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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

The Animals of the Olympic National Park

There is a common misconception about the Olympic National Park. While the region is known for amazing rain forests, incredible mountain peaks, gorgeous beaches and salmon stocked rivers, few people actually come to visit the park for our wide range of animals. Usually, if people want to see wild animals they travel to Yellowstone National Park. However, before you make that trek, check out the amazingly abundant wildlife right here on the Olympic Peninsula.


From the Roosevelt elk, which are the bases for the founding of the Olympic National Park, to the Marmots, slugs and salamanders that are endemic to the Olympic Peninsula, the region is alive with hundreds of different animals.  While we have no grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, bison or wolves, the Olympic National Park does have an incredible wealth of wildlife, both large and small. Check out the links below to start learning all the things you might see during your next trip to the area!




How many animals can you properly identify from this Olympic National Park Mural?



Answers: Click Here- Full-Color-Mural-with-s-cluster-Labels






Want more information on animals in the Olympic National Park?


Offical Site of thre Olympic National Parkhttp://www.nps.gov/olym/naturescience/animals.htm


Mammals: http://www.nps.gov/olym/naturescience/mammal-species-list.htm


Marine Mammals: http://www.nps.gov/olym/naturescience/marine-mammal-species-list.htm


Interested in Bird Watching? – NCCN_LandbirdAnnualReport2007_20080807




Stay tuned this week to see more information on animals of the Olympic National Park!

Elk in the rut in the Olympic National Park

Elk in the rut in the Olympic National Park

Mountain Goat on Mount Ellinor

Mountain Goat on Mount Ellinor

Jump to this Opportunity!!! (King Salmon jumping along the Skokomish River)

King Salmon jumping along the Skokomish River

A Bear on The Olympic Peninsula's Quinault River

A Bear on The Olympic Peninsula’s Quinault River



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