastic way to spend the day.

  161. Natasha Tucker says:

    The link that says “See what the Hoh really looks like” takes us to Hurricane Ridge. Which is nowhere near the Hoh. Okay, over an hour north. Maybe you should show the Hoh I’d you want people to see what it looks like.

  162. tony says:

    I dont agree that the show disrespects the land or Mick. I think most people easily allow themselves to fall in love with this guy and what he does. No one expects tv to be 100% real. The land is beautiful and Micks sense of humor and passion for it and his abilities to roam in it come off in a very good light. Any objective person doesnt need to be told he has a community of supporters, as he regularly makes the rounds on the show. NatGeo may not have the same punch it used to have but the world is much smaller than it was years ago. I like Mick and would love to be able to live with the passion and ability to live that passion as Mick does.

  163. Carol says:

    I understand what you are saying, nevertheless, I don’t think it does that much damage. Yes, there is scripting, but without it one might not know how to survive in certain situations. There would be lots of film rolling by, and nothing happens, great segment on peacefulness maybe but only if you’re actually there.

    As for me, I love the guy. Wish I could do it…no way I could. My only gripe (are you ready?) is that he goes through huge bargaining to acquire a bow, but when he loses all his clothes a lovely lady makes him some and there is absolutely NO MENTION of anything that he gave her in return. Well, actually, he did mention something about giving back, but we don’t know what that is or was. How could you Nat Geo? How could you be so insensitive?

  164. Samuel King says:

    Mick is f’ing awesome!….and is doing wonderful thing for nature……people who have ill things to say need to just keep it to themselves…..if you love planet earth”which all humans should”then rock on mick he kicks ass and so does his whole circle of peps …..

  165. mbwest says:

    I spend my summers in the Hoh rainforest. I own a few undeveloped acres there and a rental in Forks, Washington and when the summer gets too hot at home in California we head north to our rainy paradise. I’m not too picky what silly tourism trend brings people to the Peninsula, I just hope they come, so how beautiful it is, and come back with friends. It’s a lovely place with friendly people.

  166. moonhair says:

    The “Truth” about Mick Dodge? Tune in: http://wolfmaan.ca/bfbrse2e22/

  167. Jim ELowell says:

    Mike said that he was in the Marines ,Where did he serve and when. I served from Nov.1963 to Feb 1968. With 30 months overseas duty. non Vietnam area. I really like the show makes me wish I could join him sometimes.

  168. Elaine says:

    I just recently discovered Mick Dodge, and I am enjoying his energy and passion for the Hoh rainforest. However, as a television viewer I realize that “reality shows” are anything but reality. American viewers realized this with the first season of “Survivor.” At least Mick Dodge offers a genuine passion and knowledge unlike the Kardashians – talk about mind numbing. They don’t even have good fashion sense!

  169. Karen says:

    I love the show… love living the fantasy… leave me be. thanks.

  170. Karen says:

    Way better than watch the not so bright Kardashians… just saying.

  171. i have camped out on the beaches of the northwest United States in the rainy season in Washington when I was a kid. I have “tried it”. I have “been there”. In the middle of the night around 5am our tent started to flood. At about 6:30 am, it blew away. I wasn’t even 12, yet I hiked through gullies and streams that were instantly turned into muddy traps from a dried river. The watershed had caused the ruts in the riverbed to vanish & turn into a horrible muddy mess. The ruts made navigating so deep for me…the rain made it so traumatically horrible that I lost a knee length muck boot and didn’t even care. My dad’s orange 1970’s style hard framed Ruck sack was soaked before we ever made it to the beach. I think we must have walked at least 5 miles round trip to the beach from the car (which we drove as far into the woods as we could before the trail disappeared).

  172. Dan Cooper says:

    Not to be negative about your negativity, but you guys are making mountains of molehills. I’m a regular Joe that loves the great outdoors & I like the show. I live in Tennessee & have never been west of Oklahoma. The show has beautifully dimonstrated the beauty that exist in the state of Washington, such so that my wife and I are planning a trip there this summer.
    This is a case where you have to look at both sides of the fence. On one side you have Mick & company that want their mission statement heard around the world. On the other you have a network, with millions of dollars in expenses, that needs a creative, entertaining & high rated show (demands people like you & me put on them), to pay the bills. So together they stag a few entertaining segments but for the most part it’s real & Mick is getting out the message.
    So if you want to complain about a show, complain about all the trashy shows out there with their violence and sexual content.

  173. Bob says:

    Reality? Come on. Are the “Moonshiners” reality? The ATF would have nailed these people at the onset. Gold Rush real? The Hoffman’s haven’t found enough Gold to even fill a couple of teeth, yet they turn up this year with a giant brand new Wash Plant. mountain Monsters? What have they caught in the last two years? A wild hog! I get more than that out of my barn in Oklahoma. Do you really think they have live ammo in their guns. I saved the best for last. “Findin Bigfoot” how many have they even seen so far in 5 seasons. All these shows and some I haven’t mentioned are produced by the same people. You want Reality, listen to a speech by Obama. They are just as truthful as these shows. People have no idea what reality is anymore, nor do they care. They just want to be entertained.

  174. Jim Lowell says:

    Merry Christmas Mike, I hope you live a long time. Sempi Fi

  175. Murfoonbalm says:

    100% right on ! Commercialized reality shows are sickening but it’s what too many people want. Reality, aximoron for sure. Mick Dodge has an intense dedication I have known many like him. I am his age and am cut from the same cloth and know if the tv thing gets too phony he will say adios. Meantime truly real people that count see him the way he wants to be seen. Keep truckin brother!

  176. Bob says:

    I believe Mick Dodge is totally into his love of nature and wants to try to make people aware of how nature and the natural beauty of our country’s wild life, flora and fauna are in big trouble by man. I’ve been to Oregon and the way a lot of the mountains a completely clear cut for profit is discusting. Gold miners tearing the natural beauty of Alaska for no other reason than “Greed., both Corporate and personal. Of all the totally phony Reality Shows that are on, I believe Mick Dodge is the most real. The rest are formatted (almost exactly the same) and scripted. There is always the impossible “Deadline” they have to make. From flipping houses to building custom bikes, to remodeling a house, to selling Realestate , all have this impossible “Deadline” to meet. What happens if they don’t make it? Never seen one fail yet other than the Hoffman’s. What does this say about the American Public as a whole? Television and the people who control it have “dummed” Americans down so bad, this has what it has come to. “phony Reality Television” or aka Entertainment. How Pathetic we have become. We are Low Information people which makes us easy to control. One more thing, why are 90% of the stars of all shows Jewish? Talk about Nepotism. Wow!

