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Fall in Love with the Olympic Peninsula Every Day in 2013

With just a few days left before we call an end to the year 2012, I am reminded by the words of a wise man. Sitting around a campfire, miles from any other soul, we talked life, business and nature. Breaking one of the long silences as we gazed up at the stars, he said “You know, I always forget to buy a calendar for the New Year.” He followed this up with, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could buy one from you?”

Humes Ranch on the Elwha

Humes Ranch on the Elwha

Ok, so maybe this story didn’t really happen, but it should have, and could have. Lucky for the man in this story, I do sell calendars. They are unique and all original photos from my tours and hikes over the last year.

I know what you might be thinking. I do put numerous pictures up on Facebook each and every day. In fact, I put the most Olympic Peninsula pictures online of any page I know. However, I save the best for my calendar, and each year, the lucky ones who buy them get to stare into the true beauty that is the Olympic Peninsula.

The pictures in the Calendar are crisp, clear and even farmable if you felt so incline. In fact, many of the images from the calendar are available for prints. However, I only ask for one small favor. Please buy a calendar.  This year, the images are from the entire peninsula. From mountain tops, to river valleys, waterfalls and beaches, Exotic Hikes 2013 calendar will make you feel like you are visiting the area each and every day.


The calendar sales allow me to keep my promise of continuing to deliver the high quality images that you know and love. I promise you, that upon purchasing a calendar, all profits will go to continual work in bring the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula to the world.


The calendars have been sold to 6 countries, 15 states and countless households around this world. Please join those who love the area and purchase your Exotic Hikes 2013 Calendar today, before you miss out.

2013 Calendars

2013 Calendars

For the cost of a few days of coffee you can not only support Exotic Hikes, but you can also gaze and day dream about your next vacation to the world’s most beautiful place, the Olympic Peninsula.


For those of you who have already bought a calendar, thank you for your support. You have no idea how humble I am for the support that each of you has given me. Words can’t describe the astonishment each time an order is placed and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you,

Exotic Hikes

Purchase right now: goo.gl/cXL6m

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