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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Port Townsend Victorian Heritage Festival

March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2014



Port Townsend is an awesome town, tucked away in the northeastern-most part of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. With views of the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountains and up the Salish Sea, it is little wonder why Port Townsend was once called the City of Dreams by early European settlers.


With a picturesque setting, Victorian era homes, and an actual downtown district, early developers hoped Port Townsend would become the largest Port City on the West Coast. Buildings were built, streets were paved and a military base moved in, giving Port Townsend an economic bump, but it didn’t last long. As quickly as wealth and new business entered the region, it vanished. While the influx of wealth might be gone from the town, the dreams of prosperity are still evident in the architecture and the cities love of all things Victorian.


Hanging on to that culture, the city is putting on their Annual Victorian Heritage Festival on March 21st through the 23rd.


According to their website they are going to “Kick off Friday night with our Victorian Pub Crawl – featuring saloons, ‘shanghai tunnels,’ and fine vintage cocktails through a staggering selection of Port Townsends (in)famous watering holes.”


The fun continues on Saturday when the festival “looks back to Port Townsend’s military roots at Fort Townsend and Fort Worden. Watch cavalry drills and demonstrations alongside old favorites like the fashion show, steam boat rides, prize fighters and Victorian teas”



Sunday sees the Festival conclude, with tours of building available a few times during the day. While that may not sound awesome to you, the history of Port Townsend is well worth learning, so stick around.


Port Townsend and Ferry

Port Townsend and Ferry


5 Highlights You Need to Experience at the Victorian Heritage Festival


The Victorian Pub Crawl, complete with a shanty sing!!

Info: http://vicfest.org/pub.jsp


Victorian Bicycles!






Forts of Port Townsend!



Military Cutlas Class!




Fort Worden Ruins

Fort Worden Ruins




SCHEDULE: http://vicfest.org/sched.jsp


NEARBY HIKES: http://exotichikes.com/the-5-best-easy-hikes-near-port-townsend/



The Lighthouse at Fort Worden

The Lighthouse at Fort Worden

Fort Worden Bluffs

Fort Worden Bluffs


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