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Have you seen rings around the Moon? Now you can predict the weather!

Have you glanced up at the sky just to see the moon? We all have. Looking at the moon on a clear night takes us back to our childhoods, where we saw a face on the moon looking back at us. The moon, distant, but sometimes close enough to feel like you can touch it, is always a great sight in the night sky. Looking up at the moon isn’t just for fun though. Did you know you can actually predict the weather, up to 66% correctly, just by observing the moon?


The moon, which illuminates so much, also causes nighttime rainbows. Nighttime rainbows,  or as Texas A&M University describes them, “light bending or refracting as it passes through ice crystals from high-level cirrus clouds” show moisture in the air! If you see a ring around the moon, it is this phenomenon, giving you the heads up that it might rain or snow soon!


With this ring...

A colorless rainbow around the moon. What does it mean??? Rain.

While not 100% accurate, looking at the moon for increased levels of moisture will help you know when it will rain soon. Being 66% accurate, I felt this was important enough to pass on to all of you.


I often look at the sky, looking for an understanding of the universe. I have yet to receive answers to life’s most important questions, but being able to predict the weather is pretty cool. Besides, do you often ask, I wonder if it will rain tomorrow?

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