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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Glissade Down Mount Ellinor on the Olympic Peninsula

Are you in need to break away from the daily grind?

Do you feel caught in the rat race and need to get your blood pumping?


Looks like you need to come with us up to Mount Ellinor and glissade down.

At 5910Ft, you will feel the burn in your legs as you reach the summit of this majestic mountain, with views of Seattle, Mount Rainier, Mt St Helens and Mount Olympus. Take in the view, catch your breath and get ready for a 15 minute slide down a chute that will make you feel alive.


We will train you in proper technique, take your picture and maybe even make a video for you like this:

Trust me. This is the way to start the New Year right!


As always, call us at (360)350-8938 to start living and experiencing all things Olympic Peninsula

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