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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Merriman Falls, Lake Quinault

People love waterfalls. I know I do. In fact, if you go to a National Park, the most crowded parking lots are usually for trails to waterfalls, or overlooks to get a peek at the water cascading down over rocks. When someone says the word “waterfall,” your brain flashes to the one that is most significant in your life, transporting you back to that place. For me, I used to think of the Columbia Gorge and growing up in Vancouver Washington. Recently though, I have been seeing more and more waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula.

( Click Here- Exclusive Video:  The Falls…from the water)


Waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula are most often seen on a day hike, but this limits the exposure and traffic they see. Many of the good hikes to amazing waterfalls are only 1 or 2 miles, but with a family, or being out of shape, these can be hard to enjoy. Luckily, there is a waterfall that encapsulates the beauty and ruggedness of the Olympic Peninsula, and it is enjoyable from the road!

Merriman Falls from the Road

Located just a few miles past the exquisitely Rustic Lake Quinault Lodge, Merriman Falls comes out of nowhere on your right side. With just a few pullout spots, a driver not paying attention may fly past it on their way to Graves Creek or continuing on their drive around the lake. However, without much trying, the falls is easily seen cascading down a hillside, only 30 feet from the road. At over 40 feet tall, and surrounded by lush, green vegetation, Merriman Falls instantly becomes associated with the beauty of the Olympic Rain Forest. With trails around the base, and even a very sketchy one to the top, Merriman Falls will be a family favorite, and yet another welcoming image when you are entering the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Merriman Falls in the Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest

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(Click here- Exclusive Video:  The Falls…from the water)



Highway 101 to South Shore Road at Lake Quinault.

Located on the right side a little more than 4 miles past the Lodge.

  • Latitude : 47.5004
  • Longitude : – 123.7829

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