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The Return of the Elwha River: The Documentary!

Downstream from the Dodger Point Bridge

Downstream from the Dodger Point Bridge


The Elwha River, best known for amazing salmon runs, elk herds on the banks and trails leading to the most awesome places in the Olympic National Park, was dammed for just over 100 years. The salmon, once one of the biggest runs in the state, basically vanished overnight. The river, once flowing strong and mighty for millennia, was reduced to just a stream, causing man-made lakes upriver.


Recently, the two dams (Glines Canyon and Elwha Dam) were blasted and removed. Now in the past, the scars of the flood waters are evident as you drive toward the Whiskey Bend Trailhead in Olympic National Park. While it will take decades, if not centuries, for the Elwha to return to the original glory, the news coming out of the region is great for everyone.


While you might not agree with everything environmentalists stand for, the release of this river from the shackles of hydroelectricity is a great thing for the world. The two working dams, while fully functional, were not need for the power-grid needs of the Northern Olympic Peninsula. While lights may not be fueled by the river, a new electricity is being created in the Elwha. Where giant concrete slabs once stood, salmon are now able to swim freely up to their native spawning grounds. As seen in the preview for an incredible documentary.


With personal testimony, cultural history and awesome explosions, please watch the following preview and tell us what you think!


Return of the River, official trailer www.elwhafilm.com from Jessica Plumb on Vimeo.



Are you happy about this dam news?



Want more info?
Check out http://www.elwhafilm.com/ 




Goblin's Gate and the Elwha River

Goblin’s Gate and the Elwha River

The trail to Goblin's Gate

The trail to Goblin’s Gate

The Dodger Point Bridge

The Dodger Point Bridge

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