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Dead Whale Washes Up on Ocean Shores Beach

UPDATED IMAGES June 21st, 2013

Whale Guts, post autopsy

Whale Guts, post autopsy

Whale Post Autopsy

Whale Post Autopsy


Officer Glanz of the Ocean Shores Police Department was in for quite a discovery this morning when he was on his usual beach patrol. In this small town on the Washington State Coast, about a 3 hour drive fro Seattle, this rain soaked beach town on Grays Harbor, excitement doesn’t come often. However, when it does, it is usually awesome. With rain clouds in the distance and frothy foam waves breaking on the shore, Officer Glanz vehicle spotted something that is quite a sight; a 78 Foot Fin Whale, deceased, had washed up on the shore.


Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 11.49.26 AM


While a sad event for whale watchers, this presents an opportunity for you and your family. Rarely will you ever have a chance to truly see the size of these giant sea mammals. Located 4 miles north of Ocean Shores, along the drivable beaches, this now  dead animal is a great educational tool for locals and tourists alike.


(Directions to Ocean Shores: http://goo.gl/maps/PvA6v)


When I was in Junior High, an event like this happened and we got to go to the beach to see the UW dissect it. We saw the giant lungs, the heart, the eyes and the baleen.It was awesome, gross and everything that a kid should see. They then buried the whale in the dunes and exploded it with dynamite to help it decompose faster and to keep people from grabbing a piece of it. It was a memorable event and something I wish everyone got to see in school. Seeing the whale, laying in slowly decomposing blubber, you start to understand just how big the world really is. Seeing this at a young age allowed me to understand death, the biology and the ocean a little better.


(More About Ocean Shores: http://exotichikes.com/an-ex-locals-guide-to-ocean-shores/)


I highly suggest, if you can, to take a trip out to Ocean Shores and see this “beast” of the sea. I guarantee that this will be a memorable experience. Hurry though, research and disposal will take place in the next few days!!!

Image from KOMO 4 in Seattle

Image from KOMO 4 in Seattle





4 Simple Rules for Seeing a Dead Whale

  1. DO NOT touch, move, walk on, drive on, kick, hit or throw anything at the whale. If you do this, we get to do it to you when you die. (I once saw a guy try and ride his little scooter up a dead whale. That man was Pol Pot. Don’t be like Pol Pot.)
  2. DO NOT break any rules or laws. This will be an area maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  3. DO take lots of pictures, bring your family and tell your neighbors
  4. DO report any law breaking to the authorities immediately.



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