  177. Rtw416 says:

    It sounds like Exotic Hikes might be a little bitter that they didn’t think of following Mick first.You chastise then applaud Mick in your updates-I think Mick has accomplished what he set out to do-bring attention to Earth Gym and the rain forrest….If you really don’t enjoy the show,then turn it off.

  178. Hiker2 says:

    Like any show its 99% made up….scripted for ratings…people are acting..

    And he doesn’t sleep in the moss or eat berries 24/7..More like he goes camping in the nice weather and stays in his home/cabin the rest of the time..(Cabins are not bare bones either,my wife just sold a $970,000 Cabin ,heat/ac,6 bedrooms 4 full bathrooms,4 car garage ect.. she is in real estate, unfortunately not ours )

    Like any show it portrays the activity they are doing in a certain way,and it makes people watching to think everyone who does that activity ect is like that…(hey it works for him,good for him !! and good luck )

    Example : I hike and also restore old classic/muscle cars on the side and drive a 1/2 ton new truck (though I work in a office and drive a new truck with Micks last name)and the car shows on t.v portray people in a certain way as well , and not favourable..

    As for Mr.Dodge..he is funny in his own way (like most people) and I hope he does well and hides a bunch of sacks of money under logs,in the tree’s ect..(yes done for t.v as it is so wet here it would be soaked and moldy)..

    Yes,I watched a few episodes…or listened to them as they came on after a show I was watching/listening to while I was on the computer…as I am doing now (news channel today) But I hike and own a cabin but am clean shaven and love modern life, technology ect..And even love cruising in my old cars…

  179. fishhooknc39 says:

    Mick I get NatGeo has to keep it entertaining for its short minded viewers, but I really enjoy your show. More power to you brother and what you stand for. From the Carolina shores to the pacific shoreline we need more people like you!!! Carry on my brother carry on.

  180. Larry Stemp says:

    I feel that the haters should keep their negative viewpoint to themselves until they can do any of the things Mick does for even 1week.
    His glowing human spirit does so much for a cynical world that is full of anger and hate.
    Whatever the 100% truth, is he constantly reminds us we can be better people when we connect with nature. We are all part of that connection of all life.
    He gives his pay to the cause he believes in he is a spiritual leader in this one planet we are all on.
    Before you nitpick his life try to remember the blessings his amazing spirit gives to the world are a blessing to the whole planet.

    Thank you Mick for sharing your kindhearted spirit that is the personification of all that is so wonderful about the potential of our human existence.

  181. Richard says:

    If ya don’t like watching the SHOW then maybe ya ought ta turn off the fricken TV and move out into the woods. I live in the Midwest but had lived out near Mt. Hood back in the 80’s. I completely GET IT and enjoy the sense of humour of Mick. It’s entertainment folks not educational programming. You can only watch PBS so long. You could always pick up a book too. But stay away from the fiction (else you might start to enjoy it).

  182. Robert says:

    You guys are a bunch of sour grapes. Better to just be quiet. I watched an episode in curious passing. and nothing special about him. Just a man livinglife on his own terms. Try living yours without bringing down others.

  183. Greg J says:

    No surprise that this show is “scripted” – SPOILER ALERT – ALL reality shows are over-run with hyper-energetic 20-somethings with headsets and clipboards constantly brainstorming over the next segment – they’re called “producers”. And they do just that – they produce – they make things happen. MOOD MORNING – COFFEE’S READY – it’s NOT ALL real – it’s NOT all scripted- IT’S TELEVISION! And Mick Dodge is VERY entertaining – I’ll keep watching.

  184. Jim says:

    It is what it is a great intertaing show about a mans love for nature.eep the faith Mick

  185. Caleb Cole says:

    I lived off grid in Alaska for two years.It was to much amazing to describe. One thing which it was not, was easy. Doing what Mick does, scripted or not takes more backbone and intestinal fortitude than most of you have or will ever have! Mick is courageous and inspiring. I lived in Washington and was stationed with my Army unit 2nd Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis McChord. I’ve traveled, fished, camped, hiked and enjoyed all that region has to offer. It is stunning, because of people like Mick continuing to promote awareness. It’s always those that cannot achieve what others have, who are always those first to hate on the ones who did achieve what other have not. Please grow a spinal cord and follow your dreams. For the locals up there that seem to dislike Mick dodge namely “Chuck” Jeong. I’ve meet a lot of your “Kin-folk” and a good portion of you think conservation is saving the last beer for in the morning. Your redneck kin destroy that region with your massive gas guzzling 1980’s 4×4’s that look like you spray painted them Camo to pretend like you were me and my brothers in uniform. Please stop robbing the rivers, littering your beer cans at every river you illegally snag fish from.Stop polluting the air with both your Dumbass “Get er done pick up’s” and your teethless mouths. Then please attempt to do what Mick does. I’m a veteran and had extensive training, and living like Mick, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Mick keep doing what the rest of us only wish we could do. Like they say, in the end you only regret the chances you didn’t take, the dreams you didn’t follow and the time that you wasted following the herd..!!

  186. Dennis Carrier says:

    Painful to watch? More like boring to watch. I don’t see a folk hero or environmentalist hero. What I see is a sad tale about a homeless man who eats bugs and road kill and sleeps in a dirt hole. Mick Dodge may be deluded about himself or the nature of his life. But many people believe that if the show is truthful (It’s another phony reality show)then watching a homeless man struggle to eat is painless. It’s hard to admire a man who lives like Mick Dodge. Pity, yes. Admiration, no.

  187. Madusldasl says:

    This article is a bit naive and backhanded. It is a little sad if you are just now learning how reality television works. Just considering the logistics of making shows like this is enough to show you they are scripted. Last, it seems a bit cowardly to call the guy out on a couple things, then amend the comments by ‘clarifying’ that you meant no disrespect. Stick to your convictions or dont make them to begin with. That said, i see the points being made and agree that natgeo is a shell of its former glory, just dont take it out on a guy thats simply teying to get exposure for his organization.

    • art says:

      I totally agree with you. Throw in some envy and perhaps a dash of jealousy and you could write this article also. I give much credit to Dodge to he ambitious drive to make people award of the forest and what’s left of them. This people should be thanking him instead of finding fault.

  188. jay says:

    Mick rocks… just keep your pants on.

  189. Aunt B says:

    I just discovered Mick Dodge on NatGeo. I have to disagree that he comes off as a bumbling nutcase. I see a guy that is passionate about what he does and what he represents, I think he has a GREAT sense of humor and you can tell that he is a very intelligent man. I see him as a modern day Jon Muir! Thanks Mick Dodge, you are one cool guy!!

  190. Ruthie P says:

    Love the show. I think Mick is great and so is his sense of humor. I give him credit that he is doing what he loves most. Good luck Mick!

