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Spice Up Your Home Life: Make Your Own Sriracha

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For many hikers and climbers and travelers and regular people, Sriracha is more than just spicy goodness. Sriracha is a cult phenomenon. Sriracha brings back memories of amazing foodie experiences and turning a bland dehydrated meal into a delicious meal that causes the mouth to water at the mere thought. For me, Sriracha reminds me of cold nights alone on the Quinault River, watching the night sky while enjoying Sriracha in numerous Mountain Home meals.


Kick it up a notch?? Image From Google.

Kick it up a notch??
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While the flavor world of Sriracha may appear to be vanishing, the taste of sweet and spicy can soon stay with your forever, thanks to an awesomely delicious recipe put on the internet. While a lawsuit, causing the shutdown of the California plant that produces the delicious condiment, means that Sriracha may be hard to find, the beauty and power of the internet has given us hope.
I present to you a homemade recipe for endless amounts of Sriracha at a fraction of the cost! Plus, you can support your local agricultural community and buy local.





Image From Google.

Image From Google.

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