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The Fukushima Nuclear Leak is Reaching the Coast of Washington State




In 2011, the earth shook in Japan, causing a massive tsunami in Japan, killing more than anyone could fathom. While the death toll was sad and tough to see, the immediate story that stood out to us here at Exotic Hikes was the damage to a nuclear power plant on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Within hours of the tsunami, a story started flowing across the ocean, telling tales of tons of leaked radiation into the waters of the Pacific.


Looking at the data, the inevitable toxins will be reaching our shores any day. Officials tell us not to worry and that the levels of radiation are so minimal, it won’t impact humans or animals. Contrary to that report, just recently, scientists have discovered that Butterflies in the Fukushima region are developing mutations. Will there be a butterfly effect?

To make matters worse, Starfish along the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada have been dying off in large numbers, with one disease acting more like leprosy on these creatures. Scientists do not know what is impacting the starfish.


More on the Mutant Butterflies: http://bit.ly/1hQVjnY

More on Zombie Starfish: http://bit.ly/1dx8SkM


While the radiation will be tracked from 16 monitors across the Pacific Ocean, the long term impact of the leak may not be felt for generations. According to the scientists studying the leak, the half-life of the radiation in the ocean is 30 years. In a video released by researchers, we are told that the maximum amount of radiation won’t be hitting our shores until 2016. That means we have at least 3 solid years of exposure to radiation.





Now, if you think you will just avoid the ocean, don’t be silly. The radiation could be evaporated and eventually fall as rain across the region. The rain could settle in our ground water, contaminating everything. We just have to hope the scientists are correct and that the leak was indeed minimal.


The ocean is the life force that our entire existence depends on, and the more we pollute it, the closer we are to start a chain reaction that could be dire for every living thing on this earth. Yes, the Fukushima Plant radiation leak probably won’t do any damage, but we need to be aware of these events and start working toward reducing and eliminating our negative influence on the air, in the water and on our land.

We all know what a pain dealing with Godzilla can be…


Go go Godzilla

Go go Godzilla




Source: http://io9.com/japans-radioactive-water-is-about-to-reach-north-ameri-1530625518 

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