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Sasquatch Sighted and Tracks Found on Vancouver Island

Sasquatch Sighted in British Columbia, Canada


Every few years, local news agencies start paying attention to stories from nature. Sometimes, it is about a missing hiker or a killer mountain goat. More often than not, it is about a possible Sasquatch sighting or the reports of clues to its existence. Today, the news out of Canada’s Vancouver Island is the latter, with reports of possible Sasquatch sighting and the discovery of numerous footprints coming in to the authorities in Tofino, British Columbia.




Halfway up Vancouver Island, the city of Tofino sits quietly against the Pacific Ocean. Tofino, which is located near the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and the beautiful West Coast Trail, is known for rugged coastal beauty, lush rainforest vegetation and great hiking, camping, kayaking and whale watching. With numerous species of animals and huge reserves of undeveloped land, many say that the region around Tofino is a great place for a possible Sasquatch sighting. Also near the area is near the 1,800 member Ahousaht First Nation, where our reportedly Sasquatch sighting occurred.


On February 26th, 2014, Fisheries Officer Luck Swan Jr saw a strange animal standing on the shore. While interviewed by CTV, he said that he saw the creature stand up and was “…probably between eight or nine feet.”


As an experience outdoorsman, he knew it wasn’t a bear that he had just seen, but instead of following it and seeing what it was, he returned to town, overwhelmed and confused by what he saw. He talked with his father, and they decided to return to area and search for the animal.


What they found when they returned to the area, they discovered numerous tracks which were measured to be 16 inches long and between 7 and 9 inches long. While they didn’t take plaster molds of the tracks, they did snap pictures of trees that were damaged too high to be a bear, as well as pictures of the reported footprints.





While there is no timetable on when the pictures will be evaluated or when the area will be researched by professional Sasquatch trackers, most you have already formed an option about the truth of the story. We all hear a story like the one from Canada and come to our own conclusion with jst a few facts.


Stories about Sasquatch immediately jump to the skeptical part of most people’s brains, as a giant creature living without proof seems silly and impossible. Every time someone sees a Sasquatch, doubters and naysayers come out of the woodwork, immediately striking down any possibility of something existing that they don’t already know is real. Believers will point to the Mountain Gorillas, which was believed to be an imaginative beast, until it was discovered in 1902.


Nine Other Animals that were once considered Mythical: http://listverse.com/2010/04/16/10-beasts-that-used-to-be-mythical/


What do you think?


Is this story from our neighbors to the north just an attempt at attention by a father and son team or is Sasquatch getting closer to being discovered?




Want to Test your Beliefs on Sasquatch?





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