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Snowy Owls in Ocean Shores: 3 Reasons to Bird with Exotic Hikes

Have you ever seen Snowy Owls up close?

How about along the beach on the Olympic Peninsula??


If you haven’t had a chance to go out to Damon Point/Point Brown in Ocean Shores, you really need to ASAP. Typically, there are around 10 Snowy Owls hanging out for the winter months and they are extremely photogenic. The owls are usually located about 2 miles down the beach and should be easily seen if you walk down the beach to the old road. Follow the old road until the end and make your way through the trails in the brush…the Snowy Owls are usually in this area.


Case and point to how close and majestic they are:


Snowy Owl in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl taking off in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl taking off in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl Mid-Flight in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl Mid-Flight in Ocean Shores


About Damon Point/Point Brown: Located on the southernmost point of Ocean Shores, the collection of sand forms a spit that not only faces the Ocean, but also the interior of Grays Harbor. On a sunny day from Damon Point, one can see the Olympic Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, and Mt. Rainier. After a storm, the beach is prime for collecting shells, agates, floats and the occasional glass ball. In the winter, this area is a hotbed for Snowy Owls and other migratory birds, making it a birders heaven.


Directions: Head to Ocean Shores on the Washington Coast along Highway 101 and or Highway 12. Head through Aberdeen and Hoquiam, following signs to Ocean Shores and Highway 109.

From Highway 109, turn left on Highway 115 at Hogan’s Corner, following signs to Ocean Shores.

Turn left into the city of Ocean Shores and onto Point Brown Avenue NE

Follow Point Brown Avenue NE until the end, staying to the right. Pass an old marina and RV park on the left. Park on the right near RV park. You will see a long beach and privy. 


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