  191. paul says:

    Waiting for the finding bigfoot team/davide paulides episiode,how come this guy has not been taken

  192. TIM G. says:

    I for one would like to meet this guy and just shake his hand. He represents all that is good in life. Money and politics creates nothing but war and hate. If every human being instilled Micks values into their lives we’d really have peace on earth. I’m glad he has peace in his life. I’m jealous !

  193. I want to say I don’t care what others say I love Mick Dodge show I love how he walks through the Forrest he loves nature and he enjoyes his life and he has friends they enjoy each other’s company and to me they have fun doing what they do they. He gets food when he’s hungry he eats when he’s tired he sleeps , he teaches people how to live in the woods and how to remember how to not get lost. Love mick Dodge!

  194. Jim says:

    I really like Mick, but I’m curious and concerned about what he does when he needs serious medical attention. Should he catch pneumonia, how would he get help?

  195. Bee Wilson says:

    I take all these shows on television with a grain of salt. But Mick Dodge is a great character with tons of wisdom and love of life. He knows not to take a lot serious except the nature that he really wants to preserve. Every one should realize that stories have to be stretched and over emphasized to make for a drawn for ratings. Some people that do these wilderness living shows are really worth millions and only live about 5-10 miles from the nearest town. So just take the entertainment for what it is and love the guy for a great story teller. Get on with the fact that just like every other channel the bottom line is ratings and money. But just the same Mick Dodge is a clean show that doesn’t require foul language and explicit sex to make it a draw… Three cheers for Mick Dodge and the National Geographic Channel for entertainment that is clean

  196. DMT says:

    Mick Dodge seems to be a really unique and interesting soul. He obviously loves Mother Earth and contributes a lot to conservation and natural awareness. He does not seem to stray too far from the closed mindset of many people who don’t understand the lives of those unlike themselves. On numerous occasions he has ridiculed those who live in less rural areas who enjoy getting out in nature once in a while. I enjoy the show and applaud his ability to raise natural awareness. To each his own. Keep it up Mickey D!

  197. John Jorgenson says:

    This show is great. Mick’s a star.
    One of the best parts is that is does NOT have anything to do with those stupid Kardashian skanks.

  198. Caroline says:

    Dear Mick Dodge, Thankyou for taking the time to show us this wonderful place. I love the show. and it helps me relaxe after a day at work, and I know from the show you and your Dad are Marines,My Daughter is a Marine, and I am a very Proud Marine Mom. Thankyou again, and Be Safe!

  199. Traindriver96 says:

    Mind numbing to say the least, Natgeo sucks.

  200. Fun show says:

    I enjoy the show, never thought it was totally real, it is TV. NatGeo is showing us something most of us would never see and if they did not have some sort of script it would be pretty boring. Whether the guy lives in a cabin or wears shoes or not is not important to me. He clearly lives a life far different from anything I have ever seen so I am enjoying it for what it is. It is a hybrid, between reality and script but the fact is the guy is real, he lives for what he believes, he has a wealth of friends who live a very unique lifesyle and you can’t say all of that is fake. I just do not see why NatGeo is being bashed for this, they have to change with the times to stay in the game. I would be interested in what would make people accept the show. I have learned something I did not know before and that is what I have always counted on NatGeo for.

  201. gwegew says:

    its only obvious this show is so phony

  202. Donna James says:

    I enjoy the scenery, but I wasn’t niece enough to believe he ran around barefoot and lived in the woods year round. But he’s a charming character, and fun to watch.

  203. Nik says:


    I grew up watching National Geographic. What happened to you????

    First of all, America GROW UP!! There is no such thing as a Mick Dodge character or what NATGO portrays him to be, or what happens in this great forest.

    I live, and grew up in, the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Tuning into this show for the first time tonight, I was appalled. It is a circus sideshow. Please, NATGEO try to recover some of your dignity and tell THE TRUTH…

    Our wonderful home, and the great Indian Nations that still reside here are not as you portray. You are taking advantage of them and their rich culture.

    And as for Mick Dodge, oh please… I would rather you cover the antics of Crusty the Clown. Much more believable….

    A True Pacific Northwest Native

    • Cojo says:

      My goodness why does it bother you all so much that someone might like the show? This is America how about you grow up and quit pushing your opinion down my throat.
      I don’t care if it is fake or not, it is TV, geeze I think I will unsubscribe, you can’t post a mild non judgmental opinion without infuriating some people, wow get a life.

    • Terri says:

      You sound upset more in that the focus of the show wasn’t on native Americans than at the essence of what it showed. A man in love with nature in a breathtaking rainforest. How can you possibly decry that?

  204. garth says:

    Mic dodge is a fake just like the rest! Survivor man is the only true north American bad ass

    • Terri says:

      Nowhere is there a claim this was a survivalist program. I think you came looking for the wrong thing. And badass? Lordy, we’ve seen enough of those to last 6 lifetimes. The gentle humor that best describes Mick Dodge was such a refreshing break from the highly scripted “badasses”.

  205. Laura says:

    I grew up in WA state and have no lived in the midwest for 30 years. I live for shows on National Geographic like finding bigfoot and Mick Dodge. I know it’s a t.v. show and is not all real, but I get to see some comedy and the beauty of the west coast that I miss so much. Out here has beauty too, but that is why I watch shows on the west coast and Alaska. It’s my way of being part of nature during the year when I can’t. And almost every summer I drive or fly to the coast to experience it for myself. I hope they never stop making these shows because it’s my way of escaping. I enjoy more legit shows too, but I like the fiction/nonfiction mix of these entertaining shows. I watch Alaskan Bush people and Alaskan Frontier too for the same reasons. I learn things from these shows, appreciate pioneer heritage, find escape from suburban life, and get to see my nature every week. I often draw while I watch these shows. So even though I understand why so many would want them to be legit, I am okay either way. I still get what I need from these shows…know what I mean?

  206. mark says:

    Wow this show is like my chicken soup for the sole. It puts me in my comfort zone. I don’t care if its true or not I just like it on while I’m at home because it puts me in a good mood.

  207. wendy says:

    It’s television, its scripted, its edited……how anyone could still be living under the assumption that ANYTHING on television is 100% real is whats amazing.Its the nature of the beast, edit your footage down to an easily consumed time spot that is entertaining and doesn’t require much of an attention span. Hell, most “news” is editorial BS. What I find hilarious is that while everyone is complaining that the man they watch on tv is not reality, that man is bopping around the woods, enjoying himself….and your the idiots inside watching him on the boob tube……(myself included).

