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Put A Bird On It! Dueling Bald Eagles Crash into Portland Tree

March 3rd, 2014

Credit: Photos courtesy of Brian Lincoln

Credit: Photos courtesy of Brian Lincoln

Bald Eagles are the symbolic animal of our awesome nation. Representing democracy, freedom, capitalism and numerous colleges as a mascot, the American Bald Eagle is something we love. We prop up the image of an eagle for every holiday we can, some people going so far as to get a tattoo of a bald eagle ripping out of their chests. Americans really love the bald eagle, which is why the events in Portland, Oregon need to be known.


Eagles are known to fight for territory by battling in mid-air. Locking their talons together, two eagles will duke it out in the sky, plummeting toward earth, lost in a sea of rage and concentration. As the ground gets increasingly near, the eagles will release their talons and either fly away or try again to assert dominance. Occasionally, this will happen in trees, without the dangerous plummet to the ground. In the trees, the eagles will fly at each other, using their talons to try to attack the other. While common, this act usually isn’t seen in an urban area. That is, until this morning in Portland.


While the hipsters Portland tried their best to emulate the lifestyle of those in the thriving big city of Seattle, two eagles were fighting for territory in a neighbor tree. Somehow, inexplicably, the eagles got stuck together.  Locking their talons and slapping each other silly with their wings, two bald eagles brought an entire neighbor out of their homes and out to watch the drama in the trees.


Unsure of what to do, citizens called emergency officials and news agencies. The concerned phone calls and tweets led to the Portland Chapter of the Audubon Society and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to come out with a bucket-truck. Before the large crowd could see just what would happen between humans and fighting eagles, the symbols of American freedom and democracy decided to let go of their talons of liberty and end the fight. For over four hours these eagles were locked together, neither giving an inch, but within seconds, the battle was over and there was no clear winner. While one eagle was reportedly injured, both flew away quickly.




The incredible staff at Exotic Hikes wasn’t too sure what the positive influence on society would be by sharing this story, but we wanted you to know about it. Oh, and now that we have you thinking about the Bald Eagle… this is what they actually sound like:



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