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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

The end of a storm at Kalaloch via Gif


Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park

Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park


Kalaloch Beach, home to the gorgeous Kalaloch Lodge and campground, is constantly being voted the best place in the Northwest to watch a storm, once again proving the awesome natural wonders of Olympic National Park. Kalaloch Lodge sits on a bluff, overlooking the convergence zone between the Pacific Ocean and Kalaloch Creek. In the low tide, small rocks are visible, home to fantastic tide pools, while high tide bounces giant pieces of driftwood and tosses them about like a giant with toothpicks.

To show the power of the tidal surge, and to capture regular tidal activity, we took five screen shots at different intervals of the tide going out after a moderate storm that slammed the Olympic Coast. It may take a few times of watching it, but there are some serious changes that occur in just over 5 hours.

Dropping tide at Kalaloch on Make A Gif


2nd Beach Olympic National Park

2nd Beach Olympic National Park


The Beach region of the Olympic National Park, from LaPush to South Beach, is spectacular. With sea-stacks, tide-pools and miles of coast line to explore, this dog-friendly, kid-friendly area is a perfect weekend getaway. While it may make for a long day, a road trip out here to explore then catch the sunset is … READ MORE




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