  208. Bub says:

    I think Mick is a good and healthy man that doesn’t do this for his own bank account,he clearly does this for the love of nature,all the haters out there are gonna hate,you have the option in your living room,kitchen,chair.wherever u may watch this show to change the channel! Warriors of words on here would not say this to the mans face because the envy him and can’t admit it..Donate all your income from here on throughout your life and be like Mick!? You can’t do that.you like your luxuries and your horrible attitude,probably unhappy with yourselves and in a depression…That’s all I have to say,change the channel and don’t look up his biography of you truly don’t like him!!

  209. […] to exotichikes.com, Mick has no bank account, check book or debit card, but he is paid by the show through the Olympic […]

  210. John says:

    Do you remember “I Dream of Jeanie” or “Mr. Ed?” Now think “Mick Dodge.” It is, after all TV, folks. If you want reality go to your local college or university and research in the library, but if you want pure, fictional entertainment watch TV. This goes for news, weather, Mick Dodge AND “Survivor Man”. While we have all become more sophisticated, TV has not and still offers the same low-brow tripe it always has, just with a more crass dialogue pretending to be all “grown up.”

    What is the old joke, “we have established what you are, now we are just haggling over the price?”

  211. dav says:

    I quit watching this show due to it’s fraudulant claims and obvious staging. Anyone who’s spent even days in the woods knows how dirty you get. He emerges from holes under trees looking like he’s straight from central casting. He and all his clothing and items are always fresh and clean. The absurd practice of beating on trees to send messages, leaving animal carcasses on a tree as a secret code, on and on they’re all preposterous. Even his walking sticks are fresh and clean. Then his friends; others who also supposedly live in the forest. The guy who didn’t want anyone to know his identity and kept his face covered? It’s like a cartoon for adults. Nothing in those woods has any real medicinal benefits and you’re a fool if you believe they do. Birds poop on tree limbs all day long. Drinking rain or dew from tree branches is a good way to get sick. Mick Dodge presents foolish notions as “wood lore.”

  212. caroleena jones says:

    Steve, I so agree with all you just wrote. I see Mick as a good natured man. No he doesent LIVE full time in the woods, but it is an interesting program. Better than the prison and gun ones I’ve seen advertised.

  213. DLister says:

    I just watched several episodes last night, for the first time. I am truly enthralled with Mr. Dodge; he himself is fully authentic and his humor is constant, clean and refreshing. I also learned quite a bit.

    I had absolutely no idea how breathtakingly beautiful the Washington State rainforest is. What a delight to be taken on a journey throughout.

  214. Ernie Wall says:

    I agree some things on the show are a bit dumb that’s why I looked up on google about mick Dodge. I think he’s very interesting and has a lot to teach. I think that getting lost in nature completely in north America is hard to do because mankind is everywhere and a lot of time has a tendency of destroying the part he wants to get lost in. Take for example all these Alaska shows where people want to hunt and kill all these animals what’s wrong with these people when the animal is gone it’s gone and never will come back what a shame

    • Fun show says:

      Well I have enjoyed the beautiful Hoh Rainforest regardless of the authenticity of Mick, I take it all with a grain of salt, it is TV and I take most of what I see on TV as entertainment scripted or not. It could be worse, it could be the Alaskan Bush People who are so fake it is embarrassing. At least Mick hasn’t built a Saran wrap bubble shelter on a supposed uninhabited island or attempted to use a rifle to shoot a deer with the scope cover on, all the while claiming to be born and raised in the wild, talk about fake, real Alaskans are probably mortified. There is plenty of unreal entertainment on TV, at least Mick has good humor.

  215. Terri says:

    I just watched what there is of the series and found this comment not to be deserving. “appears to be more of a freak show than the good-natured, kind-spoken barefoot sensei that he is”.
    That wasn’t what I took away at all. I saw a gentle kind man with a fun sense of humor. But more importantly I saw a man in love with nature and the Hoh Rainforest who shared a piece of that love with us. I didn’t take from the show he was a hermit who lived in the forest. Firstly he has to many friends who appear during the show and one of the episodes is about him going for a burger, fries and milkshake. Creature comforts is how he describes his meal. When it was said he “left society” it’s taking it at it’s most extreme meaning to think they meant left mankind along with it.
    What this show didn’t do was make clear every detail of Mick Dodge’s life so that the minds who would go on runaway imagination would be contained. Why should it have to?
    I knew the Hoh Rainforest was breathtakingly beautiful but NatGeo provided a deeper view which left me to realize “breathtakingly beautiful” is a lacking description. There are no words for the beauty of the Hoh.

  216. jason says:

    Well we must remember who owns Natgeo-the same sleazeball who owns Fox-Rupert Murdoch. That being said I am a city kid-Born and raised in the Konkrete JUngle of the Lower East Side of Manhattan Island. I have to say I was intrigued and awe inspired by this man. In one episode he helps 2 kids whom are lost, find their parents. I didn’t get the feeling that he was being portrayed in a negative light-but more as a care-free, Thoreau inspired naturalist. I have a feeling-and this is speculation, that if you asked him are you a bit of a goof ball? Mick might say laughingly ‘YAH”.
    So this city kid was inspired to research and even think about traveling their and checking out the scene. NYC has become a drag. Im sick of competing with my fellow man, undercutting, and getting the same.

  217. Chris Dudek/cd says:

    Please don’t let half hearted fools interrupt the beleafs or the magic of this show or our friend mick dodge. And if he can cut a living out of what he be leaves in. Then that’s just wonderfull. I wish I had the cash to come stay a week with mick. Beleave me I would be on a plane tommoro. Matter of fact they should have a sweepstake. Yea. Win a week with mick on the hoh river. Ok I love the show. Keep up with mick. If you can. Thank you. Cd/Chris,Dudek .elkhart indiana.

    • gerald says:

      I would like to know what u would eat and how u would survive this time of the year. U better wear ur longies and rain gear they don’t call it a rain forest for nothing.

  218. Kenneth says:

    For those of us that love and spend time in the wilderness know the truth of what it is and why we value it so much. I know many people that have passions and resemble Mick. I like what Mick is doing in this series. Remember that most people in this world like in Cities and that number is growing. If nothing else, these people need to know where water comes from. Hopefully people will connect to the forest through Mick’s work.

  219. Jason says:

    With respect, I think you are missing the point. Mick Dodge, Les Stroud or Bear Grylls, although Worlds apart and in NO WAY am I drawing a parallel between these examples. These Guys deliver a message, if I can do it, you can.
    Take it for what it is. As for Nat Geo, you folks are Spot On. I have noticed the steady degradation and often wondered why. Thanks for shedding light.

  220. Justin says:

    I personally love the show…. Its a beautiful land and Mick is a great guide…..the adventures are always interesting and fun and mick has a great personality I totally agree I would love a chance to get lost with mick dodge

  221. Kathy Brake says:

    i don`t care what anyone says, I love the show..I only wish there were more shows with rain in them…I like the rain!!!

