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Olympic Peninsula, Wa


With the location being so close to the ferry terminal, and so picturesque it has had two movies use it as their backdrop, Port Townsend is one of the best small towns on the Olympic Peninsula. Not only can you see whales, eagles and seals from downtown, but you can also explore an old fort, go on amazing hikes and experience one of the more dry climates on the normally soaking wet Olympic Peninsula.


While not many hikes are right in town, the entire region is home to some world-class views and amazing hiking for explorers of all levels and ages.






Fort Worden: 5 Minutes from Port Townsend


Home to one of the most famous ghost pictures, Fort Worden is spooky year round. This abandoned fort, located near Port Townsend is supposedly the most haunted place in Washington State. With a great beach, a lighthouse and deer make this your destination.





Mount Walker: 45 minutes from Port Townsend


Straight up to a tree-lined mountain top, a few thousand feet above sea-level, the Mount Walker trail rises and circles a cone shaped mountain near the mouth of the Hood Canal. This sounds super rad, and it is, because of the two great views. With a panoramic view of the Salish Sea and the Puget Sound on one side, and a wall-poster-quality view of the Olympic Mountains at the other, the sights from this mountain are awesome.


Seattle from the Summit of Mount Walker

Seattle from the Summit of Mount Walker




Murhut Falls: 1.2 Hours from Port Townsend


Murhut Falls is gorgeous, falling 130 feet in a two-tier falls. If one is daring, the falls can be climbed down to and played upon. This dog-friendly, kid-friendly, family-friendly trail is just a few miles long, and takes you into the Olympic Peninsula wilderness with little effort. This can be hiked year round, as it is roaring in the Spring, cooling in the winter, gorgeous in the fall and occasionally frozen in the winter months.


Murhut Falls, Olympic Peninsula

Murhut Falls, Olympic Peninsula




Hurricane Ridge: 1.5 Hours from Port Townsend


With views of the Olympic Mountains, Vancouver Island and Mount Baker, one could spend hours standing atop Hurricane Hill taking in the sights. Luckily, during the summer months, this trail is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy. In the winter, the trail is longer and covered in snow, but offering some of the best groomed areas for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the Olympic National Park.





Lena Lake: 1.5 Hours from Port Townsend


Lena Lake, and the trail to the Brothers Base-camp is like stepping into the land of Narnia or into the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The Lena Lake Trail has giant, moss-covered boulders, snarled, giant cedar and fir trees and a lake that, on still days, reflects the neighboring hills perfectly. The trail also has one of the most picturesque wooden bridges on the Peninsula. Despite the fact that the creek is now underground, the raised wooden structure serves as a boundary. Crossing the bridge, you enter the wilderness of the Olympic Peninsula. This is a must hike for all.


Lena Lake Lounging, Olympic Peninsula

Lena Lake Lounging, Olympic Peninsula




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