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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Lake Cushman State Park aka- Camp Cushman and Recreation Park


Lake Cushman PanoramaDirections:

Drive on Highway 101 North, through Shelton and Hoodsport. Turn left on State Highway 119/Lake Cushman Road. You will also see signs to Staircase and the Olympic National Park. Drive 4.6 miles and turn left at the Lake Cushman Resort signs.


Hours, Cost and Camping:

–          Tents- From $15 to $66

–          RV Sites- From $20-$35

–          Cabins- From $65 to $140

More info and Reservations : http://www.lakecushman.com/LCWebPages/lcr/rates.htm

Camp Area Map: http://www.themapsquad.com/tour/lakecushman/page1.htm


Lake Cushman and Mount Ellinior

Lake Cushman and Mount Ellinior


The website for the Lake Cushman Resort is truly behind the times and hard to read, but don’t let the lack of web design fool you, they are sitting on an extremely beautiful area. With views of the Olympic Mountains, specifically Mount Ellinor (LINK) and Mount Washington as well as Copper Mountain and numerous areas to enjoy the picturesque Lake Cushman, this is a must see place. While this is no longer a state park, it may still be listed as Lake Cushman State Park on many older maps. This is one instance where private ownership does well, as the Resort is a fantastic place to stay.


Set on the sight of the old Antlers Hotel of 1895, visitors have an unprecedented view of the 4,000 acre Lake Cushman on the North Fork of the Skokomish River. With crystal clear water and access to a Olympic National Forest and the Olympic National Park just miles away, it is hard to imagine a more perfect summer camping spot on the Olympic Peninsula.


Antlers hotel on Lake Cushman with Mount Ellinor in the back

Antlers hotel on Lake Cushman with Mount Ellinor in the back

From Fishing to hunting and boating and hiking, this area is a place for everyone. While not near a huge city, you will quickly discover that everything you really need is located nearby. The trails near here are some of the best in the state, the boating is awesome, and the scuba diving and fishing is sure to make some lifelong memories.


If large campgrounds aren’t your thing, check out some of the more isolated camping spots near Staircase, which are Staircase Campground and the Big Creek Campground. The Resort is just that, a resort and you need to expect all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.


Lake Cushman in the Late Summer

Lake Cushman in the Late Summer


Fun Facts:

–          This area has had a resort or campground on it for well over 100 years!

–          The Dam at lake Cushman was built in the 1920’s and is owned by the City of Tacoma

–          Lake Cushman is not natural, and there are talks of removing this dam and restoring the flow of the North Fork of the Skokomish, and the recently did with the Elwha River.

Upper Skokomish River and Olympic National Park

Upper Skokomish River and Olympic National Park in Winter


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Lake Cushman From Mount Ellinor

Lake Cushman From Mount Ellinor. Come Hike with Us!


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