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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Stay at Kalaloch Lodge this winter!

With storms rolling in each week, and the wind and the rain pounding down on everything outdoors, cuddle up in a small cabin and enjoy watching the storm from right outside your window.


A storm and the Pacific Ocean from the Olympic Peninsula

Staying at Kalaloch Lodge (Now Offering Exclusive Rates), located on Highway 101 on the rain-forest side of the Olympic Peninsula, will leave you with lasting memories and someplace to fall back in love with nature, or that special hiker in your life.


Pony Bridge, near Lake Quinault

From your room, between Lake Quinault and Kalaloch Lodge, you can venture out and expolre (with Exotic Hikes of course)  Ruby Beach, Lake Quinault and the Hoh rain-forest,  all while sleeping right by the Pacific Ocean.

Why wouldn’t you want to go here?


The view from Kalaloch Lodge

The view from Kalaloch Lodge

Did I mention you can contact us and we will give you a locals only tour of the area!

Contact us at (360)350-8938 or exotichikes@gmail.com for amazing prices!




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