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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Hike Every Week in 2014 in the Olympic National Park


Exotic Hikes is pleased to announce the release of the paperback copy of our wildly successful e-book, 52 Hikes: Hike Every Week on the Olympic Peninsula. With 52 of the best hikes in the Olympic National Park, this guidebook not only will get you outside, but allows you to see the trails like no other guidebook.





We want to inspire you to hike every chance you get. Exotic Hikes is your expert on everything Olympic National Park. We have hiked thousands of miles of trails in the region in all seasons, so when we write about an area, we actually know it and have experienced it. The Olympic National Park is our backyard and we want to share it with you. We want to encourage hiking for people of all ages and abilities, and this guidebook does just that.


What sets this guidebook apart from the others being sold is that this book actually has pictures from the region you will be hiking. While traditional guidebooks give you just the facts, Exotic Hikes prides itself on inspiring you to get on the trails, and the images in this guidebook will do just that.  From gorgeous waterfalls and lakes near Sol Duc to the Quinault Rainforest’s Enchanted Valley, we have you covered!


With full-color images, directions and trail descriptions, the trails of the Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula come alive. Broken into sections for beginning, moderate and advanced hikers, 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes: Hike Every Week is for everyone.  Buy your copy today and experience hiking in the beauty of the Olympic National Park.





Buy the ebook here: http://bit.ly/1bHzMFH

Buy the Paperback herehttp://bit.ly/1gxEbTo



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