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Human Head Found in Crab Pot off Washington Coast

 UPDATED 4/4/2014

Crab Pot near Westport

Crab Pot near Westport

Original story posted on Feb. 21st, 2014


Update: NO DNA match was found when the FBI tested this skull against the Federal DNA database.


The city of Westport, Washington isn’t known by many people outside of Grays Harbor. Situated on the coast, this small town of two-thousand residents is best known for amazing fishing, a fantastic Lighthouse Museum and their salt water taffy.


Now, Westport will be known for finding a human head in a crab pot.


In yet another chapter of “Strange Things That Always Happen in the Northwest”, a fisherman found part of a human head in a crab pot. Two miles off shore, the Westport fisherman pulled up his crab pot and saw something odd. He called the police, and after tests were run, he had discovered a portion of a human skull. The crab pot, which had been sitting off shore for nearly a week, and the partial human skull, are now being held as evidence by the Grays Harbor County Sherriff’s Department


While this story is mind-blowing, stories of body parts washing up on shore are not anything new to the region. For the past ten years, human feet have been washing up on the coastal areas near Vancouver, BC in the Salish Sea. Not legs. Not hands. Just feet. Most still in shoes.


More info on the Salish Sea Feet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salish_Sea_human_foot_discoveries


Credit: Phil Westrick

Credit: Phil Westrick




The “Case of the Man Who Let Crabbing Get to His Head” is still being investigated.

If this does end up to be a serious story, we will update this post.

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Source: http://kbkw.com/local-news/107085 

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