  222. travis says:

    I have one question an i mean no disrespect at all im a big mick dod supporter an natgeo watcher as well as a yr around hunter so i as well spend alot of time in the woods here in tn with my son teaching him what my father taught me.mick dodge is a very interesting man an with that i add he seem to be very sencere about his beliefs.i have nothing but respect for him we need more like him

    but what about moss hopper now heres a character id like to get to know.the ones that stay off the radar an are unheard are worth getting to know.this moss hopper seems to be either made up or is he the for real deal natgeo?

  223. Howard Robertson says:

    Mick is a awesome naturalist. He respects the forest and is being a wonderful guide for me as a flat lander from VA. I love nature, I wish our politicians cared about our environment. They are busy lining their pockets with lobbist bribes. We are losing are precious rivers and creeks to landfills that are killing our fish and other marine inhabitants. Hope Mick’s show will touch blind voters who are too busy playing with machines and missing the beautiful reality of God’s hand in nature. Let me know how I can help your group.

  224. Cat says:

    Central Wisconsin country gal here.
    Why all the negativity? This isn’t the only site I’ve seen it on….some people just seem to look for a fight wherever they go.
    Sooner put all that bad energy toward more important issues like the loss of our God-given freedoms in this country and the killing of Americans by terrorists!
    Anyone with half a brain can see that some of this is staged as are all reality shows…i.e. Dual Survival, Curse of Oak Island, etc. I mean you don’t actually think it all happens exactly that way in front of the camera?!
    Love the show…love the Hoh and the serenity of nature…
    Keep up the good work Mick & National Geo.
    p.s. I go barefoot all summer:-)

  225. Skip Enge says:

    First of all it is a show. A form of reality entertainment. A trend that has been going on a while now with endless weird emanations. I enjoy the message of the show. It is a muddled one but Hey! it is fun. Mick and his friends seem caricatures to me. I enjoy his humor. I also find the ingenuity utilized, the problem solving and Micks fitness level quite amazing.Such a beautiful place. And with that at first watch I had concern about the increased visitation. I grew up in WA state and have always lived here exploring the wood, forest, rivers and lakes for most of my 6o odd years of life. Let’s not make too much of this. I mean it is at least a partially fabricated form of entertainment. The only thing I might say about this National Geographic market share venture is that whether scripted or Micks true thoughts, the endless rhetorical banter about rejecting society and it’s morass of interference is getting incredibly old… I think I am gonna jump in my truck, grab a rain coat and waders, string up my flyrod and head to the river nearby. A flush of winter steelhead have shown on this recent rain. Good show…interesting guy…and by the way…create your own reality.

  226. Rod Sumi says:

    Great show my favorite of all. Keep up the great fun, good for you Miclk! No killing , no drama, no stress and non threatening. Enjoy your life mick thanks camera men. I’ll look into the earth circle. Rod Sumi ( from Santa barbara mountains) and northern Sierra mountains

    • moonhair says:

      Yes! you are right – Mr Rogers in Middle Earth – playful, enchanting and positive. So why do so many go postal when the light is on? maybe because it dazzles the darkness and the shadows are exposed.
      (from SB also – great place to grow up – go Chargers!)

  227. Richard Maio says:

    I love the show – reality or not. It shows the Ho forest as it is (I’ve been there several times) and although the depictions may not be completely authentic, as long as they are what you would see in the forest, I’m OK with that. Natgeo has done a great job of using Mick’s talents as a way showing love for the forest. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  228. Saltheplumber says:

    I recently began watching the Mick Dodge Show. Its easy to have expectations and suspicions of any TV program, but I think the Mick Dodge Adventure is a realistic mix of Wild and Civilized life. Just his carefree attitiude and love of Nature is inspirational and should be experienced, before it is trashed. Mick isnt hurting anybody or anything. If more people had a better understanding of the beauty and necessity for the Wilderness, we would be MUCH better off. Mick is our tour guide to the forest and all of its secret beauty. Viva Mick!

  229. dave says:

    I like the write up national geographic did on mick dodge i watch every episode on mick and i think hes an awesome guy i would like to get on his web sight but i dont have his email hope to hear back from you micks tv watcher dave

  230. Sharon says:

    Sadly, I saw a earlier post and they stated he was Ben Murphy (actor). They are correct. I just saw some pictures of him older but clean cut. Same eyes and forehead. There is no real Mick Dodge. No one is honest anymore. Very Sad. I truly enjoyed the show, especially the nature scenes. I reckon that ends that. There is no more honesty in anything anymore. So truly sad.

    • moonhair says:

      are you on crack?

      Who plays you?

    • Laurie says:

      You are very mistaken, as is the yahoo that replied that Ben Murphy is dead. Ben Murphy is alive; it was Pete Duel that died. I can see why you think Mick resembles Mr. Murphy, but they don’t look like the same person. . the same person. Do some real research, watch some videos. Unless you are blind and deaf I think you’ll come to the same conclusion. It’s really terrible how so many people feel the need to tear something down that is really not harming anyone and is obviously bringing some enjoyment to people. What is wrong with our society that people think just because we can post our opinions that we have a right to be so hateful? None of you would speak this way directly to the man. Do you realize what you reveal about yourself? Do you realize? The shame is ours as a society that we accept and encourage such behavior. That very characteristic is what makes today’s world such an unhappy place. Too many people thrive on tearing others down. There lies the real shame. Live and let live! “Rock” on Mick! 😉

  231. James Morrone says:

    I’ve been in the woods my whole life, and this guy winds the academy award for being the biggest f***ing a**hole on the plant. In one season he goes from mountain man to comedian, Id like to beat the f***ing piss out of him. He is a no talent dick head

  232. Art Tozzi says:

    I’m just an old fart(74) but I wanted to tell Mick that I knew his dad, CWO-3 Ron Dodge in the Marine Corps. In 1965 I was a new Marine First Lieutenant just recently out of flight training and assigned to my first fighter squadron at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort SC, The Thunderbolts of VMFA-251. We had brand new F-4B Phantoms and Ron was an experienced Radar Intercept Officer. I can picture him to this day sitting behind his desk smoking his pipe and educating this wet behind the ears First Lieutenant. Besides his flying duties, he was the squadron Nuclear, biological and chemical warfare officer.He was a very quiet but extremely proficient Marine Officer and taught me an awful lot. I don’t know if he is still with us but if he is, I say Semper Fi Ron.
    Mick, your dad was a real Marine and a neat guy. You should be proud of him. I watch your show and like what you are doing.

