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Idiot Hiker of the Week: College Girl Edition

In what seems to be an ever growing trend, yet another young hiker had to be rescued from the trails after a drug experience went wrong. This time, it wasn’t meth like the California kids. Instead, it was mushrooms and I am not talking about the shiitake type.


Mushroom Princess at the site of the nakedness

Mushroom Princess at the site of the nakedness

Last weekend, because it was a nice, spring day in Boulder, Colorado, three roommates decided it would be an awesome experience if they ate some stems and caps and went exploring the area known as the Third Flatiron above the University of Colorado.  The idea to take drugs and explore nature is not new, and will be repeated often, but what makes this girl the idiot hiker of the week is that she couldn’t handle her drugs. Instead of enjoying the day like her two male roommates, who presumably stared at their hands and looked at the city below, she freaked out, stripped off all of her clothes and began fighting the boys. They restrained her, called the police and soon a helicopter had to come to rescue the naked, stoned co-ed. Nearly an hour later, as the rescue crew came to her aid, she resisted, and tried to climb out of the basket. Knowing she was a risk to herself and to others, they handcuffed the girl before transporting her to a local hospital.


She recovered after a few hours and as released from the hospital’s care. She was charged and ticketed with unlawful consumption of a controlled substance. Her two roommates, who just wanted to escape mentally and physically, are also facing possible charges for drug use and distribution. Officials have yet to determine who is responsible for search and rescue fees.




The naked University of Colorado woman truly supports her university, giving new meaning to the term “Go Buffs”





A few Eminem Songs that seem somewhat (in)appropriate:


and this one:




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