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Logger Loses Lengthy Load of Lumber on Olympia Roundabout

Today, Dec. 10th, 2013, the city of Olympia was forced to answer the age old question, but with a modern twist. If a tree falls from a logging truck, and nobody is around, does it make a noise?


While we here at Exotic Hikes were out taking pictures of nature, the following scene unfolded, causing a huge backup and raising numerous questions about the transport of logs through the town.


Image credit: THE OLYMPIAN


Accidents like this do occur every so often around the Olympic Peninsula. Last year, a truck lost its load on Highway 101 in Port Angeles. Luckily, nobody was hurt in either and in a few days this will be nothing more than a humorous story.


Many have started discussing this on social media, with some calling for the removal of the port. This is ignorant and reactionary, as the timber industry is a key component to employment at our local ports. Without this, numerous jobs would be lost across the state, hurting an already struggling economy. Timber is a part of the Northwest, for good or ill. Our solution: Fix out transportation infrastructure and move us away from failed road way planning that has plagued the region.



Image Credit: City of Olympia



Does anyone know if any witnesses to this accident shouted “Timber” as they drove by?




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