    Art Tozzi
    Major, USMC (Ret)

  233. Frank says:

    The show is completely fake but I don’t care I laugh and smile everytime. I also think the doc likes his herb.

  234. chuck says:

    there is nothing wrong with what he is doing he’s doing more than any of us think about doing outdoors in the wilderness

  235. Giuseppe maniglia says:

    Love the info, love Mick and the show. It’s so much better than shows with actors. As much as I think I would be able to live like Mick, I truly know that I can only live vicariously through the portarial of Micks life and that takes me away from modern living. It’s a show people. You can change the station with the remote. My feeling is that there is a growing population of people living “off the grid” and getting back to a more natural way.

  236. Michelle says:

    Let me first say, I love Mick Dodge and what he stands for, he’s a beautiful person. That is why I find it sad to hear that you find Mick Dodge to be portrayed as a “freak show”. Myself and everyone I know that watch this show realize that he is doing this for the goodness of Nature, to help people realize the importance of cherishing our roots, and reconnecting. As we all know, the show is not 100% real, but Mick Dodge does NOT come across as anything but a kind hearted, genuine man who intrigues many people. Having a great sense of humor is a wonderful thing and Mick Dodge has it. All of this being said, I strongly disagree that Mick Dodge is portrayed as a freak show. (In my opinion of course) everyone is entitled to one and this is mine. Thanks.

  237. David Foster says:

    I appreciate all of the points you have made and appreciate more so your updates. It seems you must have gotten a lot of fervor over the things you wrote. I agree that it is a tv show, scripted, etc. But I strongly disagree that Mick is represented poorly or in any way is presented as a freak show. I know you are not making those comments about Mick himself, but instead are making them about the show. But I still think you are way off base and I can’t imagine where you must be coming from to come to that conclusion. I can only assume you do not watch tv at all and feel somehow your own personal message is lost by this presentation?

    As a long time Washingtonian with roots in this state going back over 150 years, I am proud to have ambassadors like Mick Dodge and I am content with the way the network is making the show entertaining. I feel this gives the show the best chance to last on television and to inform the public about our beautiful state, rich history, comnection with nature and wonderful people.

    David Foster

  238. John A. Church says:

    Your probably going to win a Pulitzer for your groundbreaking article, no one ever thought that a reality show on natgeo wasn’t 100% accurate. Genius!!! I don’t care if Mick drives a Ferrari when not filming he’s still awesome and I’ve never heard him mention you or your Subaru.

  239. Ruth says:

    Abdolutly adore the bag you carry

  240. Marv leonard says:

    Very nice how Mick takes 1/2 of a container of MAPLE SAP. Then proceeds to hike back and prepare a meal with what turns out to be MAPLE SYRUP. The problem is it takes a ratio of over 40:1 to make syrup. Meaning there should have been enough dap that he gathered to make about a teaspoon of syrup. WAY TO GO NAT GEO. NOT

  241. Johnny X says:

    While the show is good, some episode taking us for newbies with no experiences, i.e. : the one episode about the maple syrup Mike did with basic tool…., yes you only need the basic tools, however the episode showed us that one can of maple sap = one can of maple syrup ….. it’s a nonsense……

    and my conclusion with Mike is that he is responsible for the legend of Sasquatch experiences that are reported from time to time near B.C. Canada and that part of U.S. sector…


  242. jim says:

    I find the show amusing at best I am a person of the forest and mick is not the tobacco stains in his beard is a easy give a way to his real life

    • Skip Enge says:

      myth becomes theater , theater is entertainment, entertainment becomes truth and we become enthralled by it.
      I am too enthralled…even with the commercial messaging

  243. Douglas says:

    I don’t judge him, because I don’t truly know him. Most people are scared of the wild and forests. I think most people just can’t fathom that a person wants to live this way. His way of connecting with his spiritual side is something everybody should practice. Something the modern world is losing and will never understand. If anything he gets the sceptics out in nature where they can see life as it is and has been for millions of years, long before man, and will be here when man departs. We shouldn’t use up all the natural resources and respect the earth. One day our children can put to use their 5 senses to adventure and explore this planet earth. Love him or hate him, He is tring and making a difference whether good or bad. That is more then I can say I see with most people and most television shows that are on now days. People are scared of change. Keep on doing your thing Mick. Love the show!

  244. Dave gale says:

    OK so maybe not everything’s not real it’s a great show and we are totally intertained might buy the sponsors pizza.

  245. Michael swan says:

    Society should be more like the community Mick Dodge and his group have created in the Olympic Penninsula. Living closer to nature and protecting the natural world will allow our children and their children a change to learn from nature and it’s teachings! Corporate greed will destroy the natural world in the name of big business. Learning to use natural resources and replace them would help preserve our wild places. The health of our world is at stake!

  246. Skip Enge says:

    Having spent my entire life here in Washington state …I have an endearing love of the outdoors…fly fishing, camping and hiking. I have seen my share of appalling stuff in the wood. Recently, I experienced another mixed use incident. The show does convey a respect renewed that I have seen come and go over time… I wrote the following and sent it to a regional newspaper editorial column because a familiar place was ravaged. It was not printed…

    Promises Broken

    It has been too many years
    Since I fished it…
    This little black jewel
    Favorite little river
    Near the coast
    At the cusp of salt
    That I have loved
    For decades now…
    Inconsequential it seems?
    As it has been
    To my surprise eviscerated
    With clear cutting
    Silt run off
    Filling holding water
    Convinced that I need
    To be more aware
    Get more active
    Be an advocate
    for things I love
    I feel ashamed
    That I didn’t know…
    Did anyone speak up?
    In the din of quiet…
    It created jobs in the woods…
    The new green is
    The color of mud and sand
    Toppled trees and under story
    Of devils club, scrub alder
    And Himalayan blackberries…
    And a sanctity
    Of promises broken.

  247. David says:

    Yes your comments in regards to Mick comes across as negative and offensive to his fans. Thinking it’s jscripted for the ratings or to get people interested? Isn’t that the same thing your doing with this site?

    • Tom Trigo says:

      Love the show, love Mick Dodge, I’m watching him now in fact. I just couldnt believe the bill of goods being advertised so had to look him up and found this forum. Too bad but not surprised given the plethora of “reality” shows these days. I dont like being lied to so as much as I love the show and format, I just cant respect the show or NatGeo (first for everything!). On another level its a great show that reminds viewers to love and respect this precious Earth, Chief Seattle would be happy to see that message coming across. I’ll keep watching, but will always cringe when I hear the dishonest narration or other references to how he’s “roughing it”.

      If NatGeo were to come out with a disclaimer and tell it like it is I’d have more respect for them and Mick, and want to see the show more than ever.

