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A Mount Rainier Train Ride With Santa

Paradise Visitor Center, Mount Rainier

Paradise Visitor Center, Mount Rainier

Looking for something fun and unique to take the kids or significant other on during the Holidays? Typically I would wish you luck and be on my merry way, but last year I discovered something that, while somewhat campy, is great. This is one of those trips where you put on your cheesy sweater, put your iPod on Christmas music and be as cheesy as possible.



Located 52 miles from Olympia and 72 miles from Seattle, the city of Elbe is waiting to give you a one of a kind experience at the base of Mount Rainier. This little community not only allows you a trip to Mount Rainier, but it is also home to the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. This rail line offers trips throughout the year, but with a dusting of snow, as they have now, makes the Santa Train Ride even more fun.

Where is my sleigh?

Santa, Waiting for you and his train!

While short and a bit pricey, (http://www.mrsr.com/calendar.html) this train ride is completely worth the cheese appeal. Small communities are good like this, and seriously, this is something that you will remember for years to come.


Last year I was lucky enough to interview Santa about this trip  and here is what he said.


EH: “So a train ride near Mount Rainier…don’t you have better things to do, Santa?”


Santa: “No, actually. This area and this train ride gives me a chance to do something I don’t get to see at the mall. I get to ask kids what they want for Christmas and look at an active Volcano. I’d say that is the best gig in the state.”


I hope I was good

Interview with a Santa


Santa is right. To top this off, after your train ride, complete with free hot chocolate, stop off at at Mt. Rainier Railroad Dining and enjoy eating inside of a train car. If you don’t have anywhere to be, check in at the Hobo Inn. You can stay in a caboose!!!


Finding things to do can be hard during the holidays, especially when the rain is depressing. Elbe offers you a chance to make a day trip out of Mount Rainier, complete with a train ride through the gorgeous cascade foothills and a chance to talk to Santa. What are you waiting for?? All aboard!!



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