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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Shi Shi Beach Hikes

Directions- From Port Angeles, head West on Highway 101 until you reach the junction with WA-112 West/Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway. After 22,4 miles you will merge with Bayview Ave. Turn left in 4 miles on Fort St, then take the 3rd right on 3rd avenue. Take the 2nd left onto Cape Flattery Road. Take a left on Hobuck Rd and then take 2 rights, one on Makah Passage and then another on Tsoo-Yess beach Road.

Welcome to Neah Bay

Welcome to Neah Bay


Easy Hike- Don’t be too shy shy about taking a long walk on a beach. In fact, millions of people can’t be wrong putting this on their dating profiles as something they enjoy! You don’t have to be Kajagoogoo to get to this beach. Located close to Neah Bay, this may be out of the way, but it is a scenic drive and a fantastic place to take pictures. Flat, scenic and close to the farthest northwest point in the continental United States, this trail is perfect for all. Bring a camera, rain gear, and a sense of adventure for this 8.0 round trip hike.


Camping at Shi SHi Beach

Camping at Shi SHi Beach. Photo from NPS.gov


Beast Mode Hike- Backpack out here for a few days in the fall or winter. Trust me, this is all you need to do to prove you are truly an outdoors person.


Side trip- Go see Cape Flattery.

The view from Cape Flattery

The view from Cape Flattery

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  1. Tracey says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was lucky enough to visit the peninsula for the first time this summer (6/14), and surprisingly, did not see one drop of rain the entire time! My travel buddy and I had some amazing adventures, hiking and gallivanting around.

    IMO, beach hiking is the most strenuous, but in your part of the country, also the most worth it. After some tough but relatively short hikes at Rialto Beach (to hole-in-the-wall), Third Beach, First Beach, and Ruby Beach, we did the hike to Shi Shi, starting from the trail head in Neah Bay. WOW was it breathtaking! For someone who is not in the best of shape, I thought the 2.5 (or so) miles each way was totally do-able. From the never-ending stretches of shoe-sucking mud to the sheer 200′ (or so) climb up and down to the beach, it was a tough go, but so much fun and definitely not impossible for someone of size!

    I think Shi Shi was the highlight of our week long trip, but throughout our time at ONP, I enjoyed pushing myself to limits I never knew I could reach and being amazed by the visual rewards of my efforts. The Olympic Peninsula is the most magical place on earth, and there was something new to blow my mind every single day. I will surely be going back next year.

    It appears I’ve rambled on quite a bit, but thank you for this article and the blog in itself. They bring back so many great memories of the places we visited and the incredible sights that will stay with me forever.



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