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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

You Can Count on Marmots: Volunteer to help monitor Olympic Marmots this Summer!


Since 2010, volunteers have been encouraged to help the National Park collect yearly data on the Olympic Marmot population. The population has been decreasing yearly, and if current numbers continue the uniquely endemic Olympic Marmot might not be a common park sight. This summer, make a difference, hike along some of the most scenic ridges in the country and help Marmots.


Help Oliver Find His Family on the Olympic Peninsula

Help Oliver Find His Family on the Olympic Peninsula

            (Do you know Oliver the Olympic Peninsula Marmot? http://olivermarmot.tumblr.com/



Marmots are amazing, adorable, finicky creatures, as we discussed in an earlier blog. (What is a Marmot)

To monitor these furry guys and girls, you get the chance to walk high alpine ridge-lines throughout the park.

The marmot, which lives in the high alpine and dislikes too hot of weather, is quite fun to watch and this opportunity is rare and fantastic.

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This is an amazing opportunity. Where else can you get free access to the park and also get to make sure that marmots are around for future generations of Olympic National Park explorers? As a volunteer, you GET to hike, see amazing views, be in the wilds of the Olympic National Park and have an all access pass to the back-country. This is everything a summer should be, and you should get the application done quick. In fact, I am going to stop writing and apply, and you should too!




    • Capable of hiking and camping in remote areas
    • Be comfortable on steep slopes
    • Hike 5-20 miles in one or 2 days
    • Able to climb significant elevation


If your child would like to volunteer, they must be between the ages of 13-17 and always accompanied by a responsible adult.




    • Since this is a volunteer job, no pay will be given.
    • Entry to the park and back-country fees will be FREE
  • Due Date: May 1st



APPLICATION: 2014 Marmot Application






Video showing what you will be doing



Official Page







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