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An Eagle tries to grab a kid and fly away

So I was just sitting at home, playing with my cat when I got a message in Facebook. It just said “WOW” and provided a link to a video on YouTube. Now usually I am one to watch, laugh and maybe share it with one or two friends, but this video is just too much. We have probably all heard stories about dogs being grabbed by an eagle up in Alaska. Some little yappy thing is swooped up, much to the despair of the woman and glee of the man….these urban legends are a dime a dozen, however, none of those have videos to go along with it… until now?


LINK:¬†Baby Kidnapped By Eagle…Almost


In this video, we see what appears to be a picnic gone awry. A young family at what is probably a park is watching a bird high in the sky, when all of a sudden this raptor swoops down and tries to fly away with a small child.


Now this may be fake, but there are stories of people having their dogs and cats taken by Eagles in Alaska and Russia, so this isn’t beyond the realm of¬†possibilities. This is just either one of three things:

a) Proof that Canadians are close to Nature

b) A great fake video that I will watch a million times

c) Something incredibly rare caught on camera.


I am leaning toward B… but how about you???

Eagle Carrying Child

Eagle Carrying Child


I think it was a lure on a dummy and once they ran to the spot, the mother placed the real child, dressed the same as the fake one, in the spot


Finally,   According to Alaskan Eagle Experts:



As always, Keep looking at the sky,

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