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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Elwha River Hikes

Welcome to the Elwha

Welcome to the Elwha


Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/eM8t9 

Head West on Highway 101 for 7.6 miles

Turn Left and head South on Old Olympic Hot Springs Road for 4.1 Miles

Turn Left on Whiskey Bend Rd and follow it for 4.1 Miles to reach the Whiskey Bend Trailhead.


Easy Hike:


The trail along the Elwha River, Olympic National Park

The trail along the Elwha River, Olympic National Park

Goblin's Gate on the Elwha River

Goblin’s Gate on the Elwha River

Humes Ranch, Elwha. Olympic National Park

Humes Ranch, Elwha.
Olympic National Park

From the Trailhead, the path to Goblins Gate is mostly easy and wide, with little to see until you reach the fork in the trail. Head along the wide open, mostly flat trail for 1.7 miles, until you reach the trail for Rica Canyon on the right. I suggest taking this route, as it is less step this direction. By dropping down in elevation through a story book forest, this .5 mile trail puts you right along the banks of the Elwha River. Staying to the right, you soon find yourself coming to the end of the trail, where the river sputters and churns next to an entry way to the properly named Goblins Gate. Narrow, rocks and picturesque, Goblins Gate offers little more than a narrow trail to stand on and take in the beauty of the greens of both the trees and the violently active section of the Elwha River.


If you feel good, keep heading to Humes ranch. This will make the loop about 7 miles, but mostly flat in places and totally worth it!


Goblins Gate, Elwha River

Goblins Gate, Elwha River


Awesome Hike:


If you want a true epic experience, from the trail head  ignore the path along the river and head uphill, along the Gray Wolf Creek trail. This trail goes all the way to Hurricane Ridge. While best done during late Spring, Summer and early Fall, doing this in the winter on a good day with the right gear will give you a hike done by maybe only a handful of people a year.








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Want More Hikes? Click Image for more details

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  1. NacMacFeegle says:

    Looks like a great hike! Last time I was in the area the road was closed due to the dam removal, but after seeing these photos I may have to plan another trip back there!

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