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Get Your Goose On. Visit a National Wildlife Refuge

Get Your Goose On. 

get outside


The image of the National Wildlife Refuge apparently needed to be flipped upside-down like a ducks behind in water, replaced with a new brand of epicness that aims to generate hype among the youth to check out nature. With four simple words, an attempt to teach nature appreciation to kids sprung to life.



This one minute long commercial for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, highlighting their National Wildlife Refuges shakes up what we previously thought about America’s refuges. While you may hate it, love it or just think it is another yell for attention by one of the many underfunded government agencies critical to nature and wildlife, you have to admit it at least got you thinking about them.



The “Get your Goose On!” campaign has already given us the two “interesting” videos below, as well as the amazing pictures in a Flickr Group and has a website dedicated to getting your goose further on.


(http://www.flickr.com/groups/getyourgooseon/pool/) (http://www.fws.gov/getyourgooseon/index.php).



The term and logo for “Get Your Goose On” make sense, kind of. The goose pictured on the logo is the Blue Goose. It was drawn by known conservationalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist J,N. “Ding” Darling. It was first used officially in 1934 and has been around ever since. By showing the image on the towels waved around wildly (do not wave towels while in refuges, please), we get to experience the great legacy of America’s refuges.



Many in my generation, as with nearly every generation, never went to refuges, aside from that class field trip, but it is time to reconnect with them. The land is set aside for us, so take advantage of it, explore it and get your nature-loving Goose on.





If this doesn’t inspire you to go to a refuge, I suggest you give one a try. Here is our list of local Refuges and Fee Free Dates in 2014.




Nisqually: Now with Great-Horned Owls




get your goose on2


Still Reading? Check out the dancing bird in the first video at 33 seconds in.

Also, is that a foot or …

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