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Do Washingtonians Feel Washington is the Best State?

In a recent study, 58% of Washingtonians consider Washington State to be the best place to live. According to our senior mathematician, that means 42% of you are not impressed with what we have to offer as a state and believe that there are better options than The Evergreen State. That is four out of ten people we walk by every single day. Statistically speaking, nearly half the people you sit by at the next Seahawks game will be thinking there is a better place to live.


(SEE HOW THE OTHER 49 STATES RANK: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/04/25/state-pride-gallup-montana-alaska/8140879/)


While some who participated in this poll may be having a hard time economically, which is an allowable reason to not like where you are living, the rest of the people who answered confuse us.


Endless questions can be asked to the 42% who think there is a better state than Washington. Do they not appreciate beauty? Do they not enjoy vibrant cities, the wilderness or the country? Is it all the rain in Western Washington? Is it all the sun in Eastern Washington? Is it the volcanoes, National Parks and abundant wildlife? Is it our amazing wineries, the legalized marijuana, the gender equality? What is it?


We live in a beautiful state, with amazing cities, fantastic views, and a ton of innovation. We love Washington State and give you our 10 Reasons why Washington is the Best State!







Image from Pridefoundation.org. Click for link

Image from Pridefoundation.org. Click for link


Washington steadily ranks high in states best known for equality. From gender equality to our low levels of racism, Washington is an extremely accepting place for people of all genders, races or creeds.



Marijuana, Microbrews and Wine

Image from: www.capitolhillseattle.com

Image from: www.capitolhillseattle.com


We are just one of two states where you can brew your own beer and legally buy marijuana. Even if you are against those substances, we are at least generating tax revenue off of this and not from your hard earned paycheck! Plus, we have THE BEST wine in the country, hands down. Don’t believe us? Take one of our winery tours: http://bit.ly/1nzA6R3



Natural Diversity

Colonel Bob Peak looking to the Pacific Ocean

Colonel Bob Peak looking to the Pacific Ocean


Living in Washington, we can choose between rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, deserts or anything else, all within a few hours’ drive from nearly any city. We have every climate within a few hours, so if you don’t like the weather where you are, explore a new place in the state!




The Olympic Mountains from Mount Ellinor

The Olympic Mountains from Mount Ellinor


If you love mountains, skiing, snow sports or just gazing at glacier filled peaks from a distance, Washington State has you covered. With some of the most underrated skiing in America, if you haven’t experienced the mountains of Washington, you are missing out on epic adventures!



Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier


Many consider Mount Rainier to be the crown jewel of Washington State. This large volcano looms over the majority of the population, forever giving us a reminder just how impressive nature can be. If you haven’t seen Mount Rainier from all over the state, go exploring on the next sunny day!


More on Mount Rainier: http://bit.ly/1h9ysUa



The North Cascades

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

Many forget the North Cascades exist, but once you explore this remote and rugged section of Washington State, you will never forget it. From an awesome drive to some of the most remote hiking in the country, if it was good enough for Kerouac, it should be good enough for you!


 The best of the North Cascades: http://andyporterphotography3413.zenfolio.com/



Olympic National Park

Enchanted Valley Trail, Olympic National Park Click for more Info!

Enchanted Valley Trail, Olympic National Park
Click for more Info!


This National Park has the best beaches, the best rainforests and some of the best views from mountain in the entire state. If you haven’t explored Olympic National Park, you haven’t even begun to explore Western Washington.


Explore Olympic National Park: http://bit.ly/1mRaoHq



Eastern Washington

Washington State's Official Waterfall. Click for Image rights.

Washington State’s Official Waterfall. Click for Image rights.


Eastern Washington gets picked on by the rest of the state, but with amazing parks, the greatest producer of apples and some of the prettiest prairies in the country, spending time on the Palouse or in Okanogan can offer some of the most beautiful views in the state. If you haven’t actually explore Eastern Washington, you are missing out an amazing times.


Read More on Palouse Falls: http://bit.ly/1oT7HUZ



The Myth of Rain

Lower Lena Lake

Lower Lena Lake


Residents of Western Washington like to tell outsiders that it rains the whole time and we never see the sun. While that might be true for the winter months, sunny summer and fall days on the Pacific Northwest are extremely commonly. Plus, there is NOWHERE more beautiful than Washington State on a sunny day. Nowhere.


Best Sunny Day Hikes: http://bit.ly/1mRaoHq



Our Cities




If everything else we have described doesn’t interest you, we also have some of the most rad cities in the country. From Seattle, shining and shimmering off of Puget Sound to Spokane, located on gorgeous Spokane River, the cities of Washington State have something for everyone. Whether you like small quaint towns or large metropolitan areas, the cities of Washington are the best.


Best Hikes to see Seattle: http://bit.ly/1gw8jwz





We know there are thousands of other reasons to love Washington State and encourage you to share your favorite part of the state in the comment section below!







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5 Responses so far.

  1. Robert A Pearson says:

    Professional sports, collegiate sports, sports fishing (sea, sound, lake, river and stream), many committed folks to recycling, bicycling conservation, wind and hydro power generation, incredible public and private universities and technical colleges, music and theater industries, aerospace industry, computer technology, … just to name a few more!

  2. Ruth Daniels says:

    Many beautiful beaches.

  3. I think lots of people have images of other states that may make them think that Washington isn’t the best to live. Not being a native Washingtonian, I never really knew much about the awesomeness of Washington until after I moved here. Now, I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else! Being in love with the outdoors, Washington is my soul mate. However, people do not know what they have not seen.

  4. Freelancer says:

    What a load of BS about equality.

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