      “All I want is some truth…” -John Lennon

  248. Gary brunick says:

    I am so impressed by the devotion
    from this man in the respect for nature and the hidden Beauty in all the episodes that humbles me into thinking what are we doing to our lands for the sake of progress. Mick, wish I could share you quest and I know producers
    May dictate your script , but your heart shines through! Thanks for your effort in educating us . Love what your doing

  249. Calipatti says:

    It’s a good show with amazing views of the forest, rivers trees and a few forest dwellers.
    Of course some of the situations shown by Mick are set up by production.
    It’s TV folks, no one say it was a documentary. It’s TV show based on a forest with a guide called Mick and a few of his friends.
    If you don’t enjoy watching then use your remote.
    I love seeing the forest. Thank you Nat Geo for taking me for a hike.
    It is TV folks, not a classroom.

  250. Daymon says:

    No matter I will always respect Mick and his cause. Hey Mick take care sir.

  251. mauriced323 says:

    well i wish people could just look at the show for what it is. If you really want to be a critic don’t watch it if you “know it’s fake”
    To me it is a entertaining show with a man who is funny and free in life in general. yes the scenes made be pre-planned but they are giving us a comical, entertaining show on that possible situations that Mick might get into in his everyday life.Sure he may not live in the forest 24-7 365 days but he is obviously a man with knowledge of nature and the forest. he knows the area well, gives us everyday scenario’s and ways to handle them. I can say i watch alot of these Reality Shows on tv. I must say after watching these I would be much better off if i got lost or injured and would be stuck for days i would try the several different methods i’ve learned from these shows and build a fire or how to turn any thing into something useful.The different ways to build a good shelter in a hurry. different things i can eat or look for to eat. Where to look for these things. So you can go on being a negative critic and just not watch it if you don’t like it. Don’t watch it. period.

    • Skip Enge says:

      Exactly mauriced23…exactly…it is called perspective…have perspective…life is short …this is entertainment of a particular sort. Hell, I think it is fun, I think Mick and his purported friends are a hoot!…Good fun! Hell I drive to the woods…I walk in them…I love Washington …it is part of my heart…i love the Hoh…but i have spent this lifetime exploring the SW of this incredible state…It’s a celebration as I see it of the wood, the what is left of the natural environment we inherited in all it’s glory…Be positive, think good thoughts and smile along with Mick and his friends out there loving what we have inherited and still have.

  252. Jeremy says:

    This show is beautiful I love the ho and have traveled there several times. It’s a reality show so be it. I love to watch it

  253. cassi says:

    I think that alot of you should take a look at all the beauty in the show, not the little crap so called de bunkers take so much pleasure in pointing out. I’ve been there breathtaking and it really does make you have this inner urge to just walk off the beaten path and see how long you last. Atleast he’s doing positive things , what about the rest if you?,what have you accomplished today?….peace

  254. Dan says:

    Well, I just watched my first episode of the show (S2E1) and I must say it will be my last. My mother told me about the show and said I would probably like it. I didn’t. I live not too far from the Hoh Rainforest and until my mother told me about the show, had never hard of this “legend”.

    Come on NatGeo, get back on track.

  255. JD Webb says:

    Mick Dodge may be a fake, but he has given us an awesome fun tour of his mountains. For that, we should be grateful.

  256. Patricia Dickey says:

    I wish you would bring Mick Dodge back to National Geogtraphic . We love the show and we think Mick Dodge is doing a awesome bringing awareness to our National Forest and Nature .

    • Bill Reines says:

      They just aired season two didn’t they?

      • Jenna says:

        I thought we were on Season 3…?

        In any case — I absolutely love this show.
        Mick ALWAYS brings a genuine smile to my face each and every time I watch him.

        Will of Stone is a mighty fine lookin’ man as well! Congrats to the lucky woman who scoops him up too! :)

        Regardless of the negatively being stated about this TV program — its the message inside that counts. That message, for me anyway, is to remember your roots. Be true to who you are. Take nothing for granted, especially the time you share with nature.
        Be kind! Be yourself! Be a duck and let the negatively slide off your back!

        thank you Mick, Moonhair, Moss, Will and every single one of you in the Hoh.
        From me, here in Ontario Canada — you’re an inspiration!

        • Brenda says:

          Very well put! I agree totally.

        • mauriced323 says:

          well i agree with you totally. it is a good show that i find very entertaining. for some reason ppl want to talk trash about it. well no one says you have to watch it. for some reason these people who want to bash the show, they know alot about it. why do you keep watching if it is fake or no good. take a look at yourself. I enjoy Mick dodge and all the adventures I get taken on when watching this show.

  257. Brenda says:

    I often wonder, when reading comments about just about any subject on the internet, why most posts or responses to write-ups turn into squabbles, name calling and mud slinging. That aside, I’m a senior citizen who has never experienced life in the wild or anything like what Mick Dodge portrays. However, this show is one of my favourites. Whether or not it is totally “real” or completely staged, it is entertaining and shows many survival tips. I love Mick’s sense of humour and the characters he interacts with, including his camera men. I think anyone who has any maturity will take any “reality” show with a grain of salt. Watch it for what it is; a great way to be entertained just like watching any tv show. Do any of you really believe that what takes place on most reality shows is real?? This one is no different but is easier and more fun to watch than other “reality” shows such as Big Brother, Hollywood Wives, etc. that are filled with drama, bickering and tiresome conflict. Have a nice day! :)

  258. freddie black says:

    Thanks for comments. My impression they were fair, genuine and honest. If I may I would like to say I also loved National Geographic magazines but find a tad of dishonesty and manipulation in their tv programs for the sake of selling ads, earning money. But other programs do it also. Fact in point is the tv show “Vikings”. First impression after watching and episode is that the Vikings are portrayed as extraordinary thieves, murders, trespassers and unjustly cruel invaders when in fact the Vikings were probably less violent than other societies of the same period. Oh well…such is is the world now, history has akways been manipulated. Thanks for your article and time.

  259. Ron says:

    Mick Dodge is an obvious fake. Just an old hippie actor helping to promote West Coast wilderness. Perfect for all the gullible outdoors wanna be weekend warriors. Lol!

    • Norma Wunderlich says:

      Whatever Mick Dodge is, he still is genuine as a person. I don’t know who made you all authority of “true” wilderness living, calling some people posers who you believe aren’t true weekend warriors. For all we know your 300 pounds and boring, hiding be hide your laptop and do nothing but grip about life? Dude, “live and let live” and stop using your imaginary measuring stick to judge others. Geez!

  260. Tony says:

    I enjoy watching the show. I just wish if the are gonna say or do things on TV please make sure its the correct way . or if Mick talks medical please make sure u research before saying it, so ppl don’t do or try it and get hurt or sick or worse die.

