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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

5 Images of Olympic Peninsula Logging

We all know the Olympic Peninsula has huge trees. While hiking along the numerous trails on the western side, wooden giants tower above you, dwarfing even the tallest of hikers. We love our tall trees, going so far as forming a National Park to protect America’s rainforests. However, the majority of the trees we see today are small in size; both height and width, compared to some of the behemoths early loggers were pulling out of the forests.


While today we have trails to the tallest and widest trees, back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the tallest and widest trees were leaving the Peninsula by the truck load. Hundreds of thousands of giant wooden beasts were cut down and provided the needed lumber to build the growth of America.


Could you image walking through along these giants that were harvested in the Olympic Peninsula?


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All Images from: https://content.lib.washington.edu/



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