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Entire House Vanishes in Oregon Town

Looking down toward Klamath Falls from Crater Lake National Park.

Looking down toward Klamath Falls from Crater Lake National Park.


In the small, Oregon town of Klamath Falls, just south of Crater Lake and north of Weed, strange things have always been rumored to have happened. Most often, the bizarre stories we hear from the old west town on the Applegate Trail have to deal with Sasquatch. However, news reports from Oregon’s NBC affiliate KOBI have been reporting on something even more unbelievable- a missing house.


This is not a story about a house swept away by a landslide, or a flood or some other devastating act. Instead, it is about someone having the audacity to lift a home off the foundation and hauling it away, without much of a trace. Just like that, someone’s home that was sitting alone for months, in the middle of the woods up an vanished. Poof…a 1,200 square foot cabin has disappeared.


The Oregon NBC Affiliate has been in contact with authorities that are not named Scully or Mulder, and their full report can be read here: http://kobi5.com/component/zoo/item/missing-house-in-klamath-falls.html#.VO6-r0JH1E7







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  1. diraj says:

    Them darn house thieves, turn your head and poof, ones running with a home on his back. better check out craigs lists, see if anyone is trying to hock a house. truthfully, I would call guiness, cause I think this is the first. them darn UFO’s or better check for witches and warlocks. maybe gophers moved it

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