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The Government Shutdown in the Olympic National Park: Exotic Hikes

Because we have received so many messages and emails asking how we are doing during the government shutdown, we decided to respond here. Please read the whole thing.


Banana Slug

Banana Slug

As a small business that operates in and around our National Parks, Exotic Hikes has been forced to cancel tours and scale down expectations for what was scheduled to be a crowded fall tour line-up. With the Government shutdown, less people are inclined to tour the Olympic Peninsula, as the Olympic National Park is close. Money in local cities has stopped circulating, and sales in all aspects of our business have been slowed down to a banana slugs pace.


We have already had numerous tours cancel because of the shutdown, and every week that it continues increases the chances that companies like ours will fail. Tourism should be huge in the region, especially with our gorgeous natural areas, but because of the Government shutdown, the Olympic Peninsula is experiencing yet another blow to an already fragile economy.


Elk in the rut in the Olympic National Park

Elk in the rut in the Olympic National Park

Typically in the fall, we are giving salmon and elk tours along the Hoh, Quinault and Queets Rivers, giving guests a chance to see the rainforest in the rain. The salmon are spawning, the elk are in rut and the eagles and bears are feasting…but the gates remain locked and tours are being cancelled every day. This is one of the most beautiful times for us, and we are unable to do much except hope you all support us.


We at Exotic Hikes pride ourselves on showcasing the beauty of the region through tours, photography and books. Our Facebook page demonstrates that quite well, we think. However, the Government shutdown is making that extremely difficult. I know I am not alone in this, but if it goes on much longer, the tourism industry on Olympic Peninsula might not bounce back for a very long time.


We are pushing for calendar sales because we want to keep bringing you as much as we can from the Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula. By purchasing a calendar, you are helping ensure that when this mess is cleared up, more people can see the beauty of the region and help revive the struggling local economy.

The Hall of Mosses. Hoh Rainforest

The Hall of Mosses. Hoh Rainforest

We also feel that with so much anger and frustration around, we all need to remember the beauty of the world. With our calendar, you get to take a break from your day at home, work or anywhere and escape to a daydream about the most beautiful area in the world, the Olympic National Park.


Please consider supporting us now and in the future to bring positivity and a love of nature to the Olympic Peninsula, the State of Washington and to the United States of America.



Calendars: http://exotichikes.bigcartel.com/product/bliss-2014-olympic-peninsula-calendar


52 Hikes Guidebook: http://exotichikes.bigcartel.com/product/hike-every-week-olympic-peninsula-trail-guide


Family Friendly Guidebook:  http://exotichikes.bigcartel.com/product/15-olympic-peninsula-family-friendly-trails


Ruby Beach High-tide Sunset.

Ruby Beach High-tide Sunset.

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