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Olympic Peninsula, Wa


Report for the week of April 29th to May 4th, 2014

FULL REPORT: http://bit.ly/1iwXPzm




With temperatures expected to reach into the mid-80s this week, the good people at the Northwest Avalanche Center have issued a warning for the Olympic Mountains. They are telling everyone to expect very dangerous avalanche conditions, due to nearly a foot of fresh snow having fallen over the past week. Loose, wet avalanches are expected in high numbers on west, south and east facing slopes, while slab avalanches are expected on slopes facing all directions.


The avalanche danger this week isn’t reserved for those of you hiking above the treeline. It also expends down to the areas below the treeline as well. If you are headed into the mountains this week, use EXTREME CAUTION and do not take any unnecessary risks.


The weather looks to be warmest mid-week, returning to cool and wet by the weekend. Even with the return of cooler weather, the threat for avalanches in the mountainous regions of the Olympics will remain high and extreme caution should be used.


Forecast for Forks, Wa via forecast.io

Forecast for Forks, Wa via forecast.io



If you are travelling to the mountains this week, please take a look at the following warnings, as well as reading the more detailed reports here: http://bit.ly/1iwXPzm






Wonder what an avalanche in the Olympic Mountains looks like?

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