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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

The Olympic Peninsula Bucket List

  While the Olympic Peninsula is a vast area of land with many sight, sounds and smells, we here at Exotic Hikes thought we would help provide a list of destinations that will help you experience all of the Olympic Peninsula. With such varying diversity, the Olympic Peninsula is sure to have numerous places for you to enjoy, and while some aspects of the list may not be for you, keep in mind that this list is compiled so everyone can find a destination.
The destinations listed below are in no particular order, so scan through them, click the links and check out which areas best fit your personality! Once you have a few places on your list, call Exotic Hikes (360)350-8938 and book a tour! Discover, enjoy and fall in love with locations!
A LIST LIKE NO OTHER: Click any of the words to go to the links.
2)     Mt. Ellinor
3)     Ruby Beach
4)     Port Angeles
9)     Port Townsend
11)   LaPush
18)   Port Ludlow
26)   Murhut Falls
29)   Heart Lake
31)   Mt. Angeles
63)   C-141 Peak
This list is nowhere near complete, but if you were to do and experience all of these things on the list, you would be able to have some of the most memorable times of anyone who has ever experience the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic Peninsula is so diverse that it would take your whole life to experience it, but when you are out and about, take full advantage of your day, because life is short and you need to enjoy the seconds that you have in beauty.
Climbing Mount Ellinor

Climbing Mount Ellinor with Lake Cushman in the Background

We have kept the list at 75, but if you have anywhere we have missed, or you consider a must see; please add it in the comments section!
For tours or information on any of these areas, contact us: exotichikes@gmail.com  or text/call at (360)350-8938

8 Responses so far.

  1. Heather Hinkley says:

    Lake Ozette

  2. Mindy says:

    After I die, I want my ashes spread into the river from the bridge that goes from the campground to the Olympic Hot Springs. The Hot Springs are my Nirvana.

  3. Will Spence says:

    Olympic Hot Springs. While the hot springs themselves may not be what they used to be – the hike there is all of that and more. Especially during the winter when you may happen upon snow on the trail. My first real hike in the Olympics and certainly a must see.

    • Will Spence says:

      Explore the rain forests during a winter snow…The Hoh Hall of Mosses Trail is spectacular and you are almost assured of never running into anyone.

  4. marcus says:

    Mildred lakes is gorgeous

  5. jeff says:

    Now that we live here, this list is a must do. We have already crossed off a bunch of todos from this list in just 5 years. Just have to get out more. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Marie M. says:

    Port Ludlow? Really?

    • ExoticHikes says:

      Yeah, plenty of tourists from all over the world go to it. Catching it as the Orca Pods come by, while rare, is an amazing experience. Plus, people see beauty everywhere and like little port villages. Are you not a fan?

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