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An Apology to Our Readers


As many of you probably know, I recently wrote a piece titled  “Electromagnetic Warfare Training coming to Washington Coast and Rainforests”.


The post, written as a request from numerous concerned friends and followers, contained much unneeded hyperbole. This fueled flames of mistrust and create a level of panic I honestly had no idea my blog could cause.


The main section of unnecessary hyperbole, and inflammatory comment that I retract reads,

According to the reports linked above, 15 minutes of exposure from the radiation can severely damage the eyes and other sensitive skin. If this level of radiation can cause harm to people over 15 minutes, what exactly will it be doing to the birds and large mammals in the region? What is it going to do to the millions of pounds of slugs, spiders, bees and other small creatures? While many may feel this is needed, maybe it is time to rethink our entire way of life. Instead spending the 11.5 million dollars on this radiation-filled warfare training project, why don’t we take that money and use it on something longer lasting than piece of mind until the next technological advancement?



This hyperbole was my playing on an comment when I said I wasn’t an expert and that maybe I had seen one too many episodes of the X-Files. It was never my intention for the section above to be taken as seriously as it was and I sincerely apologize for any and all stress, anger and emotional reactions it may have caused.


I strive to bring you the best of the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park. Please accept this post as a sincere apology.


Douglas Scott of Exotic Hikes


3 Responses so far.

  1. Janet says:

    Frankly Doug, I learned about the War Game situation from a friend who forwarded the email from the list to me. I didn’t feel panic, but certainly felt dismay. At this point, nothing really surprises me that our world brings us these days. BUT I was very grateful to learn about the situation on the West End believe me! The vigorous discussion felt useful to me. We need to talk about these issues. There is huge controversy about wireless and EMR…nothing new, and why wouldn’t there be a discussion about the potential implications in our little part of the world? Maybe I’m more comfortable with controversy..I don’t know … and I don’t know this online community but from my perspective, I thank you for sharing the information and allowing the freely expressed discourse with each other. We need that badly these days…

  2. Rod Farlee says:

    I recommend this short overview: Navy Clears the Air about Electronic Warfare Range http://tinyurl.com/NavyUSFS2014

    The current USFS environmental assessment simply allows the US Navy to use certain Olympic National Forest roads.

    USFS has no authority over airspace or the ocean. That is covered in a separate Northwest Testing and Training Environmental Impact Statement. The US Navy issued the draft for public comment in 2012, and will open the final EIS for public comment in 2015. http://nwtteis.com/

    Most public comments concern the ocean, specifically SONAR and whales. But the sound of jets above affects the National Forest and nearby parts of the National Park. So readers here may wish to learn more by reading the draft, or comment on the final when it comes out.

  3. Lisa says:

    Janet – you are a real hero; thanks for all the time you spent bringing this issue to light for many who are ignorant of the negative effects this technology is having on us and this worlds creatures and environments. You don’t let a troll get away with a thing! And they are persistent, intelligent and well paid. We the people on the other hand, just get the shaft; and a terribly lowered quality of life. I have no microwave, cell phone, smart meter but i can’t protect myself from the towers, Wifi, weapons testing etc that others (military industrial complex and assoc corp’s) put out there, no matter what i do. But at least i won’t go down ignorant, thanks to concerned citizens like you – i admire your tenacious spirit. Keep up the good work and don’t let them get you down…..you make a difference.

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