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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park Guidebook

Exotic Hikes is pleased to announce the release of its first book, 52 Hikes on the Olympic Peninsula.





Created to provide you with a hike for each week of the year, this book is informative on 52 unique trails, while also giving you 55 calendar-quality pictures. The book is ideal for families, hikers of all abilities, and even non-hikers. With beautiful images and well-written reviews of trails, this guide takes you around the Olympic Peninsula and the Olympic National Park like no other book available. With hiker-friendly trail reviews and 363 miles of hikes highlighted, even the pickiest of hiker can find a personal favorite.





“This is my favorite kind of guidebook (and I read a lot of them): informational and authoritative, but also approachable and personal enough to be a good read on its own. The trail descriptions will make you want to pack up and head for the Peninsula, but the gorgeous photos will really seal the deal. Highly recommended.”   Dan W.


“I was WOW’d by it.  The pictures were awesome and the descriptions were informative.  Great work!”  Phil M.


“Beautiful book! My whole family enjoys it. And it’s fun to pre-plan our next adventures using the info for each hike listed, like trailhead location, difficulty level, total miles, hike highlights and more! The most affordable, full-color guide book with the most ease-of-use I have ever bought.” Mindy H.


“Great, professional work! It makes me want to pack a backpack, put on my hiking shoes and head out to the trails.”  Shirley M.


“Really good guidebooks need to do two things:  They need to inspire you to explore places you’ve never been and they need to give you a taste of the unknown to get you off the couch. Secondly, they need to accurately guide you to your destination and help you find a path so you can spend more time enjoying the place and less time second-guessing which trail to take. Exotic Hikes book does both. I couldn’t be happier that a book like this finally exists for the Olympic Peninsula.”   Mathias E.



Buy the ebook here: http://bit.ly/1bHzMFH

Buy the Paperback herehttp://bit.ly/1gxEbTo



Question and Answer:


Other guidebooks exists, so why should I get yours?


While other books do exist, this is the only one in this format. We feel that trail guides need both photography and trail reviews, not just one or the other. We also talk positively about all the trails, unlike some of the popular, local books. Our book is for everyone who enjoys nature, from serious hikers looking for a challenge, to families looking for children-friendly hikes. People who have already purchased our book have overwhelmingly thanked us for the positive reviews of trails and found this book a refreshing change from other trail books.



Why just a digital copy? I want an actual book.


The two main reasons for having a digital copy are accessibility and print quality. For now, our research has shown the majority of people look for hikes while online or on their phones, iPads and Kindles so we cater to them. Plus, the picture quality on those devices is amazing.

Still want a paper copy? You are in luck: http://bit.ly/1bHzMFH



Aren’t there more than 52 hikes in the Olympic Peninsula?


Since there are 52 weeks in a year, we thought it would be rad if there was a book to find a hike for each week. Since the majority of hikers can only get out once a week, this format seemed logical to us.



Who took the pictures?


Exotic Hikes is responsible for all content. Only one picture (The Enchanted valley Chalet) was not taken by us. We painstakingly picked the best pictures to represent the area we were describing and feel that the images alone will encourage you to explore the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park.



In 20 words or less, why should I buy this book?


The book captures the beauty of the area and gives you great descriptions of the best places to hike.



What if I don’t live near the Olympic Peninsula?


First of all, you have my sympathy. The area is gorgeous. Also, even if you don’t live here, the book is meant to inspire adventures here, or near your home. By seeing the beauty of the Olympic National Park and Peninsula, we hope you will want to come out and visit.



I hike on the Olympic Peninsula all the time, why do I need this book?


If you do hike all the time, this book will help you on those days where you might just want a short hike, or maybe return to a long-forgotten favorite trail. Also, if you live around here, you should consistently be supporting local, small businesses.



$10 is out of my budget. Why is that the cost?


While I understand budgeting down to the last penny every month, this book is only the cost of 2 trips to Starbucks or your local coffee shop. Hiking will help you be healthy and happy, so skip the coffee stand once a week and get this book. Your body will thank you.



Where can I buy the book?


Buy the ebook here: http://bit.ly/1bHzMFH

Buy the Paperback here: http://bit.ly/1gxEbTo


Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.00.28 PM



Thanks for purchasing your copy!

Exotic Hikes






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