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The Second 24 hours in Yellowstone National Park: Winter 2013

Winter in any of America’s National Parks is always amazing. In the Olympic National Park, occasional snowfall makes the rainforest seem surreal, with whites and greens contrasting off of each other like nowhere else in the world. In Yellowstone National Park, where I am lucky enough to be for for a few awesome days, winter is a snowy utopia. In Yellowstone, animals are active and easily seen, the mountains are spectacular and life seems perfect.


If you haven’t seen Yellowstone National Park in the winter, you really need to take a trip out here. The following pictures are just a small sample of what I was lucky enough to see in the Second 24 hours of my visit.


MISSED PARt ONE? LINK: http://exotichikes.com/24-hours-in-yellowstone-national-park-winter-2013/



IMG_0316 (Large)


A Happy Bison heading toward Roosevelt

IMG_0329 (Large)


Bull Elk in Fresh Snow

IMG_0342 (Large)


Black-tail Deer near the Yellowstone River Bridge

IMG_0346 (Large)




The Yellowstone River

IMG_0351 (Large)


Snow Covered Bighorn Sheep

IMG_0378 (Large)


The Sun, through snow clouds at Slough Creek

IMG_0390 (Large)



Bison in the snow

IMG_0411 (Large)


Soda Butte Geyser

IMG_0443 (Large)


Looking toward the Beartooth Mountains

IMG_0448 (Large)


Bull Moose across from Pebble Creek Campground

IMG_0481 (Large)


Even the small animals are adorable

IMG_0511 (Large)



A cold coyote near Roosevelt Lodge

IMG_0515 (Large)


Snow on Mammoth Hot Springs

IMG_0530 (Large)


The Mammoth Hot Springs Boardwalk

IMG_0535 (Large)


Sunset over the “town” of Mammoth

IMG_0538 (Large)



Final thoughts


While 48 hours in the park wasn’t nearly enough time, it did give us an amazing trip. After the shooting death when we were there this summer (LINK: http://exotichikes.com/shooting-death-in-yellowstone-from-grant-campground/), seeing the park again was much needed therapy. While I will never forget seeing and hearing a 3 year old shoot herself, the trip this winter reminded me of the special quality of Yellowstone National Park. Year round, this park is fantastic and should be experienced by all.


While we didn’t see any wolves, the 5 bull moose walking next to the river will be an image I will not soon forget. The smell of sulfur has left my clothes, but the memories of America’s First National Park will remain with me forever.


Thanks for the new memories.

Thanks for the new memories.


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  1. Denise Sisson says:

    Beautiful. I would love to see more.

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