  261. Karen says:

    I like Mick Dodge, no matter what.

  262. jude says:

    I love everthing about Mick he loves nature and respect it. More people should be like him. Love watching and will continue as long as it runs. Keep on truckin Mick .Love it.

  263. GLENN BIGBEAR says:



  264. Mgysgt D.N.Stanford Sr says:

    Go for it Marine, Hoorah. Weather you do your on thing or natgeo tells you what to do, the show is outstanding. Go hooked on it from the beginning and wish that natgeo gave you more time. Some of the other shows from natgeo puts out really suck. Mick’s does not and if people pay attention they could learn a few things that could come in handy if the need ever comes up, God lets hope not but it could save your life. Keep the great show coming Natgeo, and Mick stay at it and stay young.

  265. Jenn says:

    I think he’s fun and its nice to see nature represented in a fun, accessible way. I always felt that the show was scripted, mainly because the guy rarely spends any time foraging for food but burns calories like they’re going out of style. Plus, I’ve spent days in the woods plenty of times, and while I loved it, it would make for some pretty boring TV. Mick’s adventures give it a story and that’s a great vehicle for engaging the masses with nature. It’s fun, and it’s clean enough to let the kids watch and see them be amazed.

    • Skip Enge says:

      Mick is a caricature…it’s schtick for TV…get over it folks…it is fun or it isn’t. I personally think the guy is making money playin’ to the camera…that is obvious…don’t take it so personal…no knowledge base here…any of it is purely schtick…It is entertaining, annoying and sometimes fun. I don’t care…I watch and am entertained…and sometimes annoyed by the stereotypical BS…but still, it’s TV…it is not real…it is a contrived creation to engage you…and it works , right?

      • M says:

        Exactly. That’s all it is, it’s schtick, and I was amused by it too, but even talking it for what it is, it’s gotten old fast. Yoosh! Visit weird neighbors. Yoosh! More fake predicaments & situations in the rainforest where he “lives,” with dumb actions on his part. Rinse, wash, repeat–it gets old–even talking it for what it is, it’s not even that good TV. Look at the beautiful setting is nice though, even though we’re not learning a damn thing about it from this program.
        PS: And shame on National Geographic, which was once educational television, for sinking so low.

  266. Norma Wunderlich says:

    I love the show. Mick is my favorite t.v. personality to watch, WAY better than the Kardashians. He seems honest and his love for simplicity is amazing to watch in these fast paced days. I live near the city, but when given some time for rest, well nature calls and I love to see the beauty of creation. From the mountain to the sea! Mick teaches us to “stop and smell the roses” along the way.

  267. Toni says:

    National Geographic has advised me that Mick Dodge has been cancelled. As an educator, I am glad to hear this. Over the years, I have utilized NG in my classrooms a lot, but the past couple years much less. Mick Dodge is a troubled individual, who for whatever reason, became overwhelmed with reality to the degree that he abandoned a family and ceased to work. His show is not reality, which I think the majority of people realize and does not fit in to the station’s directive. Though the childlike behavior of most of the individuals on this show are amusing to a certain degree, they are not living in the real world; a world that we hope our children will be able to live in. It is our job as adults to teach our children proper coping skills. Mick Dodge as his crew do not do this. If these characters would clean up their behavior a bit, they would be good candidates for a child’s channel, as long as it is presented as the fairy tale it is. Teaching children to love and respect nature should be on every adult’s agenda. Camp, hike, explore, visit natural museums; reality if every child’s future. Leave fantasy, make believe and cartoons where they belong; in the creative field of imagination.

  268. Skip Enge says:

    Toni, that was a very succinct commentary. I have to say , working with kids in a local school district that the message was muddled at best. I found the television display in essence a sitcom…which admittedly I enjoyed most of the time. I didn’t take it for something it wasn’t. Given the sponsoring channel and the massive responses I am not surprised the “show” was cancelled.
    If we looked at that weekly entertainment as a message with any kind of broad beneficial environmental message it would confuse many.On a reality channel titled the Tarzan of the Northwest it might fly. It is good that NG has finally reevaluated it’s mission statement. Integrity had a little victory.I do occasionally enjoy a good “trainwreck” as long as it isn’t passed off under the guise of some greater truth.

  269. Ravine says:

    Oh COME ON people! It’s a SATIRE! Anyone who thinks it’s depicting real forest life or whatever, needs to get out more! I know Mick and have hung with him. He absolutely does live outside, in a large canvas wall tent, or he did at the time. And he did do a LOT of cross-country barefoot walking, and he did lead outdoor training and teaching on using the out-of-doors as a playground/gym. He is the real deal, but the show is entirely a satire of many things, including himself. I can believe that maybe at one time he did live in a tree and he probably did do a lot of the things he did in the show, but the way it’s put together is for humor and fun. And while it’s a put-on, it also depicts having fun outside, really noticing and appreciating nature, and being connected with the earth through our feet–which is exactly what he’s about and is trying to show others. In that respect, I’d say the show was a complete success.!

    • Skip Enge says:

      He might be a faulted persona…he might be a sensei for some…I am old enough and wizened enough to get that the show was entertainment…it was fun…It was a 20 minute diversion I enjoyed…Don’t make it more than that. it was a meme of generic granola bar existance…which I saw in his twinkling eyes…he knew it was bullsheet…It wasn’t all bad

    • Skip Enge says:

      I will miss this show…The PC police seemed to have killed it…that is unfortunate…

  270. willson says:

    damn all who hate mick or dislike him!!!!!!!

  271. Skip Enge says:

    the schtick was missed…School agencies took exception to it…were offended…it was reality TV from a source NG that couldn’t help but play with the genre a bit…then complaints as if it were scripture…it wasn’t PBS which I love …it was a diversion that was unique…It wasn’t an asinine Bigfoot show…which i also have watched…Sometimes I am astounded by the self righteous BS some of you folks post here…Get a life and learn to process stuff better…I mean this was television…if it was truly serious I negated it and treated it as a bit of standup with some message about caring about our environment…that came through …Mick might well be a dick, i don’t know or care…I found it immediately entertaining…some of you are sick puppies hung up on negativity, which I see all to often of late.

  272. jenny says:

    What’s wrong in this world ,people judging things they don’t so called ” get into” just because he’s different or happy about being alive. I moved here recently from texas and one thing for sure the people are ungrateful , miserable people , I would say humans but that they certainly are not. If you wave at someone just to be neighborly they assume your flipping them off . I believe mick’s whole purpose is to bring a smile to a person s face, the only ones that judge him are the ones who wouldn’t know a smile or humor if it slapped them in the miserable face. You go Mick and even though some people find you disturbing I find myself envying you for doing what I don’t have the balls to do ! YOOSH !

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