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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Burfoot Park

Picture of the Day:

Escape Olympia

The Olympic Mountains from Burfoot Park

Today’s picture comes from a park near the city of Olympia that is a hidden gem from the hustle and bustle of being on the I-5 Corridor. Burfoot Park, located just about 8 miles north of downtown Olympia gives you amazing walks in lush forests, a beach and spectacular views of the Olympic Peninsula and her mountains. With over 50 acres of land and over 1,000ft of beaches, this park takes you away from the city, away from your problems and transports you to a view that is as timeless as the Olympic Peninsula itself.

Walking down the half mile trail, weaving between large ferns, cedar and fir trees, this park gives you a short entry into the Pacific Northwest. Walk over wooden bridges, down dug out stairs and arrive at a beach that seems to be made just for you. Views include, but are not limited to: The Capitol Building and the city of Olympia, the Olympic Peninsula, Budd Inlet, Mount Ellinor, Mount Constance and the rest of the Eastern Olympic Mountains.

Oh, and to cap it all off…this is dog friendly!!!

With plenty of parking and easy to find directions, what are you waiting for? Come to Burfoot Park.

Directions from I-5:

-Take the Port of Olympia Exit. (Exit 105)

-Stay on Plum Street

– Plum Street becomes East Bay Drive North East, which later becomes Boston Harbor Road NE

– Park is located on your left 7.2 miles from downtown

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